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Mar 31, 2015
Entertainment factors: Fight scenes, insane choreography, subtle social themes, Japanese culture, hand-drawn animation.

Genres: Action, historical, drama.


Studio Bones animated Sword Of The Stranger (2007) to feature the most spectacular hand-drawn sword fighting scenes ever. With a high budget and big studio talent behind it, this movie is violently wonderful.

The main and side characters depict the social hierarchy of medieval Japan: child, bandit, peddler, soldier, priest, lord, etc. Watching their interactions, you get a good sense of who stands below the other. Some try moving upwards in class, others simply die in the crossfire.

Mar 26, 2015
Entertainment factors: Gripping story, battle scenes, romance, emotional ride, serious themes, dying characters.
Similar to Attack On Titan, this anime does not paint a rosy picture of humanity, ie. showing scenes of bullying and animal torture in multiple episodes. Shinichi comes in contact with not only the monstrous parasites, but street gangs, politicians and a serial killer. The dark side of man is well-represented in Parasyte the Maxim.

Despite the violence and gore, the anime is deeply heart-warming and very, very human. People around Shinichi keep dying and it scars him to a point of total numbness. His isolation and relationship troubles parallel the feelings of those ...
Mar 22, 2015
Fetishes: School girls, submissive males, active females, fellatio, creampie, cum play, cum eating, public places, panties, legal teens, dating.

Style of sex: Consensual hardcore.


Seto Yuuki is a peculiar hentai author, often depicting sexually experienced teenaged girls initiating encounters with guys of their choosing. Whereas the bulk of Japanese hentai seems obsessed with virgins, Seto Yuuki prefers the more active, sluttier types.

Seto Yuuki’s specialty is creative cum play. His girls are confident lovers of semen ingestion. Though the anime adaptations of his work don’t feature the crazy condom plays from the manga, ie. the girls eating the loads from the condom after finishing, that’s not to say ...
Mar 22, 2015
KissXSis, as an experience, is reminiscent of spending a night at a strip club. Alluring sights and sensations surround you, and the many feelings you go through, they leave you delightfully thirsty. It’s like having a girl grind her butt on your crotch, feeling that sweet softness through your pants. If she’s skinny, you might feel the sharper edges of her bone structure, and if she’s big, the accommodating embrace of cellulite. Either way, your senses are bombarded with hints of an incoming, pleasurable payoff. If, however, you watch this show for porn, you will have to boot another video: the anime never crosses the ...
Mar 13, 2015
Fella Pure: Stories of the Mitarai Family, caters to oral sex fanatics. Keiko is the student council president of her school, highly respected by her fellow students. In their eyes, she’s absolutely perfect: smart, beautiful, a diligent student - a true role model. However, Keiko has a well-kept secret: she eats her borther’s dick daily and drinks his cum with fervor. It’s a thoroughly erotic 30 minutes with awesome animation, with juicy incest to top off the depravity.

Fella Pure stands out among other hentai as a simple, well-executed fetish title. The story successfully drills your senses with well-crafted, descriptive dialogue that gets your blood running. ...
Jan 28, 2015
To this day my writing is influenced by Fullmetal Alchemist. I read the manga about ten years ago, but I still remember most of the characters by name. The author's vision and its execution were not without flaws, but the overall end result was sheer brilliance. The themes of loss, sacrifice and transformation are seamlessly integrated into the plot and character backstories.

What makes this story exceptional is how universal its subject matters are. Everybody goes through growing pains, but in the case of the Elric brothers Edward and Alphonse, their transition into adulthood is nothing short of hardcore. The boys lost their mother, who they ...
Dec 25, 2014
One of the best Pink Pineapple productions I´ve seen to date. Stretta The Animation is a two-episode collection of sexy mini-stories set in the world of Stringendo and Accelerando. Several familiar characters from the two series are revisited, like the deceptively innocent-looking Mikuru and Kirishima the exhibitionist. The visuals are above average for hentai: lines are seemingly drawn by skilled, steady hands and though the motions are stiff at times, the animation is sufficient to successfully deliver on the director´s vision.

The locations of Stretta make the encounters more interesting, because they add an additional dynamic to the scenes. These locations include a maid cafe, photo ...
Dec 22, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (3/4 eps)
Hentai adaptations for visual novels suffer because of their severe time limitations. Visual novels have a notably relaxed atmosphere, like you’re never rushed by the plot to move forward. Since the gameplay is anything but fast-paced, the stories are designed to accommodate. You will discover this lax atmosphere in the anime adaptations of Steins;Gate and Walkure Romanze, for example. Starless, despite being a phenomenal eroge, does not translate well into video format – at least not without a vast budget and a visionary director. The original game is nothing but a vast collection of sex scenes, so there’s not enough time to provide the original ...
Dec 20, 2014
Sukitte ii na yo (eng. Say ”I love you”) had potential to be a blissful romantic drama - for the most part, it is. It nails many aspects of a good story which make up for its flawed plot. The best part of this show is the cast of characters: they are solid, varied and interesting. All of them have their upsides, downsides, flaws and rivalries.

Even without an external plot, the emotional plot alone carries this show far. The animation is really sick too: The lines are sharp and everything from backgrounds to people is finely detailed. Both the guys and the girls are attractive ...
Dec 17, 2014
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (11/25 eps)
Reaching You is smarter than it looks. It's a story disguised as a low-budget shoujo romance anime, but its script is cleverly crafted in the spirit of David Lynch's Mulholland Drive. The narrative plays out typical to the T, featuring a socially awkward female as the main character that somehow becomes entangled with the school's most popular guy.

The main girl is named Sawako. Although the story makes you feel like you're watching Sawako live out her high school years, in reality she's actually dead - and no, that's not a spoiler.

The story makes it very clear early on that everything that's happening around Sawako ...

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