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Dec 1, 2016
"For me lately, what I find fun is stopping time and observing other people"
- Moritani Misuzu

Misuzu and Haruka begin their strange relationship when Misuzu discovers that Haruka is immune to her time-stopping ability. The story revolves around the requests that Haruka makes and the effect of those requests. Some turn out harmless, others not so much. The story is easy to follow and mostly lighthearted in its approach.

The art is simple and clean. No confusing a character for another here, even though the style is simple.

Misuzu is what society calls an introvert and loner whereas Haruka is an social butterfly and class idol. The read more
Dec 1, 2016
"Would you give up your -"

The above sentence is one you will see a few times in this manhwa. You'll understand its significance when you read it.

For the Sake of Sita's Sita is partly based on the Sita who is the central female character of the Hindu epic Ramayana. I can't say anything about the accuracy of the portrayal of the Sita in this manhwa, it would be best to keep in mind that this is not a super accurate portrayal and that they are quite different in their portrayals.

Simply put, this is a love story. Not a grand one spanning centuries or decades read more
Dec 1, 2016
Ayame-14 is a comedy manga. If you want a substantial story even if it's just some romance, you won't get it here. Still here? Ayame-14 is a comedy manga that focuses on sexual jokes. Interested? Read it or keep reading if you're not convinced yet.

Although Ayame-14 is a comedy manga, it doesn't use the 4-koma format. The art changes between lewd and comedic depending on the situation. The artist does a good job setting the mood with their art.

The manga focuses on Ayame and her group of friends. Recently reaching puberty, Ayame comes to a realisation and that is what sets the stage for read more
Dec 1, 2016
Stretch (Manga) add (All reviews)
You know how in 4-komas they somehow have some kind of story? Even though there's very little panels, the artist manages to do a lot with them. Granted this isn't a 4-koma...

Reading manga for long periods of time whether digitally or physically tends to make your body sore. Maybe that's how this artist got the idea for this.

This manga is, when you boil it down, a "how-to-stretch guide" and a story about 2 roommates with yuri undertones. That may sound boring but believe me, it might just surprise you.

Every chapter is some story/character interaction and some stretching. All the characters are very endearing and read more
Dec 1, 2016
Moderator Note: This review was originally written for Anta Miteru to Muramura sunda kedo, but has since been merged into Renai Log.

You know when you look at your friend and suddenly start thinking, "I'm turned on"? No? Jokes aside, that's how this manga starts. Like the title implies, the main character experiences a shift in the way she sees her friend.

Sexual attraction that almost seems sudden. The story is short so I won't say anything about it but just know that it's nice and fluffy. Though we don't get to see the characters for long, their relationship at least, has plenty of development.

Though I can't read more
Nov 30, 2016
In stark contrast to the title of this novel, I read it when it was a warm sunny day and I was spending time on the Internet. This novel is wonderful to read.

When you read translations, you can't really say that you've read the work as the author intended it to be but I am sure the translators did a good job as the style of the novel was consistent and flowed naturally. The story is nothing groundbreaking, it's not something that'll amaze you but it delivers its message clearly. If you're worried that it'll be confusing since read more