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Liar Game
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ZephSilver Oct 11, 11:30 PM
Haha the crackpot mind of Tomino, delivering an experience like no other :)
ZephSilver Oct 11, 4:46 PM
Hey let me know when you're up for a call again, I just started Fantastic Children, and it seems that most people in the stats section from my friend's list, including yourself, pitch it within the 6 range. And I'm curious as to why, since going off the 2-episodes I've seen, it's pretty intriguing. Is it a lack of focus later on, or perhaps some elements not aligning? Either way, it has this weird vibe of the occult that I really like.

And I'd save most of what I want to convey about Rahx and cover the other title in a call as well, but from what you stated I had the same general thoughts regarding it, although, in terms of engagement, I think I enjoyed the experience more, minus a few aspects that I found to be unnecessary flourishings, only there to try to create an authoritative presence, while in actuality made it feel a bit try-hard. More specifically, the appropriation of a half a dozen different cultural and religious iconographies that became blatantly obvious upon initial viewing. But overall, every "eva clone" I've seen up to this point have brought some interesting ideas to the table, some better realized, some not so much, but in the grand scheme of things, I haven't seen one that I was upset after watching it.

As for Proxy being the more revised version, for me, Wolf's Rain and Casshern Sins were more along those lines in terms of a road-like journey that was interlaced with philosophical pondering. Proxy reference to philosophers and religious sects were wholly implemented into its narrative, while Rahx did the same thing that Eva did with its theological aspects, only using it to give everything a presence, instead of actually pulled anything from them.
ZephSilver Oct 11, 2:56 PM
Seeing that we covered most of this comment in our chat last night, for the nextime, we could discuss Eva-esque titles. I recently finished Rahx and Devagasy.
ZephSilver Oct 10, 2:19 PM
Yeah, you're right regarding the linear structure eliminating any multifaceted viewpoint on this kind of revenge story. A bad case of tunnel vision, but like you said: " In the end, 91 Days worth lives and dies based on how familiar one is with the genre-"
it's this familiarity that I have with film cut from the same cloth that I've grown fond off, combined with a medium I enjoy probing into, made it a mix that pretty much catered to me. I like anime titles that add spices to the traditional, but sometimes, getting the dish cleansed of any additives could be just the remedy. And having seen the x-men meet mobster thing ad nauseam, 91 Days arrived at the nick of time. So we could at least agree then that the final act with Nero and Avilio and how things came full-circle was a nice touch (regardless of your feelings regarding the title as a whole)?

Let's just say Bantorra has two things in it that's almost the bane of every supernatural title. We could always touch upon that after you're finished with it. In regards to it being the kind of show that draw you to anime, I could see that. For me, what drew me in was a lot more simple, things like the first Hellsing adaptation was my poison. I just have a soft spot for badassery, FMA 03, however, was the first title that whet my appetite for something more than the usual beat-em-ups.

In that sense, Kabaneri is the perfect title to watch with others and gawk at. And given Araki's flare for the dramatic, it adds a certain hammy quality that could only come from a work oblivious of its lack of self-worth. I won't be surprised if you walk away enjoying it more than AOT for just that quality alone.

And 7 sounds good, I'm getting ready to watch Kon's Tokyo Godfathers, so that puts me within a good time range to hop back on for a gundam call.
ZephSilver Oct 10, 8:08 AM
Yeah, there's no denying that 91 Days essentially lifts passages from other mobster/revenge stories and cobbled it together into one hybrid. Now as to the problem of it being "contrived," I can't say I really follow. Seemed pretty linear as to what the prime objective was and what was done to get to it. Out of curiosity? Did you finish the final two episodes yet and haven't updated the score or do you plan on doing it later? Fango is by far the biggest detriment to 91 Days in my book. He's like if a side-henchmen from Kill Bill was given his own fleshed out role. Like if they took a Crazy 88 gang member and decide to give him a presence than simply letting him become another body count for the bride to tear through. I understand your criticism though, especially in regards to the dry characters and "been there done that" kind of narrative that's reminiscent to everything before it. I just was never as bothered by those issues as you were, as for what I thought it did right, I thought it handled itself well enough to get a pass in my book. And while this shouldn't be contributing factor, the fact that it took this long to actually get a traditional mafioso story, make me appreciate 91 Days even more in hindsight.

The only thing from Book of Bantorra that I walked away satisfied with was Hamyuts Meseta. I love the dominatrix/badass vibe she exuded. As for the problems you briefly mentioned in regards to the thematic structure and plot direction, just know it gets even messier the further it goes along. I would even go as far as saying it becomes frustrating to watch after a certain point. But aside from the weird setup of loss memory, books being literally and figuratively important commodities and Meseta herself, I walked away underwhelmed by it all, thanks in large part to the supernatural element becoming a complete mess.

Kabaneri has to be one of the most shameless milking I've seen any studio try to get away with. Not only do they bring back they entire staff from their work on AOT (director, musical composer, theme song performers, script writers, sound director, color designer, and much more), they also had the balls to market it and present it in a way that doesn't even deviate enough from what it's aping off of. It's like the bootleg version of a hollywood blockbuster that was made on the fly.

I have A LOT to say about my gundam challenge, I might just save that for our future Skype chat. But for now, despite 2015 being a bad year for anime it general, it was an excellent year for gundam.
ZephSilver Oct 5, 5:06 PM
It's so rare to get sequels like that in today's market, let alone for a dying breed like 'GAR/Manly men' anime. David P should make that their calling card, being retro revivalist. Do you mind skype calling sometime in the near future? Nice, I see you also started 91 Days. It's one of those shows that slowly ramps up as it goes along, and unless you could think of a title that slipped my mind, it's the only Mobster anime we have where there's no supernatural element and based in a grounded setting. I enjoyed it, I'm sure you will as well, to what degree might be determined by the midpoint onward.
Speaking of trainwrecks you might enjoy, I think you should give Kabaneri a try. It's honestly the most implausible title I've seen since Guilty Crown in terms of sheer incompetency. Every episode, including the first one, relies on an extreme amount of mental gymnastics to rationalize. It's like Attack on Titan's drunk uncle that the family reunion. If you approach it know it'll be dumb, you'll be in for a good time.
ZephSilver Sep 30, 7:14 PM
In retrospect, that's how I felt about most of the anime titles that aired in 2015, which was an abysmal year, minus the occasional gems like Gundam origin, thunderbolt, and Jojo. However, this year has offered at least one or two shows per season that warranted the viewership's reaction, two of which you just mentioned, as well as a few others, making 2016 an enjoyable year of anime for me, going up there with 2014 as the best years (so far) of the 2010s. I've pretty much accepted that I might never get a year like 2006 and 2004 again, which gave me several of my all time favorites, but I think this year stands as a testament that there's still good things being produced in the industry, dispelling the whole notion that modern anime has nothing to offer.
And the "milking it for sensationalism" thing you're referring to is embodied by this year's tired reiteration of the MMORPG-world setting, Re:Zero, which treats psychology with the same pedigree Mirai Nikki treated its characters. It's one of those shows predestined to be like Elfen Lied and the aforementioned, where one half is enraptured by its boisterous display of emotion and the other is recoiled, or better yet, laughing at how serious it takes itself when being anything but.

Haha I could only imagine your jaw hitting the floor when you made that connection with Fairy Tail. Honestly bro, this is why you're needed, you provide a new angle to things that I can't simply get by bouncing off ideas to people too caught up in the here and now to appreciate what originally proceeded it. At this point in time Jojo is the only long running shounen that I feel warrant any attention. But since you brought up North Star, I need to seriously hunker down and watch that already.
ZephSilver Sep 29, 5:13 PM
That makes sense. I guess I've gotten used to talking about seasonals as well as older entries. I do value being able to dig deep with things that have already settled beyond the week by week speculation. But at the same time, being that I review a good deal of seasonals, seeing where the industry's mindset is at, along with following a title from its inception to final airdate is also something I find interesting. One offers more worth dissecting in a conversation while the other could make for an interesting journey towards one.

I think the perspective I approach FT with may have soured my experience more than it would have given your angle. I wasn't wholly aware of this love for other shounens, rather I thought he was just a lazy writer that pulled every cliche and trope from the book and slapped it together. I'm sure it may have crossed my mind at some point that the parallels I drew came from an obsession for shounen, but after awhile, I just didn't care to look for anything further from it.

So if this what you're getting from FT and OP, why not put those on hold and hope back on that JOJO GREATNESS!?

Oh nice, I actually just got caught up with it last week so it's still fresh on my mind. Spacey is was cutthroat mofo.
ZephSilver Sep 28, 5:11 PM
You're right. I feel like seasonal centric titles seem to be the biggest mainstay in the current anime community's discussions. More so than ever. Well just remember, you always got people like me around that venture back to yesteryears if there's something you've seen worth discussing. It really does take some time before a proper evaluation of something could be made.

There's actually a slight shift to another chat other than Snob's that I find better for group calls about titles. I honestly don't get in snob's chat all that much for reasons you describe.

I don't think I've ever viewed FT in that manner, but now that you mention it, it really is fan fiction of shounen fiction lol

I'm 700 eps deep into One Piece and if the whole "splitting up on different islands, uncovering a big scheme, getting back to together to fight baddies" thing is something that bothers you, then you have a long road ahead. I personally enjoy OP for a few of its encounters but I don't really suggest it to others since it outstays its welcome.

Well in less animu news, have you ever seen House of Cards? If not, here's my suggestion to check it out if a political/drama sounds nice to you. It could get in some soap opera territory at times but when it delivers, it REALLY delivers.
Seppiroth32 Sep 27, 3:45 PM
Pretty much, 10 PM for you is.. 8 AM or so for me.
Seppiroth32 Sep 27, 3:44 PM
Eh, 7 or so. So let's say, in about 7 hours and 27 minutes, it's going to be 8 AM for me. So using that, come up with a scheme.
Seppiroth32 Sep 27, 3:19 PM
Time, my friend, time. Evening morning mean nothing to me, I wake up at what? 6 PM my time LOL. So just tell me a set time interval, and I'll be on.
ZephSilver Sep 27, 1:20 PM
Gracias Zach-sama, I appreciate the kind words. I understand that you can't always stay with us but the animu world is abysmal without you :'(

Haha Fairy Tail, I pray for all the brain cells that were lost in the process. Jellal as a character is headache inducing, he's like a magical MacGuffin that they toss in to connect that doesn't make sense otherwise.

So you're bouncing FT off of OP to see the staggering difference in quality then? That's an interesting way to rekindle interest. What live-action movies have you checked out that you think is worth the watch?
Seppiroth32 Sep 27, 11:51 AM
I have so much to tell you, care to psn/voice for a little?
Seppiroth32 Sep 27, 11:47 AM