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Jan 5, 2013
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
Art7/10: Unless you're in search of unique style, Clannad should suit you well. Everything looks good, and there wasn't any weirdly animated moments.

Sound7/10: Great music to suit the mood or the moment it's trying to create. Most of it is dramatic or soothing music you would hear right before or during a sad scene.

Story7/10: It doesn't really matter kind of story a show wants to start with, but how it presents it, and differs itself from the others in its genre. So ignoring the fact that you know you're going to get a slice of life that wants to make you cry; Clannad has a read more
Jun 17, 2012
This show is a tease, with bait so delectable that you can't think twice when you dive for it. You have 6 mysterious characters who have caused some sort of mayhem to be sent to prison. Are some of the characters wrongfully accused? Are some of them actual madmen? You have this dark setting to go along with scenes that are mostly visual, the animation tells the story. I was thinking to myself how brilliant it was, the possibilities of what they could do. Then 15 minutes passed, and, review below

The 6, which is now 7 characters are good guys. Not Protagonists, but read more
Apr 10, 2012
Characters- Mugen is very hot headed, act first, think later, and muscles through authorities, and those who are prepared to die. Jin is his opposite, cool headed, logical thinker, and quiet. Fuu is timid, but not at the cost of seeing others oppressed; she needs both Mugen and Jin to protect her on her journey to find a samurai of sunflowers. If there's anything personality wise these three have in common, it's that their pride, and dignity is worth dying for. Their back story however, is shown through other characters seeking revenge, old friendships etc. (9)

Story-Two bodyguards protect a girl, and help find the samurai read more