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Apr 20, 2018
Mixed Feelings
The past summer, I went to a theme park with my friends as a part of a retreat; we got on this one rollercoaster, I think it was called the Earthshaker or something like that. I expelled the remainder of my lunch on the sidewalk as my friends pretended not to know me.

As I watched these two episodes, I suddenly had a bout of PTSD; oh shit... where am I? Who's dick was I jerking off? What the hell is even going on? When I both came and came to, I realized that it was indeed my own dick I was jerking off and that ...
Feb 29, 2016
Mixed Feelings
I hate rape. I hate, hate, hate it. Guys, have you ever been in a situation where you had an awkward boner that just randomly appeared? I know I have. At those moments, I think of rape hentai. However, I also hate my life, so I decided to watch this clusterfuck of a hentai.

I will, however, state that I am very biased, if you haven't noticed by now. In fact, my favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla. There's a reason why people call vanilla a pure flavor. Notice how there is no "rape" flavored ice cream, though you may like that, you sick bastard.

I ...
Jun 29, 2015
Bible Black (Anime) add
There are few masterpieces that leave their marks on people, especially in pornography. Who looks at a porno starring a pornstar and says "Good Lord and all his creations, this has transformed my soul and my knowledge of the world for the better?" None, probably. But I can say that without a doubt, this hentai has left its mark on me. Quite literally, in fact.

The first time I encountered this hentai was when I was a mere 12 year old. Interesting art style for the time, unlike the typical Trigun-ish or Clannad-ish look that most hentais had. Now that's not to say I didn't enjoy ...
Jun 29, 2015
Resort Boin (Anime) add
As the late emperor Julius Caesar once said, "Vini, vidi, vici." I feel this phrase is only two-thirds correct for our situation, since I merely vidi'd and vini'd, if you catch my drift.

Since this is porn, let's take a little review at the fetishes it offers. Actually, it would be more prudent to instead state the fetishes that it doesn't have. There's no rape, NTR, no army of men, no old men that look like the Buddha shouting "Believe!" like some estranged, alternate universe Naruto. In fact, literally everything besides those three are here, incest, maids, threesomes, sex toys, bondage, you name it, it's ...
Jun 29, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Imagine this: it's 3 AM in the morning, typical city life noises outside, accompanied by large portions of relative silence. You decide to turn on the computer, watch some anime, wait, actually, let's watch some porn. Listlessly glazing over the list of hentai, the words "Oppai" pop out to you the most. Maybe it's the large amounts of conditioning you imposed on yourself unknowingly by watching porn? Anyway, you click it.

What comes next is an absolute surprise, not only is the story incoherent, like a babbling child without a pacifier, it shatters the norms. Have you ever played Maplestory, or any game with quests and ...

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