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Jun 19, 2016
Ichikawa Kei is great at creating these slice-of-life stories that aren't particularly steamy, but will still tug at your heartstrings. Slow Starter is no different.

Frankly, Ino and Kiyo are adorable. Both are a little awkward with one another, but they're just so happy to spend time together - it's heart-warming. What I love about this manga is that it leaves out a lot of the romantic plot tropes that we usually see (like a character being bullied, neglected or injured in some other way). Ichikawa Sensei completely ignores the Seme/Uke dichotomy, with both Ino and Kyo being your average High-school males - and that's read more
Jun 17, 2016
From an artistic perspective, this Manga is beautiful. Perhaps an homage to it's name, this manga starts off with several beautifully painted Full-Color pages. The art style continues to impress with clean lines and careful draftsmanship of a salon working environment.

The plot starts off fairly straightforward, but takes a darker turn midway through. I found the characters themselves to be rather unlikable. If you like manga with sweet characters and heart-tugging romances (like from Ichikawa Kei, Junko, Natsume Isaku, ect) then you probably won't like this manga.

However, if you have a darker taste and enjoy manga like Caste Heaven, then you will read more