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Aug 25, 2011
Warning: This review is a bit long and a bit long winded at times.

I.S. initially drew me in because hey-- how many manga are out there that are about intersexed individuals? I'm a fan of Hourou Musuko among a few other manga that deal with gender identity and sexual orientation so upon seeing this, I got excited and immediately went on a hunt for it.
If this were a review of the first story, Case 1, I would score it like this:

Story: 9
It's short, but very sweet. I easily was able to feel for the protagonist Hiromi and though the translations were rough, I was nearly read more
Apr 8, 2009
I love the plot of this show- the art is wonderful as is the story. I can't say I truly loved it though, because there WERE some plot points that I absolutely hated. However, with the writing it couldn't be left out or else parts wouldn't make sense.
However, I don't recommend this to those without a strong stomach. There are some themes that will leave you twitching.
I do wish this had gone on longer, but the ending was great. The art and the music was as well, the characters had depth.
Just... certain points proceeded to freak me out, and wish I hadn't had to see.
Mar 3, 2009
This is the second thing I've read by this artist and I'm not entirely thrilled by her stuff. If she wrote longer than one shots, they would have MUCH more in character development.
This wasn't too horrible story wise, but it wasn't something amazing either. The ending was the most retarded crap in the world and Ayumi was a whore in short.
I don't recommend this unless you're really desperate to read shojo-ai/yuri.
And on the part of art- the artist needs an anatomy lesson.
The main character wasn't TOO horrible, but she was hardly explained.