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Jan 20, 2020
One of the best villains is in this anime...
After finishing the 26 episodes you realize this is a whole different anime then you first believe. What makes this so great, it's the secret story within the anime. At first glance it looks like a liberal anime about an all female baseball team overcoming sexism and playing and beating male baseball teams but Hiroki proves it truly is a man's world.

From episode one and forward it present itself to be that of a feminist driven anime fighting for women's right and they can compete with the boys. After finishing the series those cringy read more
Jan 15, 2020
Spoilers I Guess
i just wanted to add somethings that other reviewers didn't talk about.

This is not a good movie what so ever. It steals elements from other movies and shows. It tired to do the whole it's more than just a romance anime it's really about a boy opening himself up to the world but it failed to tell that story. The MC doesn't explore other relationship outside the popular pretty girl. Wait, he did accept gum from some guy who is in his class I guess that counts right?

Let's talk about the dark undertone of main read more
Dec 22, 2019
This works on it's own.
I have not seen the show or plan to watch it, but I decide to watch this ova.
The ova tells the background story of one of the couple of the show. It is sweet and funny. There is more romance in this 22 min ova than multiple episode anime. You don't need to watch the show to enjoy it. This is one of more realistic couple i have seen in anime too. They argue and fight, he isn't the most handsome and she isn't the most prettiest, they are a real couple instead of your princes read more
Dec 18, 2019
Watching the three episode I thought this is a masterpiece of romance anime, two couples, one love triangle and super powers, where can you go wrong. This show reminded me of cardcaptor and when episode four happen and it went down hill from there.

This show tried to be "woke" like cardcaptor and when you go woke you go broke. It ruin one of it's character and it's love triangle. It got rid of the mc's love rival by having her fall in love with someone else, and the way she fall in love is out of character and your typical read more
Dec 18, 2019
This thing is boring and nothing special. The story doesn't pick up until episode three and gets a little exciting until episode 8. For a twelve episode show that is bad. This anime uses cheap tactics in order to get an emotion respond from it's viewers. This anime feels like a bunch of amateurs wrote and directed this. I can't hate on it too much on the story, I always felt if you have a weak story put some romance in it and they put two of them. The romance is clumsily one romance is very rush the other read more
Dec 14, 2019
Just your typical shy girl likes hot guy anime, right? Wrong this anime is sending the wrong kind of message to young girls. This guy takes advantage of a very shy girl. She doesn't even have friends and doesn't know how to talk to people, she not very social. So the guy "Shota" is her first love interest and also friend. She starts to open herself to other people making friends but Shota gets jealous not only when she talks to male but also females. In one scene she wants to spend time with her new female friend and Shota read more