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Feb 10, 2013
Story-10: Okay, I am a sucker for a good yaoi manga but this manga is really, really good! The story is unique, something I've never seen in any other yaoi manga before. The plot line is really good, the manga itself has a slight dark feeling to it but it's still such an emotional story. Despite the fact that only three chapters have been released, I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of this manga!

Art-9: The art style is great, I just love how the author draws the characters, this is exactly how I love seeing the uke and seme roles being read more
Feb 7, 2013
Story-9: I have to admit, the concept for this story is pretty interesting, you almost never see girls who have feminine complexes in manga, and if you do, they always end up being colorful characters that you grow to love. And the side story with Mari and Ran was a little bonus that I enjoyed, teacher x student stories always end up being more perverted then they should be but this one was handled nicely with the student taking part as the seme in the relationship, which is another rarity, and as well as the student x teacher pairing being yuri, well that just makes read more
Feb 7, 2013
Story-9: Okay, I didn't expect this series to be a bunch of random one-shots written by different artists but I really enjoyed them! Each one brought something new to the table, a couple were a little on the sad side while most of them were just adorable from start to end. Since I'm getting into the Yuri genre, I wanted to give this series a try and I'm looking forward to more chapters being translated into english!

Art-9: Since all of the chapters seem to be drawn by different artists, each one's got its own charms as well as their own art style. I didn't read more
Feb 5, 2013
Story-10: Okay, I have to admit, the story for this manga is VERY original, I've never heard of an idol being sold by her production company to an underground wrestling circuit like this before! Hopefully, I can see more of this manga series since I found it really enjoyable.

Art-9: The artwork for this series was beautifully done, the characters all looked great, even though I thought that the breasts on the main character were a little big, she seemed like the girl who would look better with smaller breasts but that's just a personal preference. From what I could see, there aren't any errors read more
Feb 4, 2013
story-8: I'll admit, the story for this manga is pretty run-of-the-mill. The whole 'Slice Of Life' thing is being used a lot in yuri and yaoi manga. But I'm not saying that it's a bad thing, the first few chapters may just seem like a bunch of different chapters but once you get to volume 2, that is when the real plot of the story comes in! I have to admit, there's quite a bit of character development in this manga, as far as I was able to see, the main two characters, Shinobu and Momoko obviously had the most character development out of the read more
Feb 3, 2013
Story-8: I have to admit, the story for this series is pretty interesting. A girl who is completely straight, but goes to an all-girl school and is constantly hit on by girls and has rumors spread about her that she's a lesbian queen who's slept with over 5,000 girls? You've gotta be pretty creative to come up with something like that. I've never heard of a story like this but that just made the manga all the more enjoyable to me!

Art-8: I love the way the artist draws this series, the characters are all anatomically proportionate, the eyes are beautifully drawn as well as read more
Jan 29, 2013
Story-8: Like I said in the review for the anime series, the manga version of A Channel is a relatively light-hearted story, following the lives of four teenage girls going through high-school life and finding the humor in everyday life, now this kind of story can be found in other 4-koma series like Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh, so if you enjoy those series, you'll love this as well, like with some other series of this type, there is a small amount of character development but that character development seems to be more evident in the manga instead of the anime version, but the read more
Jan 29, 2013
There isn't really much I can say about these cute little extras, but I did enjoy that they all seemed to be taken from the strips in the manga that weren't in the normal episodes, like Nagi talking to a story display when she took her glasses off or when Tooru and Run made character bentos for Yuuko and Nagi, these little shorts are a cute little add-on to the normal A Channel series and I'd recommend watching them if you want more A Channel or if you wanted to see more of the manga strips made into anime ^^
Jan 28, 2013
Story-7: Now, with A Channel, it looks like another one of those cute little slice of life anime series that become really popular, if you like series like Lucky Star or Azumanga, then you're gonna love this series. From what I see, it just follows the lives of four high school girls as they deal with everyday life and find humor in everyday situations. The plot is far from original and tends to be used a lot in these kinds of series but the key is the execution and use of this kind of story and I think that A Channel did a good job read more
Jan 22, 2013
Oh wow, I have to admit, I never expected to enjoy this anime so much!

This series' full name is 'Onii-Chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai Yo Ne!' Oh how is loosely translates in English, 'It Doesn't Matter If He's My Big Brother, As Long As I Love Him, Right?' This anime was adapted from the light novel series of the same name written by Daisuke Suzuki and the artwork was by Gekka Uruu. Now the author has written another light novel series before writing this one which was also made into an anime. “Goshuushou-Sama Ninomiya-Kun” And like this series, that one is also read more