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Mar 5, 2018
(EDIT April 24th, 2019: Now that Route End is completed, I want to say that I am not changing anything to this review from May 3rd, 2018. Even with the ending and what I speculated about a rushed up story, I still think I am partially right.)

I wanted to give more exposure to this great manga, so here is the first review on MAL.

What makes it a great manga? First of all the art. The author seems to be relatively unknown (at least to me) but there is no doubt that he is quite talented. The characters look different from one another and it helps read more
Jul 10, 2015
ReLIFE (Manga) add (All reviews)
Edit: finished reading all chapters, the grade is fully deserved.

After reading 86 chapters, I believe it is time to write a review for ReLIFE. I gave 9 but subjectively I would without a second thought give this manga a 10. It is one of the most enjoyable I have ever read so far.

For those in high school or about to get there, it gives a preview of what happens after that. While the story is obviously culturally based in Japan, it does not change the fact that it is a very realistic approach on employment and social issues. Food for thoughts means good reading material read more
Mar 18, 2010
This review is about both seasons of Code Geass rather than just R2. There are spoilers so "SPOILERS ALERT". They are necessary to justify some stuff here. It's a long review but please read it till the end if you have the time. Anyway I expect from people who read this review that they watched all the episodes. If you still haven't seen them all, just beat yourself up and go do it now.

First of all, I liked watching Code Geass and the first season is really good at least until the middle of it. It had what it takes to appeal to a large read more
Mar 4, 2010
In this review of the last movie, I will leave out the art and sound parts because they are similar to the first and second one so instead of repeating myself, I will focus on the story and the characters.

As a conclusion to the film series, it did great. First mention would be the battle scenes. I stated in the second movie that Gundam should be more battle oriented (like developing the war aspect of the story). And that's what I got. Politics were kept to a minimum in this one and it was rather well done except the Hitler kudos (yeah Gihren Zabi, read more
Mar 2, 2010
Story: The story got a lot better from the first film. It was easier to understand what was going on. Moreover it had better drama. That was better because it didn't seem too forceful compared to the first movie.

Art: The animation was still as good. However I found it odd that some characters especially the female ones looked practically the same except for hairstyles (Hamon and Matilda). Not really a flaw but worth noticing.

Sound: Nothing much to say here, the sound effects and the battle themes were well done. I think the voice acting was great too except for the kids. In my opinion it read more
Mar 1, 2010
Story: At first it seemed pretty messed up. I couldn't distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys but then innocents got killed so yeah. The story started slowly with a little display of conflicts, nothing wrong here. The problem is that it kept dragging on till the first hour and a half. I got sleepy there and had to take a break. However the "second part" got a lot better because the actions made more sense and some characters got development.
A mix of good and bad so 5.

Art: The art part was good for such an old movie, the chara design was great, read more
Feb 28, 2010
Mod Edit: This review may contain spoilers.

Story: Secret love, unrequited love, love triangle... So yeah... The funny thing is that the ending is given away in the beginning. This can't even be considered spoilers to say that the main characters are going to end up together. Anybody who says otherwise is just too blind to realise this. Let's take the main points of the plot. First of all, one guy, one girl, each in love with each other's best friend. Two, those two try to support each other with their love interest. In order to do that, make them spend a lot of time together. read more
Feb 28, 2010
I dropped this anime after four episodes so this is a negative review.
I didn't read the manga, I don't plan to, I don't care how good it is in comparison.

The story gets a 3 because it has vampires. Vampires are awesome but here, they are lame. Really lame. Seriously, the story doesn't even make sense. I mean it's okay if the queen of vampires is rich, like the richest in the world, but being able to pay off the "entire debt of Japan", this is BULLSHIT!! Besides, nobody knew about the existence of vampires because they were "hiding" for millennia. That's okay, I think it's read more