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Feb 12, 2017
First things first, if you haven't watched till around episode 800, do not watch this. This special episode is not for someone who is completely new to the anime (contrary to the title). This is for those who have watched this show in its entirety. And it will spoil a lot, if you were to watch this show.

Anyways, here is the deal. To anyone who has been following the anime closely, this is practically a must watch. It hits you right in the feel. That nostalgia, those feels, the pleasure to see Ran and Shinichi goofing around, the time when Ran could smile wholeheartedly, read more
Jul 1, 2014
Yet another season, and yet another anime of the season, with fans chanting "Masterpiece", "Never seen any better anime than this", and haters screaming "Over-ratedness", "Even hype is an understatement" by seeing the abnormal ranking on the mal. Lovers will give this a 9-10, haters will give it 1-5, and if possible even a negative score. And people who want to reach out to either parties would give it 6-8.

The biggest complaint of story, as I have seen from other reviews, is that even Fantasy needs to abide by some logic, and NEETS can't suddenly be all too social in a game, and read more
May 26, 2014
***minor spoilers only*** (note: ft=fairy tail)

For me fairy tail is one of the big three and it's stage is shared by naruto and bleach [one piece belongs to biggest 1] . All the three of them have one thing in common, they can at times become super cool, and epic with their action scenes, and plot twists but on most other occasions become super lame, crossing all horizons of lameness.

Fairy tail can be best described as a pain killer with side effects, while it has quite the content to absorb u in, kill the boredom, but after some time, the side effects kick in, read more
Apr 13, 2014
Following a recommendation on hunter x hunter 2011, I ended up at The law of ueki, and after watching all the 52 eps, this is what I felt : it has a cliche plot, cliche side characters, cliche mc, cliche setting of a tournament, cliche concept,.......and yet.........non cliche powers, different style of fighting, outright comedy, and  cool character roles.(i shall clear the difference between characters, and their role in character part)

The story is based on a knock out tournament (a popular tag which few even classify as a genre of its own) and a final prize for the winner. This concept has been overused like read more
Apr 5, 2014
Before snk haters start clicking on not helpful, plz maintain dignity by at least reading the review first.

What does a genre mean? Generally, it is a class on which the author wants to focus on. But there is one more genre which we as viewers create, which I nomenclate as the epicness genre. It is a genre which can include animes from any other genres, may be from rom com, to horror to psychology. It is a genre reserved for the best of best animes we have watched till date, and is obviously not the same for everyone. Still there are numerous animes which have read more
Mar 31, 2014
Pen is mightier than sword, that is what we learn from one outs. From the synopsis one may be confused that Is this baseball? Is this chess? Is this gambling? The answer is Nope its not, its ONE OUTS. Bored of animes with cliche MC, who either suck at everything and gradually develops into a strong character or suddenly gets a powerboost to defeat all his foes, or in the name of friends brings out some kind of hidden power, and stuff, then u r definitely looking for this awesomesauce.

Baseball as a sports isn't popular in my country, as such I dont even know all read more
Mar 26, 2014
Tried to keep spoilers to a minimum.

I am personally not a fan of animes with the tag "The Animation". My first was Persona4, which was a huge disappointment, followed by Devil Survivor 2 which was ok, and Danganronpa which had potential to become better but was needlessly butchered. But Hamatora The Animation is on a different league, and it probably wouldn't be good to club it with others with the same tag.

The art (not the character Art, no pun intended) was good, decent at its best, and nowadays most animes have great visuals and since it is not disturbing or anything imo Hamatora shouldn't really read more
Mar 5, 2014
I am new to writing reviews so if u have any suggestions plz comment on my profile.

This can be described by two words, epic and awesome. I will give it two types of reviews a short and another long one.

Short  review
This is a MUST WATCH. It has intense suspense, grand wars, awesome strategies, politics, cool characters, solid storyline. Easy 10/10.

Long review
Imo, kingdom is probably one of the most underrated anime. The main reason for its unpopularity is that the first few episodes of the first season were over animated (which led to half of the people immediately dropping the series). But hey, no pain no read more
Feb 15, 2014
Well, I am new to writing reviews, and would highly appreciate if some one could suggest on how to improve it.
Have u ever heard " the fruit of patience is always sweet", then Dc( Detective Conan) is the best example for that.
For most people dragon ballz/naruto was their first anime and marked their entrance into the anime , but for me it was this epic anime Detective Conan.
Dc is largely an episodic anime. It has 700+ eps! to make it the longest ongoing anime with 23 min for each ep. ( and some 1 hour, 1.5, 3 hour long specials). But it also has it's read more