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Dec 13, 2014
The Last Naruto Movie is a perfect ending to the Naruto Saga. Everything from the technical aspects such as the exquisite animation and magnificent music to the intricate story and character developments are wonderfully implemented in this perfectly paced finale.

The gradual change from the cycle of hatred to the understanding of love throughout the legend of Naruto makes this a very appropriate ending point for the series as it tackles the issues of self-preservation versus the selfless; a direct contrast to the war-torn era of despair and anxiety that preceded Shippuden. By focusing on the minor characters and integrating the theme of love, The Last read more
Mar 1, 2014
One Piece is The Greatest Shonen Anime/Manga of all time.

It features a grand adventure full of colourful and developed characters, each with their own unique goals and dreams. The narrative is extremely well-paced and intriguing with great writing and presentation; the Animation and Music are both incredibly top-notch. They give each Arc/Location it's own style of atmosphere which makes the series very innovative. This coincides with the genius storytelling that balances badass action scenes and hilarious comedic moments. One Piece is also a very memorable show with gorgeous imagery and designs. An example of this brilliance is in the backstory for the Punk Hazard Arc read more