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Jan 3, 2018
Yona of the Dawn is a story about a girl and her group of overpowered love interests going on a journey to win against the guy who killed Yona's father, the old king, and became the new king. The target audience is obviously female, but men should be able to enjoy the story. The story is as generic as it can get, it's another story of a teenager going out in the world and becoming stonger with the help of their friends. Here, the focus lies on an additional problem: Yona can't hate Su-won, her childhood love, even if he betrayed her. At first, you read more
Dec 31, 2017
Raising kids can be difficult, even more so when you have to raise them alone. Sweetness and Lightning is about the single father Kouhei who struggels to care for his daughter Tsumugi after his wife passed away. He really tries his best, but especially fails at cooking, so he has to buy premade meals, which Tsumugi tolerates but she misses the great cooking of her mother.

The story is told in two parts every episode. The first part is about the father and his daughter dealing with some problem, and in the second part they cook something, often something the mother used to make. So the read more
Dec 29, 2017
K-On! (Anime) add (All reviews)
Every genre has its entries that define how you should do a show of this genre. K-On! is the king of CGDCT/Slice of Life-Moe anime and shows what to expect of the genre, it gives a good idea of if the genre is for you.

Personally, I don’t need a great story of any story at all in a CGDCT anime or even basic things like character development. A good CGDCT-show can focus on its two main aspects: The cute girls and the cute things they are doing. Add some music of magic or any other fun thing, it should be fun, and you are on read more
Dec 27, 2017
The setting of Beyound the Boundary is really simple: There are monsters and guys that kill monsters. The comedy is created from the character traits of the cast: The protagonist really, really likes girls with glasses, the girl who tries to kill him is a shy girl with glasses. The best friend of the protagonist is really, really obsessed with his little sister, so they fantasize together about the little sister and what she would look like with glasses. This style of comedy is very simple, but at least not terrible. Beyond the boundary manages to at least write comedy that makes sense from what read more
Dec 25, 2017
While time travel is often used as a lazy plot device, there are some shows that are about time travel and are able to add something new to the topic that even the first human person thought about after regretting the decision to cuddle the saber-toothed tiger.
Steins;Gate is a story about time travel and its problems. Sure, it might be nice to simply revert time and try again, but can we change fate? How many times will we fail before giving up?

The story follows the protagonist Okabe, an useless member of society and his friends, the "super-hacker" Daru and Okabe´s childish childhood friend Mayuri. The read more