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otakuloserperson Sep 30, 7:23 AM

don't mind me, just bumping my really shitty thread that you happened to post last in.
Izuru_Kamukura10 Jun 30, 5:20 AM
You alien XD What are you, some born relative of the sun lol

Its the main character of Kuroshitsuji or in English, Black Butler XD.

SadMadoka Jun 29, 4:54 AM
The gameplay in the remake looks closer to Crisis Core than the original FF7.
As far as portable PlayStation consoles go, I had the PS Vita and PSP-3000. I want to get a PSPgo when I make time for it. Used PSP-3000s are on eBay for under $100.
So did you use any advanced strategies for beating the two Weapons in FF7? I have one for Emerald Weapon that's silly-easy once set up, but it takes dozens of hours of preparation.
Izuru_Kamukura10 Jun 28, 10:13 PM
A heatwave?? LMAO how do you keep yourself from dehydrating and feeling bad on many levels because heat can really do that to you in my experience O.O

Wow now you remind me of Ciel Phantomhive XD Now when you said shitty birthdays, is it because of people causing them to be or is it just events just turn to be sour in your birthdays??
SadMadoka Jun 28, 6:46 PM
Come to think of it, my brother and I were talking about Sephiroth earlier today!
It would suck if it barely gets into the story and then you have to wait more years to get to the next part. :'(
I've played I & II: Dawn Of Souls, IV, IV: The After Years, VI, VII, VIII, IX, XIII, XIII-2, Tactics, Tactics Advance, Crisis Core, Crystal Chronicles, and demos for X, Lightning Returns and various Dissidia titles. If I could only recommend one you haven't played, it would definitely be IX. (Originally on PS1; now available in digital format on consoles, as well as PC. Most releases you can buy now are remastered.) I also really enjoyed XIII-2 and played it for hundreds of hours.
Izuru_Kamukura10 Jun 28, 11:58 AM
Well life's been stable enough for me so far although the temperatures are not helping -.- How is it did I put up with all this when I was a younger age.

BTW do you celebrate your birthdays??
SadMadoka Jun 28, 9:01 AM
Yeah, I assumed you did, but I linked to the search since you probably missed a few.
I've been kind of ignoring the progress of the FF7 remake since it's taken so many years and it would drive me crazy if I paid more attention. The first installment comes next year. Not sure how many installments the game will be released in, but it'll surely take even more years to fully be out. urgh... At least the trailers are lit!
Which FF games have you played?
Izuru_Kamukura10 Jun 28, 3:02 AM
So how have you been doing these days??
Izuru_Kamukura10 Jun 27, 4:51 PM
Ahhh so occupied with gaming then?? That sounds like you. Have fun :P
Izuru_Kamukura10 Jun 27, 6:51 AM
Ohhh you'll be busy??
Izuru_Kamukura10 Jun 25, 7:37 AM
Ahh so do you plan to watch it then??
Izuru_Kamukura10 Jun 18, 4:32 PM
Just a heads up that it will have an S2 so brace yourself for it if you plan to watch it.
Izuru_Kamukura10 Jun 17, 5:07 PM
I mean like it cannot be just me but don't you feel when you watch the anime that they just never felt safe until they escaped?? Like any moment that things could go wrong.
Izuru_Kamukura10 Jun 17, 4:07 PM
Aha XD Excellent then. Enjoyed it to the end?? Because I can definitely say as an anime, it pulled things brilliantly.