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JH Mar 28, 2013 11:21 AM
Thanks, but man when I saw it had been three months, I didn't realize so much time had gone by. And think about being exhausted just reading it. I'm pretty sure there was stuff I left out just so I didn't have to type it all.

See the idea is that if the graduation rate increases then we could have just made the tests easier, which judging from the students we get I can completely understand so to solve grade inflation they have to be able to get jobs too. If those two things combine happen. They got the knowledge they needed but also the skills they needed to keep a job.

I can understand merit pay and making sure we do our jobs to get them ready for the 21st century but I'm really not stokied about this performance review they want us to pass.

I've been doing this for awhile and I'm not even sure what would be a fair test of a teacher's ability to teach.

As for the job hunt. Slow. Needless to say with my involvement in the union I haven't been looking as much as I have in the past (not that I was looking that much to begin with) but its even slower now!

I thought I had one bit of good news this past week. I had an interview at Harold Washington College ... not as a faculty member but as a staff member and they told me I would have a second interview with them soon.

The date passed and I still haven't heard back from them. :\

I'm hoping they just need more time since they said the second interview would be the week after the first interview. Usually it takes jobs a month or two to start scheduling second interviews.

As for being too stressful you're right. I'm waking up with low energy and headaches.
(of course that could just mean my sleep apena *snoring* is getting worse)

In any case, I want to quit. I don't like the long hours for very little output of money I put into working there.

Since looking for another job isn't going the way I've wanted it too. I'm thinking about going back to school to get my certification in ________________! I want it to be something easy and something I can do in a short amount of time.

I was thinking about my teaching certificate but seeing what my elementary and high school brethren have to put up with as well. I don't think I want to go that route anymore.

By the time you get here, I should have more to tell you.

Chobbits always seemed like an exciting series. The reason I even considered Chobbits is because the guy who wrote it also wrote Love Hina. An excellent series btw. I love his storytelling of perverted humor and his serious side. It's a good match somehow.

I didn't know they made an Ominbus of Chobbits. I have that of Azamoung Dioah *spelling* I don't like it. I thought "Oh boy, the complete series all in one book." ... it sounds good in theory but it doesn't really work.

As for Saga, I have the first volume now. Somewhere?! :(
I heard a lot of good things about the series and wanted to read it. I just haven't had time to sit down and get to reading it and since I didn't read it. I think I mixed it up with a bunch of books somewhere so I'm not sure what I did with it at the moment.

Avengers was easily the best movie or rather super hero movie of last year. I know it's a toss up between the Dark Knight Rises and Avengers but I have to say my money is on Avengers.

Thor vs Ironman
Phil Colusons death
Bruce Banner Hulking out at the right moment and in full control of his powers: That's my secret Captain, I'm always angry
Not to mention Loki was the perfect villain

I had to get that on blu-ray pronto.

As for the big reveal in Dark Knight, I have to say like Chris I was surprised. I'm not sure why now looking back in hindsight. I don't know that much about Talia to say if she has a scare in the comics or rather a tattoo.

But it's certainly something I need to pay better attention too.

When Bane goes he was born in darkness and that the shadows will betray you because they belong to me ... I think most people including me thought he was the child who escaped from the lazarus pit.

The biggest clue came when Ral's Al Ghul ghost came to Bruce and told him that there was more then one way to immortality. I thought of Talia then but I didn't put much credence into it.

I've been talking about you too at work. One person said I'm too excited about meeting someone I never met face to face before. I told him he can leave lol

Thursday morning? You'll need to take the blue line. It'll take you all the way downtown chicago.

It might be easier to go to the art museum. Aquarium is really expensive but it's been a long time since I've gone to it. The Field Museum is right next to the Aquarium. In fact the Aquarium, Field Museum, and the Planetary is really close to one another.

I suggest NOT going to the adler Planetary ... it's embarrassingly small.

Lots of Stores and restaurants on State Street.

As for a good place to eat/bar ... I'm thinking of the "Exchangers"

but if you give me some time, I think of a few other places for you.

And I would love to join you guys on Thursdays however, I might have to work till 9:30 pm on Thursdays depending of course if they need me. If not, I'll try and take off early but I won't know that until either Tuesday or Wednesday.

I think I have your number in my old phone. I'll let you know if I can join you via text.

But if all else fails I can try and work it where I won't have to come to work on Friday. So I can go straight there instead of coming to work on Friday.

JH Mar 21, 2013 2:35 PM

Action Comics
Spectuclar Spider-man
World's Finest
Walking Dead

I enjoy Spiderman the most.

I haven't read Saga yet but I'm waiting for the trade.

Avengers: The most awesome movie EVER :)

I believe it was a perfect super hero movie. Avengers > Dark Night Rises.
JH Mar 21, 2013 2:29 PM
Oh my god, it's been three months? *feels ashamed*

So here's what's I've been doing in that time. Working with the Union. Both the teacher's union and the clerical and technical one. And we've been doing a lot of work.

Which has been keeping me really busy. I kindof wanted to report a victory but as of yet it doesn't seem like there is any victory to be cheering about.

I'm just glad I have a way to fight back.

On a couple of Saturdays, I have been doing Union training. Going to executive meetings on Tuesday. *Had to leave work early, don't worry I didn't skip out on classes*

And planning our next steps of attack. It's been quite fun. Except for the whole losing part.

The Teacher's Contract has expired and the same with the technical and clerical staff union. I've been trying to be the liason between the two unions to get some striking power against the college that we work at.

For the teacher, they want raises to be based off student performance. Which I'm all for but not only do the students have to pass/graduate. They also have to get jobs. I'm cool with the first one but the state is in the middle of a recession. There are NO JOBS! The fact that both conditions have to be met really bugs me. And it's not like they are paying me a lot to begin with.

With the clerical and technical staff they want to give the part timers only 25 cent raises, for the next four years ONLY! No benefits of any kind.

The union planned a big rally and I personally spent a couple saturdays helping them with it and I was sure we was going to put a hurting on the City Colleges. We got all the television crews down there to air the strike on tv. I was pretty sure it would be national news. Only five people showed up. :(

How humiliating was that? We had the media there and we couldn't even get our own people there.

So in all all. I think I protested for educational rights four times. Went to contract negotiations. Introduced myself to the entire campus and spoke to everybody about trying to change things. All while preparing for three classes and still taking the time to go job hunting.

One of those classes is a brand new class. It's been slow at first but I've been learning the ins and outs of the new department I'm working for. *Math department which is new to me lol*

But I tells you I feel so tired. I was starting to feel like it's almost impossible to win but then just as I said that to myself someone gave me a flyer where this college was charged with unfair bargaining and the government stepped in and said you must do XYZ.

It wasn't the college that I worked for but it was to hear there are people holding their college accountable for crazy stuff.

Which I've been begining to think was a idealist notation.

I've been doing Informational Picketing, Wearing buttons, Remind people to wear union colors to show our support for the union. The training told me that it was effective in a lot of cases. I scolfed at it before but I try to be opened minded and it's such a small thing to do. Wear Union Colors.

Helping people file grievances with their work place.

Especially me lol

Helping the president of the union argue with lawyers.

And all this is volunteer work!

What I'm trying to say is ... I need another job where I don't have to deal with this craziness. All this work and I'm no closer to victory.

But like you, in between all this craziness I've been trying to watch some anime. Chobbits, Hare and Guu and Batman: The Dark Night Return.

Good shows and Fist of the North Star is a very enjoyable anime.

I'm sorry that happened to you. The one good thing I can say about my boss is that he wouldn't do that to me ... well mainly because he can't. The other reason is because he has no say in the matter. Well he can at least give inputs and suggests I get a raise but he can't approve it by himself.

But the sad part is I don't believe he even tries to. :(

The only person who can give me a raise is the chancellor of the college. It gets worse, the chancellor doesn't even go to the college, she's downtown. Away from the teachers and the students passing judegement on people they will never meet or get first hand personal experience.

I do agree that both of our bosses were dicks .... past tense for you. Present tense for me still but I'll keep pushing on.

35 days until we meet officially. Are you coming by Midway or O'Hare?

JH Dec 7, 2012 9:54 PM
Finally! It's almost been a year long correspondence. LOL! :-)
Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, I meant to but …. a lot of things have been happening to me.

To be honest, I only know you've replied to me through my email. I rarely come to myanimelist anymore … haven't watched anime in a long time either … well except for the Myuzaki films they've been showing at University of Chicago.

Don't get me started. I've tried looking for other places, but it appears they are all very similar. I'm not sure if you've heard but all Chicago Public Teachers have gone on strike at the beginning of the school year. Our college staff support union almost went on strike. In each case their demands were just barely met.

It's bad enough that the students just want a grade to be given to them but administration isn't doing their job to make qualified people feel like they are wanted.

Currently, I signed up to be a union rep because well I'm just tired of them pushing us underdogs around and I want to do something about it.

A friend of mine wants me to report my boss to a lawyer. Apparently, he promised him full time for at least five years before I ever came on board (which makes it a total of 7 years as a part timer) and instead of hiring him, they hired someone completely new and he was completely pissed off, so he left the department and got a lawyer.

So the lawyer told him to get someone else who can vouch for his story. That someone is me, I guess.

Honestly, he's right but I don't feel comfortable doing that while I'm working for the man. I have to leave first then do it.

And yeah, a lot of jobs do take advantage. I try to remind myself that it could be worse. I make a decent salary. It's not great, but it keeps me well feed and that's the important thing. Recently, I changed my tax information so the government doesn't take as much out of my paycheck … so hopefully that helps.

I'm a little worried that I may end up owing the government when I fill out my tax returns in April. It's always nice to get a tax refund but 90 dollars extra a month is pretty good. I just have to remember to save it in the bank, instead of spending it. And if I don't owe the government anything I come out ahead. … I say with my fingers crossed and a prayer. :)

No, I can't believe it. :(
I'm sorry to hear that Chris' Nanny died. My hear goes out to you two.
And Chris's dad is just awful. Wow!

WHOA! That's amazing I'll finally get to meet you. Yes, I'll be at C2E2! I wasn't able to go last year because I had a class and I had to prepare a lesson plan the day before that and that night grading :(

My life sucks sometimes. But this time there's nothing stopping me. I'm going and I'm going with bells on. I might even talk my friend Chad Ellis into going with me.

Finally married huh?! Congratulations!
Don't feel any different huh? Perhaps you just have to let it sink in … Well it's been 3 going on 4 weeks now. How does it feel now? :-)

hought about you doing the Hurricane Sandy incident. I'm glade to hear that you are doing okay, although highly inconvenienced it seems like. What I've been doing for some extra spending money was scrapping. Taking useless metal and selling it to the scrap yard. It's not much but a quarter here … a dollar there adds up. It was something I was reguarly doing until one of my students caught me digging through the trash … well I wasn't dumpster diving but rather looking for some metal in the alley and I found to my amazement a vacuum cleaner and 40 inch old tv screen. Those old heavy bulky models. Lots of good copper in those.

Just so happens one of my former students came along. “Professor Harrison?” I heard! I was so embarassed.

One thing I don't want to do is have the image of the kind hearted professor going through the garbage. :)

Or maybe I'm just thinking too highly of myself. Either way, I decided to call it quits on scrapping for the time being.

Thanks for asking, I had a great Thanksgiving. Just got done with doing grades too. Now that the semester is over, I feel like the world has been lefted off my shoulders. Boy I tell you teaching takes a lot out of me … and I didn't even teach that many classes this semester.

Must mean I'm getting old :(

Oh well.* hug back.* Talk to you soon and I'll see you at C2E2. Can't wait.
JH Jul 15, 2012 10:14 PM
Woah ... it has been forever since we've spoke. Last semester was incredible busy for me.

I've been fine. Work is going great or was going great since we're talking about the last semester lol I don't have any college classes in the summer. Currently, I'm teaching high school kids on something called an upward bound program. It's to give kids a head start on what they are going to see next semester and hopefully get them ready for college soon.

I have exactly four weeks with them and only one class. ....:(
Not enough time for anything. CRAAAAAPPPPPP! >:(
But I'm telling you this ... I'm doing my best with them. Hopefully, I can give them the essentials for the fall semester. I do feel that at least one student is benefiting from my instructions so that makes me feel good.

Now about the last semester. I love teaching the astronomy class. It was the best class I ever taught. FYI it was also at a different college. Still within the city college system though

See City Colleges of Chicago has seven colleges or rather campuses throughout the city.

Kennedy King College -- the city college where I teach at normally

and up north from me is

Truman College

Truman gave me a good evaluation and they might want to put me on the tenure track up there.

Wilbur Wright College is also looking at me *another City College of Chicago College*

the thing is that I hate is that there's almost no communication between the seven schools. In the fight for tenure it's dogey dog world.

Now I would like to stay at Kennedy King but they really don't seem interested in hiring me full time tenure or anyone really.

Because of me we have an increased enrollment at Kennedy King in the sciences but instead of just putting me on the tenure track for more money they just hired abunch of other people to handle the work load.

fyi Tenure means the college Kennedy King has to pay me more money! :(

Sorry to dump on you like that but it's frustrating!

Now about my mom. Yes we finally got them out. They finally moved out. *sigh*
We finally got new tenants too! FINALLY!!!!! *sigh*

I tell you my mom would never make a move if I didn't bug the hell out of her to do it. I don't know how my grandmother took it. I hate to say it but my mom is chronic whiner! Now I don't mind the crying ever now and then but she complains every night sometimes and she doesn't do anything about it.

I try to listen but man when you're complaining about the same thing all the time and never do anything about it gets really hard to not get mad.

I know she has problem tenants but the thing that bugged me is that I had to tell her a million times that we needed to kick them out before she got off her butt and did something about it.

It like she wanted a free no cost solution. Well sad to say there wasn't any but we should at least try something, you know. I can respect that more if she had put plan A or B into action then just complaining until the situation resolved itself.

I did not go to comic con or any. I've been giving my mom 500 dollars a month to make ends meet and that was very bad for my savings account. :(

Well I haven't been giving her that amount of money now that we've got tenants in the building but damn did that put a hurting on my savings account.

Sadly, I haven't been reading anything new ... wait that's a lie. Does "The Promise" count? It's Avatar the last airbender. They've had two books out so far and the third one seems like it'll be great.

I hate to say it but I passed her. She was pregnant this time and went into labor during the finals week. I was going to give her an "I" but was given advice by a few of the older/senior faculty to just pass her. And I was this close to failing her.

Knowing her personality, I set the rules up in class to fail her. Nothing crazy and I'm not too proud of it but I considered her work habits from last semester in the fall and created rules in which she thought she would have some wiggle room and thus hang herself.

You know, kindof like how a credit card works. Use wisely they can be a great tool. But used foolishly they can wrap you up in tons of debit.

Who the hell knew she would find my bankruptcy button?

But enough about me .... I can go on forever and ever. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. I hadn't checked my personal email in awhile and when I did I guess your reply got buried under a lot of messages. :(

Diid you guys get married already? Did you guys move out yet? You don't have to wait until your married ... just move out. I would have.

And no I didn't switch schools ... lol
Not yet anyway, I was at the other school on the weekends and at my regular school on the weekdays.

But if I do switch schools I will let you know because that will mean I've officially got a promotion. :)
Krystal Jul 14, 2012 10:47 AM

<> From the Yahoo! Answers Club at MAL <>
Trying to bring the club back up and running again in as much as possible. I appreciate a number of you are busy with school/life etc, but it would be really nice to see you in the club once in a while :).

I have created a new thread for club cards, please check it out and make a request.

If you have any suggestions on improvements for the club please let me know and be sure to check out our lovely new layout!

JH Jan 6, 2012 6:16 PM
Metro PCS? You mean Metro trains! because if not then the answer would have to be NO! ... I suspect that the answer is no lol.

You pay 50 bucks? 0_0 I am so jello of you! I have Sprint and I pay about 50 as my flat rate and with taxes and everything that amount comes up to about 60 dollars and that's with unlimited text messaging. I get unlimited night and weekend calls at 7 and free mobile to mobile (I don't worrry about landlines because how many times does anyone call landlines in the 21st century?) I did have virgin mobile but their system is kindof wonky!

My Christmas was great. I saw my cousin's daughter Brittany and was stunned. The last time I saw her she was 3. Today, she's 18! I felt old because I remember her running around and talking gibberish and now she's a woman ready to go off to college. I had to do the math on the last time I met her. I was a sophmore in high school. Nothing like seeig a kid grow up to make you see how time passes, I guess. As for any interesting presents, I'm going to have to give it to you guys ... all I got was clothes. Nice but not really outside the box lol
Making beer sounds like fun. Is it cheaper then buying beer at the store? Did the sugar make the beer better? It's been a couple of days now. What about mixing vingear in the mix .... might be a bad idea but Vinegar is a basic OH group I believe. Might go well with the mixture, not not. Or maybe chocolate. I was "Saucers" and they had something called chocolate beer ... chocolate beer doesn't have a dark look to it but it does taste like it has some cocoa in it.
Yes, she was a piece of work ... actually is! I don't think I'm done with her just yet. I've never had a student give me so much trouble before. She actually made me think about quitting my job. Actually she did succeed in the dean thinking I was a terrible teacher. I guess my boss must have really covered for me because unlike a couple of teachers this semester I didn't get fired and I keep noticing the dean giving me the evil eye everytime I saw her last semester. The dean is a very mean woman to everyone, she's nice to one person and that's because she has a crush on him. So at least I know she's human. Now this student in particular said she's going to take my class again. Lord give me strength! Towards the end I was trying my hardest to get her kicked out of class. I thought I finally had her when she cheated but I didn't. Aggghhhh!!! The first sign of any "BS" I'm kicking her out of class and getting her kicked out of school pronto. I think she's taking me again because she thinks I'm going to have exactly the same test. While I do have the same test I always try to change it based on the stuff I cover since I know what kindof person she is I think I'm going to give them completely different problems this time around. Funny thing is ... if she just understood the concepts she could pass easily. But she doesn't she tries to memorize things and that's not good for a science class because the main objective is to engage you in critical thinking not to memorize a bunch of stuff.

My mom is not doing okay. She's letting her building manager screw her around. She got some help running the building and I don't think the person she got is helping her out that much. I have to listen to complaint after complaint about her performance and I keep saying "Fire her if you're not happy with her performance and find someone else!" And no she hasn't found any new tenants. And now the one tenant that she's got has stop paying rent. It cost a lot of money to evict somebody so my mom doesn't want to do it. She doesn't want to do anything about it. I keep telling her that she needs to first get rid of a tenant that's not paying and that I will help her to put up the money for it. This is the third month she hasn't paid and the reason that bugs me is because I had to pay the huge gas bill on the building for three months which is draining my funds. It's a nice size apartment so I'm not sure why people aren't coming in to rent. The biggest thing that gets on my nerves is my mom keeps bugging me about why no one wants the apartment room then somebody told her why he didn't like it and my mom just complained about the guy for complaining about the apartment. :(
I know we're going to get someone eventually but man it's taking a long time.

I'm happy that you're getting married too screw anyone that isn't happy for you.
Man those guys sound awful. I lived in Tennessee for a time. It would be different but it's nice.
THank god for Virginia! lol

New class ... new school this semster. I got a different class called "Astronomy!" at a diferent college. Still part of the same City Colleges Network that I teach at but at a different college then the one I normally do. I'm hoping the students are better and more well behaved. I'm so nervous ... like I'm teaching for the very first time.
JH Nov 24, 2011 4:03 PM

I've had a busy month. But I had to say Thanks today! Hope all is treating you well. ;)

I can't believe the nerve of some people. I've been having this trouble with this girl who nearly got me fired from teaching. Everything I say to her becomes a fight. People like that do themselves in in the the end.

For example the girl I'm having trouble with didn't take her test. Said her brother had died. I didn't want an argument so I said it was okay for her to take her test on monday. Monday she doesn't show up but she comes to class late on tuesday. I'm very annoyed by this but whatever.

She takes her test and gives me perfect answers. Now what I forgot to mention is that I'm okay with this because I've modified the test and she gives me perfect answer for the unmodified version.

I'll let that one sink in.

did it sink in. Test 3 that I gave everyone else had completely different questions on it that I gave this trouble making students. I had went over the answers for the unmodified version but for the modified version there were no answers. She got answers for the unmodified version and gave me those answers.

I spoke to the chair about it. And he says just flunk her. I plan to do that but I want her out of the college. I would give up my left arm, nut, and eye to have her removed and shamed infront of everyone.

Other then my own personal hell. My mom had two tenants leave her building. Puts more strain on my own financial resources. The upkeep for those things aren't cheap and I'm alittle worried because I don't get paid over the break. :(
Well I might get paid over the break but I'm going to have to demand it and come up with a few chores for me to do.

Luckily I already have a few things in mind but I'm going to have to get the administration to approve it and the college seems to be in save money mode.

I'm suppose to have a pay increase every year except for the fact they (the powers that be) don't want to give pay increases to their staff. According to the union we're about to go on strike until the demands are meet.

If that happens I really don't get paid I think!

It's too much stress. -_-

I'm glad you had fun at the comic con.
Today I'm going to go to the comic store and get some hard to find comics.

7:00 am. If it's only a 10 % deal. I'm leaving. Better be 50 % off or something like that.

I got to be careful on my spending. I recently got with Sprint because my credit union has a deal with them. However the phone I got required the 80 dollar plan. I'm so mad at myself. I originally got a phone that required the 50 dollar plan. I was okay with that but I hated the phone so I switched phones and nobody told me I changing plans to get the new phone to work.

There's a sale's rep out there that needs to be shot. Not. Joking! >:(

And finally congratulations!
I'll be there. I promise. Just tell me the time and I'll purchase my tickets to come down with a gift! :)

JH Oct 14, 2011 6:25 PM
wow, it's such a short message this time around. I hope your having fun at the comic con. I just gave my mom $400 dollars + some other money to help with bills. I hate to say this but she's an idiot when it comes to financial issues. She trying to get this loan and someone told her not to pay any bills why they look at her account for the month.

-__- This really happened by the way. So now we're even more in debit.

I think the bank that we have the mortgage with is now trying to go up on us because of this non paying business. Honestly she needs somebody to slap some sense in her. She won't listen to me because I'm just her son.

Everytime I give her advice for one reason or another it's wrong.

whoa. We totally read different comics except for

Teen Titans
Wonder Woman
and Jason and the outlaws with Starfire.

As for Catwoman. Wow I can see the complaints with it. That was just wrong. But with Star fire ... I think there's a little more to the story. Honestly, I don't care that much about Starfire to care one way or the other what they do with her. But taking four pages to show Catwoman head? I'm a perv but even I'm like come on guys ... really?!

Now about this Starfire business,

She doesn't remember her old teammates? She can't tell other humans apart?
I would be upset with the changes if Scott Lambdell didn't do an amazing job with the other comics. Plus there were women editors ... who approved the new starfire character. Let me repeat that ... This new Starfire was approved by female editors

So I'm going to give Scott the benefit of the doubt and say he didn't ruin the starfire character just yet. Although if Jason and the Outlaws #2 seems to confirm that Starfire is now just a common slut I will be asking my LCBS Owner to drop it.

If I wanted to watch Slutty super hero women in comics I would have watched Stripperlla when it was on tv. God that show made me sick.

I think those are the only two books to use T&amp;A in the new DCnU to offensive levels.

You need to read Batgirl. It'll wash that bad taste of Catwoman and Jason out of your mouth.

I hope your not too mad at the girl thing. I eventually told Jasmine about Haley not being my girlfriend anyway. And she wasn't too mad. She actually thought it was funny that I had two pretend girlfriends.

Crap I'm Jasmine's gay non gay boyfriend ain't I?! 0_o
Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy. How do you get yourselfs into these messes.

Funny thing about Jasmine. My boss was just telling me that I can't be too chummy with my students. I told him I wasn't and he then mentioned Jasmine. I wonder how he would have took it if I've told him that I was actually in love with her and that I wanted to be more then just her friend.

And I swear to you that even though this sounds like a sitcom plot it's not lol
I don't know if you checked my facebook page but I have a post that read

Jeremy the science guy. Jeremy Jeremy Jeremy. It was my colleagues making fun of my unusual circumstances

My friend Grover would be the straight man and I'll be the lovable fool. To which I said ... isn't the lovable fool the real star of any show? :P

I'm choosing to take that as a compliment by the way

I got it. I called you twice. Have a good time at the comic con.
Give them hell about Starfire and Catwoman okay.
JH Sep 18, 2011 8:23 PM
Oh I"m pretty sure. Now more so then ever before. I never thought I would meet anybody like Jasmine but there she is about to get all married lol

I could look at it as WHY? :<
But I'm deciding to look at it as ... if Jasmine exists, then her counter part ... who hopefully is not about to get married is out there for me.

I have had a few friends who have told me about the online thing. Two of them have said 'Look how it well it worked for me" I'm kindof like the guy my friends have to force me to go out and meet people.

Plus if I gave you the impression that I was at the comic shop for hours on end trying to meet a girl. I'm sorry but that would take months on end. I would love to meet someone there.

I have it all planned out in my head.

We go separately to the indy rack to pick up Buffy and by accident there's only one last copy of Buffy left ... or Fables! Whatever works.

I go "Excuse me." She goes "No excuse me"

We laugh. We end up talking about Joss Whedon. We leave but meet again one faithful day with friends and decide to hang out just out of the blue. But being the complete dork that I am I completely forget her name. She catches me on it and thinks it's hilarious. I ask for her number completely blushing.

Ah true love. <3


And if that doesn't work, I'll get two pseudo girl friends. Why because I already do! I need help fast.

So I've had a busy .... couple of weeks. 1st about the Halley thing.

I did tell her. I told her four times that neither me nor Halley are interested in each other in that way. Why do I have to keep telling somebody that? She just had to keep pushing and pushing and pushing. You can only tell someone "NO!" so many times before you get annoyed with it.

So I told Halley about that because I did not want her to accidentily find out from Halley and she thinks it's funny. So we're pretending to be a married couple.

(This was completely Halley's idea to keep it going, so don't blame me)

Okay okay, I know I started it all ... but! ... okay, I've got nothing. I lied to Jasmine through omission which is a lesser sin but still a sin.

Also Jasmine just found out that some people at KKC think we're a couple. Me and Jasmine. So Jasmine (the girl who's about to be married) wants me to pretend like we're boyfriend and girlfriend to keep up the rouse.

I actually like this. From no girl friend to having two pretend girlfriends.
Actually, I take that back without the sexual intimacy it's like being back in HS
which was kindof lame.

If I'm caught, I'll just act surprise and say OH crap, my pretend wife found out I had a pretend mistress in an excited voice or whatever will be the appropriate fun thing to say on the spot.

Ain't I a stinker?

I've been thinking about joining Orange. I've checked Bankrate and they apparently have the best rates for an online bank.

The only thing that keeps me from doing it .. is that I'm scared if there's ever an error of some kind, I will not be able to solve the problem easily because I'm not there.

I recently had a problem with my bank and the only way I could get them to fix it was to go down there and kick some ass. I can't do that if there is no physical location.

Before I switch I must know if a particular online bank has good customer service, otherwise I'm too scared to do it at this juncture.

fyi: My current bank has terrible customer service that's why I had to go down there to fix said probem and why I want to switch. Or rather why I switched banks.

Daytripper! Nope, can't say that I have. I've been busy with the new relaunch DC has been doing. You must read Mr. Terrific and Batgirl. I think you would like those if you haven't read them already.

Now that the relaunch is happening. I can say that I like the changes. :D
Most Superman fans like what Grant Morrison is doing with Action COmics ... yes it has only been one issue but man I can't wait for number 2 next month.

HUH!? If you have to ask the guy for .. um that. I think something is wrong.
I think I hugged my pseudo girlfriends twice. Once upon meeting and once upon leaving the room.

It's a lot of work being a pretend boyfriend.
Note: That's a scream for help! :P

But I've seen you. You look pretty banging if that counts from me.

As for your mother being over protective. I guess it's better to be safe then sorry.
Moreover, I think I heard that male pedophiles mainly go after young boys. Mainly, because they are easier to get.

and that's not unheard of ... people who get raped usually get raped by a person who is well known to the victim. ... but of course you know all that already.

So a friend from college I am. How did we meet? Was I your pseduo boyfriend too? XD

JH Aug 16, 2011 8:08 PM
Maybe he just didn't know how to end Echo. I was kindof surprised by it.
SO ... do you think that she had a dildo in that bag or what? The girl did seem embrass about the touchy freely stuff.

What's the 2nd trade about? Is that the one where Thor's a traitor and might not be a God? Or is that the one where they are actually trying to invade America? I can't really remember since it has been so long. .... If it's the Thor one I think you should just skip to Ultimates: Grand Theft America


Just checked that was Vol 2 part 2. The first part is Gods and Monsters.
I thought that one was just okay. I didn't really care if the Ultimate Thor was a god or not.

I don't even care about the 616 one that much fyi ;)

There's a lot of things wrong with the third one. A lot of things. I try to pretend like Ultimates 3 is non-cannon.
I met Loeb at C2E2 and I just wanted to shout ... “WHY?” WHY!!!???

Harry Potter took sortof a decline after the third book for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the Harry Potter Universe but after the third book dealing with time travel, wizard prisons, rat spies, learning the dark arts with a true mentor. Oh! Man! What's next? ... Harry does a Torumanemt! Harry teaches other students defense against the dark arts! Harry finds Snapes old note book. After the third book the mystery was gone. Fourth one you kindof knew it was Mad Eye Moody, the fifth one had no mystery and the sixth book you knew it had to either have been Snape or Dumbledore (Some one told me it couldn't have been Dumbledore but I don't recall them saying he wasn't a half blood wizard and then I just reminded them that Hermonie was half blood and she was stronger then most of the wizards at Hogwarts ... luckily they didn't get me on her having mad skills from her brain power whether then just raw power ;) )

Yikes! Interns earn almost no money! Depends on type of intern you are though.

I'm a stranger :(
My mom doesn't mind ... actually she just lumps you in with the rest of my other internet buddies.
If I said a specific name, she would most likely go ... “WHO?” then stop and say ... oh one of your internet friends? Just on Friday I went to Wizard World Comic Con to meet a guy that I never met in person and my mom went .... “Internet friend?” of course, I'm a guy and I don't think moms worry about their little boys as much as they worry about their little girls. Life is just so sexist isn't it? But it's true.

Wizard World was okay. It has turned into a scifi con rather then a comic con. I had absolutely no money there! I had just gotten paid and because I'm in the middle of switching banks, I put my payroll check in the atm instead of going to the teller. On a Saturday I might add. (I was rushing to get to school to go to the big big important meeting they had there)

Checks don't post on the weekend! :<
I usually direct deposit them but the paper work hadn't gone through yet, and I had to deposit the check via old school means.

I'm switching because for the year, I've been going to this credit union but their customer service is atrocious. Not to mention they are located downtown. I was like ... well I have atms near me at least and I have the internet. ... Nope not good enough anymore. I want a physical branch near me now. A friend of mine was telling me about online checking accounts like Orange Inc. Oranges seem to have amazing rates but not having a place to go to bugs me if something goes wrong. For that reason, I choose Chase bank. There's a branch about three minutes away from my house ... IN WALKING DISTANCE! So that's good.
Today, I went down there and got my payroll check put off its hold. Yay MONEY!!! lol

Wow! I'm sooo happy for you. From going to meet a nice guy to ... Chris is a nice guy!
I was a little scared to ask about it. You sounded so sad before when you mentioned it. (I could practically hear the tears :P)

Not having a job can do that to a person of course it would help if employers actually made an effort to get back to potential employees about the status of their application but yeah, I was feeling depressed about not getting work. I'll tell you about that later.

Marry me instead! :P
Actually, I think you might have a higher sex drive then me also.
Not even sure I'm a once a day guy! I never been with someone who likes sex 2 or 3 times a day. I've always dreamed about it. I remember begging like Freedie from Strangers in Paradise. I tried to get with this girl who wanted it five times a day! Five times a day actually scared me. Where do you find the time for five times a day? I should have called her on her buff and said “I'm your man! FIVE TIMES! NO PROBLEM!!!! Hahahaha”

Instead I walked away with “Five times? @_@ that's nice! I um ... got to met someone!”
More or less like that.
Of course I shouldn't have to mention that she found her guy, right when I decided ... why not five times a day?

But that was a while ago ... recently!
Have I met any girls recently! That's a tough one. I have and yet I haven't.
I haven't mentioned her much because I told her to check out myanimelist and I didn't want her reading this. I would feel weird if she found out through a message to somebody else ... in NY and not from me directly, but it has been months and she's never set up an account on myanimelist or even remember it. I suppose.

So here goes.

About the start of the school year in Spring, I met this girl that had a really interesting smile ... she was with a colleague of mine and so I thought she was a new employee. I started up a conversation about Johnny Quest and she knew who Johnny Quest. I instantly took a liking to her after that. The bad news was that after awhile I found out that she wasn't an employee but a student.

I was highly disappointed. Then I realized something ... what if we just happened to meet somewhere else ... fell for each other and then realized we were teacher and student? I had decided to try and keep it professional ... because ... well .... For one that colleague she was hanging around was her uncle and I was like she has to be off limits. But as I kept talking to her, I kept thinking more and more about her; till I was like screw it! I'm asking her out.

First thing was first though ... find out if she was single and if she was ... pounce!!! >:)
Of all the luck she was already engaged. :`(
You can practically hear Nelson go “Ha Ha”

So friends! I can be friends. The trouble is I'm a guy and she's really attractive (to me) not to mention she knows a lot about cartoons, musics and everything geeky! I'm really fighting the urge to knock her down and jump on top of her.

(You remember the person who I said, “I like a little fat on a woman”? And you said you would chase me down for that ... this is the girl I'm talking about ... Jaz is her name.

Mostly, now I just try and avoid her. I'm scared that telling her how I feel will just make her feel awkard around me. Of course, avoiding her probably isn't the answer either but I don't think a confession is the right move either.

For some odd reason she thinks that me and Hally (another colleague of mine) is dating. Which is madness because I don't even find Hally sexually attractive. Not to mention she doesn't like Harry Potter. Can't be with a woman that doesn't even like Harry Potter. I got to hae my deal breakers. With that said, Hally is a good friend and we do lots of stuff together. I let her think that because for some reason she thinks that having a gf will make me happy. Or rather happier! And it makes her happy thinking I found someone. All I do is have to keep up one white lie that she can never verify. Heheh * nervous laughter* :(

Jaz wants to double date with me and Hally. I told her since she was a student and that Hally and me were teachers that might be a little weird. Another reason why I keep it up; if she thinks I'm dating Hally then I can just say I'm doing stuff with Hally!

You know how I said that losing your job can mess you up earlier in this post? Well ... before I met Jaz, my sex drive had been put in neutral. For whatever reason! I hadnt wanted to do ... ANYTHING! But work. Think Chris but with an even lesser sex drive. I figured ... well I'm just getting older, I suppose; plus I can always met a girl later.

In steps God with his wacky sense of humor. Introduce a girl that will put Jeremy in gear but have him stuck in ice. :sigh:
It's pure torture I tell you!

Sorry, that was a little long! But you're now caught up with unrequited love interest lol
Plus I just had to vent that one to you. Please don't judge me too negatively!

I've got to get out more ... if a girl like Jaz is out there's got to be another one ... who is single! I hope.
JH Aug 3, 2011 6:22 PM
It is. I like the part where she threatens cut off Freddy's man parts.
Or the part where "God wanted him to be with Francine" I must have re read that part over a million times in my head.

God wanted you to be with her but you're going to marry some other woman huh. Terry Moore really does a good job of writing female characters that I almost expected to see a woman.

So how did you like the end of Echo? I think I give it a "C". I don't know, I think I just expected more since they were creating a black hole to end the world. It's like he wrapped everything up a little too quickly.

I love the clerk thinking they were movie people. But other then that ... I actually think this should have been expanded a bit more.

THIRD BOOK IS YOUR FAVORITE!!!??? GET OUT! Mine too! I love how Harry learned about the dark arts, how Sirius Black mentored Harry Potter in how to stop those soul stealer's death ghost things. Time Travel. It's a gem.

And everybody I met goes ... "I like the fourth book the best because of the tournament" and I'm thinking too myself ... "How Fraking predictable was the fourth book" ... You know he's going to get in it. You know he's going to make it to the end. You even know there's a trap set up for him. You know it's not Professor Snape (He was a pretty good red hairing)
And it's always the least likely suspect ... who could that possible be? Mad Eye Moody ... I remember thinking that to myself and saying ... can't be ... guys a war hero. I wasn't that shocked when it turned out to be him ... I was shocked however to find out that wasn't the real mad eye moody!

I haven't seen the second part of the seventh movie yet. In fact I haven't seen a lot of movies these days. I want to catch the Smurfs for nostalgia but do I do it at night when the kids are to bed and there's nobody else there but grown men- childs like myself recapturing their youth ... or do I do with kids because parents think ... well I use to like the smurfs when I was a child ... maybe my kid will enjoy this.

Guess I could wait till video -_-

You know, I thought they were ripping off Felix the cat with that bag lol
He had a bag and it pretty much worked the same.

1. Neville Longbottom -- I really like how his character grew, I thought a nice surprise twist would have been to make him the it child instead of Harry Potter. Harry and everybody in the whole wizardry world believed it to be Potter ... but in actuality ... it was Neville all along. :)

2. The Weasley twins -- They were fun (Do they count as 1 or 2)

3. Professor Snape -- Don't know where the book would be without this menacing character throwing our heroes off

4. Hagrid -- first character you ever meet. Pretty sweat for a stinking giant lol

5. Ginny -- Became my favorite when she emasculated her brother

6. Dumbledore -- Who didn't love Dumbedore

7. Dobby -- That little elf (whatever) had heart. He was okay in my book.

He never read the books? I'm sorry! Why are you with this loser ;P
Oh right, he gave you seventh book ... I guess that's a redeeming quality.

It's not the planning that bothers me. It's the energy spent in class room management that's bothering me. If I could just read a book for an hour and have everyone understand I'll be good. One on One it's easy to keep said individual in line ... 30 + kids ... Not so much.

Most of these guys talk or text during lecture and they disturb others. I can't have that. To straighten things out ... I have to stop the lecture and address the problem. I'm starting up a new policy. Kicking people out on three strikes. Not for good but for that day. And if they get lower then a "D" for continuing to disrupt class. It's bye bye birdie.

These students have no qualms about putting you through stress.

Ultimates?! Yes! It's a nice re imaging of the Avengers! My favorite story is Grand Theft America. I believe that's the second volume. 1 is introductory and it's a nice story and all but it doesn't really wow me.

3 is just god awful ... just pretend that volume doesn't even exist.

Nope! But I found a guy I can watch anime with. Tomorrow is Naruto! Naruto doesn't really rock my socks off but it's a decent show. I like the Manga better though then the anime.

Say ... what about you? How is Chris doing on his new job? How's Grandmother? What does you mother think about a stranger coming up to NY? If I have the funds?! :P

You never tell me about how you're doing outside of work or in terms of you and Chris. Well .... not much anymore anyway. You're fellow gfs still telling you to dump Chris and find a nice guy? You tell them about that seventh book thing he did for you :P

Okay okay. I'll stop! But really, tell me about it.
JH Jul 25, 2011 8:59 PM
I have actually. I think I've gotten heat stroke ... once or twice. I've been drinking a lot of water to compensate for it. I think I'm gaining wait from drinking all the sugary liquids. I know I should just drink water but ... man! nothing feels as good as a coke a cola going down the tube.

I saw Captain America on Saturday. I had planned to see it on mid night but damn car. Chris is something like a good american to me. You however, may need to go back to Russia ... ah comrad :P

I think I'm going to be stressed out come the fall. Because most of the teachers leaving, I have a class that's back to back. I have the environmental geology class and then another one right afterwards. It means more money but I'm scared something is going to go down by the way side. I can handl three classes. But I don't know about teaching two different classes back to back. I know High School teachers have to do classes back to back but they don't have to prepare material for different classes back to back.

I was looking forward to it because it meant more money but I don't know if the extra head ach is going to be worth it.

I have not seen Harry Potter yet. I'm not looking forward to it. The movies have never really impressed me. When I saw that the seventh movie was a two parter I decided to wait until the second part came out to watch the first part. Boy! That first part had me going to sleep like a baby. I thought maybe I was just being a bad fan but I was watching it with other people and they kept falling alseep too so it wasn't just me. Although, I will admit it is cool to see the special effects of the movie. :P

All this time we were talking and we never really did discuss the books. The Books are amazing I was just telling my mom how the story gets progessively darker as Harry grows up. I have a friend that says that Harry Potter is just a mediocre mystery book. I can see what he's saying to some extent but one has to remind themseleves that a story either works for you or it doesn't. You can't please everybody.

Moreover, he's upset about Harry Potter living. Don't try to understand it. He's a weird kid.

Don't worry about, I was rolling my eyes throughout the entire thing. There tv/blog personalities aren't that good. But that's how they want to run there show. I suggest scripting it but they want to do it freestyle. Freestyle rarely works. I know because I was part of a comedy tropp where they were like scripts? Who cares? The audience. Scripts aren't bad .. I think just staying rigid to them.

I hate the new costumes for Teen Titans. I'm still going to give it a chance. But if the relaunch doesn't work for me within three tries. I'm taking my business somewhere else. FYI I'm hoping that the feathers on Robin are only a temporary accessory to his costume.

You can't scub your eyes. I'm a guy that's looked at yaoi. It's far worse for me then it was for you. :P

Ryan Reynold did a great job. I'm surprised that the movie got such bad reviews. It's not the greatest movie but it is entertaining. You're looking for a cat. I was looking for a squirrel. I like that there is a an alien that looks like our earth squirrels. So cute. I also like the fact that there are dogs and cats that look like our own dogs and cats only they can walk and talk.

The job hunt is not going good! -_-
Part timer for a whole 'nother semester. :(

That's cool. I like cots.

Oh btw I finally got to read Strangers in Paradise.
Funny story about confusing relationships. Lesbians, saving yourself (to have sex or to not have sex), marriage, and everything in between.

I think David was unreal. I'm not sure there's a guy out here that would take that much abuse from anybody. Although with that being said, he was a good addition to the book.

Echo is on the self at my local comic book store. I have it in my pull box but things have not been going well for me all summer long. Funds have been thight all this summer. In the fall that should be different. I hope.
JH Jun 26, 2011 5:19 PM
(Read this post last)

You know, I really hate the wings on Robin. >:(

JH Jun 26, 2011 5:14 PM
Okay, I'm sorry I meant to type this a long time ago. And then before you know it, a whole week just flies by.

No don't subscribe. I was only on there one time and I practically beg them to let me on. lol

Sadly, we discuss awhole lot more that wasn't on the podcast. I think adding an extra person really messed up their dynamic. Usually they have what they are going to say and they end it on time. I think you're watching our fourth clip of just trying to stay on time and even that was cut lol

X-Men First Class was great. I was really shocked about how good it was. I had heard rumors but I didn't have my hopes up too high. Glad to see I was wrong.
Mystique was cute. I'm not sure what Hank's problem was with the whole not being normal. Even though I know nothing really good happens to Mystique in the end. I'm glad she finally accepted herself by the end of the movie.

And then I went ... that devil guy has got to be a pedoiphile. lol
I'm thinking she had to be under 18. Yeah, I know Charles and Mystique are about the same age but Charles is a genius. He might ... might have skipped a few grades.

You know a lot of people are saying the movie was racist because Darwin died. If that's true then more then 80 percent of the movies hollywood makes is racist.

Job hunt is going okay. I still managed to get an interview at the museum of science and industry anyway. Keeps fingers cross.

And at my job there's a new full time position lined up. I have to try out for it though with interviews even ... I talked to a few of the students and they said they would brib the chair person for me. Or the one hand, I don't want them to do it. On the other hand ... I WANT FULL TIME POSITION!!!! lol

Yeah Green Lantern is doing terrible. I liked it though. I'm not sure if you've seen it yet but the movie doesn't really have a focus. It's like they are covering too many things at once and the end result is very poor.

Other then that I think Ryan Reynold's did a neat job of playing Hal.
I was wrong about Reynold's. He did a great job from what he had to work with.

Although, I still want to see him as Deadpool :)

Conner + Tim <333
I should have told you about the yaoi. Although when it's american artwork it's called Slash :P

clicky for something cool

Hopefully you haven't already seen it.