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Nov 19, 2016
Finally a high-school anime I enjoyed, mostly because it's main goal is destroying thoroughly all the cliched deceptions and conceits in other animes.
There is near to nothing of actual, life-changing importance that can happen to you in your high-school years, not your first crush or your first whatever the hell it was, not even your friends most of the times.

If you felt inadequate at life by watching all those sparkly scenes where people seemed to find some kind of core-deep connection and became best-friends forever and ever, or by watching all those excruciatingly slow and drama-stuffed love stories that have been so hardly fought read more
Nov 17, 2016
There is such an amount of stupid in this anime it goes quite simply beyond words, so I will stick to the basics:

if I thought that romantic animes tend to make everything that happens to those lame drama queen teenagers a matter or life or death, Kimi ni Todoke has gone overboard.
What story, by the way? Is this a story about autism? If it was so at least it would have a purpose and it would be promoting something serious.
Keyword: Misunderstanding that could have easily been avoided and even more easily been cleared from the beginning.

Art is OK, Sountrack was a bit too read more
Sep 25, 2016

Rarely have I ever wasted so much breath insulting anime characters.
There is such a thick concentration of wrong actions and terrible decisions and dreadful reactions to make anyone cringe. And the most frustrating thing is, after you're over your fit of rage at the screen and have managed to process the stupidity of every character, it will be clear that all those horrible things they do that make you want to kill them painfully are maybe more human than most other anime's reactions and therefore more accurate, which is exactly why they result so annoying, in my opinion.

In short, this read more
Apr 16, 2014
I made sure I watched it until the end even though I wanted to die, so that people would not say that I hated it just because I missed the best part.
It was crap from start to end, they took a nice idea about a fantasy world that could totally become decent and turned it into the most senseless idiocy about "love", a kid's fairytale with no goal whatsoever.

The best ideas such as enviroment and history were completely skipped and left unexplained, the setting under the sea could become absolutely awesome and they botched it, because instead of adjusting it to the situation read more