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Jul 15, 2009
I came across this movie while i was looking through some animes that were on sale. As it only was like 4$ I thought I’d buy it. I didn’t really expect anything from it, since it was Korean and all, but I was pleasantly surprised..

[5]Story: The story had potential, and had this been a series with at least 12 episodes I think it would have been really good. But as it stands we only have a movie and the 1.5 hours of playtime is not nearly enough to explore the desolated world we are introduced to in ‘Wonderful Days’. If you want to know read more
Mar 11, 2009
So i finally decided to watch the kara no kyoukai movies. They seemed fairly popular and I’ve had good experience from the anime movies I’ve seen so far. Well apart from bleach and naruto movies, they are just bad.

[6]Story: So the story is about this girl called Shiki and this guy called Mikiya. We also got a character called Touko that’s the boss of the detective firm that the other two works at. These three are our main characters. So, strange suicides begin in the city they live in and Mikiya falls mysteriously ill. Shiki then sees a girl take her life, and read more
Feb 23, 2009
This is one of those shows that i really looked forward to, and the first 2-3 episodes almost got me feel I was high on something, but then …

[5]Story: Alright, so the story begins with introducing the main character, Takumi. He is an Otaku that has failed at life basically, living in a container with his computer and anime figures totally isolated from the world excluding the few occasions he goes to school on. The thing that will catch your attention right of the start is that Takumi is having severe delusions that alter his reality. Right after the first episode we get thrown read more
Feb 21, 2009
Ok, i’ve been meaning to write a review for a show for a while now, and now i finally got the time. So here it is.

[3]Story: So the story is pretty simple. The setting is a future world where we have espers, highly evolved science, magicians, guys with random powers no one knows shit about, well you get the deal. So our main guy is Touma, a complete noob (ya, really.). He has been haunted by misfortune since he was born, and he is unable to use magic or esper abilitys. What he do have though, is a random power no read more