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wolfslice Aug 6, 2:58 PM
Hey man, thanks for the message! Glad you sent it now, cause today sort of marks the official end of this anime "block," having completed Souma s3 and Ass Class s2 last night. Like I said though, I'll always be back-- and ofc I'll still check MAL here and there.

I've got two external HDs with backups of everything, so I'm not to worried about losing the p2w list ;p And yeah, it's kind of OCD, I just don't like that anime bar being mostly grey, so I limit my list p2w to direct sequels to stuff I'm already watching, mostly. I guess a fire would wipe out my external HDs and comp, but with a fire I'd have bigger problems haha. I've got files currently on my computer dating back to my first Dell PC in 1998 (300 mhz of raw power). Before 1998 my family used Mac and couldn't play all the cool games my friends had :( I remember being around 9 or 10 and putting a floppy disk with DOOM (PC) into my Apple and just praying it would somehow work. How sad is that? ;p

So yeah, I think we talked about JoJo already but it's second only to Hunter X Hunter in the anime I want to watch. The problem is that it's still ongoing, so the more patient I am now, the less I will have to wait in between seasons. I cannot stand watching anime week to week, I've got to watch it in blocks. It's going to be a about a freaking year or so before I watch any more One Piece, which sucks.

I liked Dressrosa, it might have been like 15% overlong, but since I watched it all together rather than week to week, that didn't bother me so much. Like 10 episode final battle is 2 nights of viewing rather than 10 weeks of being teased, lol... it makes a huge difference. Worst offender was the Frieza fight in Dragonball Z. My god, even watching that all together, it was really testing my fortitude. Fucking fight was like 35 eps long.

And yeah One Piece is my gf's fave, and she did indeed get me into anime. She'd definitely classify herself as a full blown otaku. Luckily our tastes are pretty similar so we like the same shows. Sometimes I'll throw her a bone and watch something I wouldn't usually (Himouto! Umaru-chan, for example), but hey-- that's the secret to a happy relationship. That and having an occasional few days off from each other, which I'm about to do right now!

I'm leaving her here in Fresno (we own a house here) for a few days, while I'm about make the 3 hour drive back to Palo Alto where my mom lives and I work (the Bay Area pays a whole lot better than the Central Valley). I make this round trip drive at least 3 times a month, because I don't wanna give up my house, even though I should probably rent it out. It's a nice escape though. I'm jealous my gf gets to stay, but I'll get a week to myself to play vidja games after work so that'll be kind of nice ;p

Anyway I gotta pack up and hit the road, but as always it's good to hear from ya. I hope you really enjoy Souma and all your other August Anime. Talk to you again soon!
wolfslice Jul 29, 12:42 PM
Yo man, no worries-- I'm never gonna quit anime! I have a txt file a mile long to manage my plan to watch picks (I don't want my list here to be 80% plan to watch ;p). I've just been busy with other stuff-- started a new job, played a bunch of video games, read a few novels, watched a lot of baseball and a few live action shows.

Really, I'm just massively backlogged in everything. I realized the other day I have like 300 unplayed games on Steam, it's basically shameful. Anime can be a bit trickier since I pretty much only watch it with my girlfriend (she is basically full on gamer/otaku, plushie collection and everything). So I usually set aside a block of a month or two and crush through a lot of it at once, then go on a break.

Right now is a crushing phase- we've gone through season 2 of Souma, One Piece Zou arc, and working on Mushishi season 2, Ass Class 2, and Gintama. One Piece is just the best. It really is such high quality. We're staggering it on purpose so we don't burn through it and catch up. Sanji is definitely my favorite character not named Luffy too, and yeah Souma has a little bit of Sanji's passion in it.

I pop on MAL every few days even when not watching stuff though, and since you're one of only two friends, I usually see most of your anime on the friends feed. I've added a couple to my plan to watch list that way! I even saw you watched a little Natsume-- which I know probably wasn't your style since you weren't too keen on Slice of Life-- but I've always felt that show "breathes" and is perfectly paced. I've been saving the last season of that to watch for awhile too-- don't want it to end :(

Anyway yeah man, I'm pretty much full Scottish ancestry. Only a few generations ago a Stewart even married another Stewart on my grandma's side haha. I hope they weren't *too* closely related. My grandma herself married a Stewart. I've been to Scotland and England twice, most recently in 2015. I love it there so much. I'm pretty big into evoultionary psychology (basically was my major in college) and evolutionary biology, and I'm telling you-- there is a genetic component to feeling at home there.

It was funny though, when I mentioned to people in London that I'd been in Scotland for a few weeks, they responded universally with things like "ahh, my condolences mate!" lol. I was always like "What are you talking about, Scotland is awesome!" haha. Americans really stand out over there, so we got a fair amount of questions about how the trip was going, etc. Dunno when we'll be back (so many places I want to visit), but I definitely will again. I'll keep you posted!

Anyway dude sorry about that heatwave you had to deal with. At least most places in CA have air conditioning, which I know isn't nearly as popular over there. 100F with no relief is unbearable. Today, is a comfortable 20c here in Palo Alto, so I'll take it. Missing that overcast drizzle of the highlands though!

Jesus, I've already written an essay here. I'll be around, you can drop me a line any time, even if I'm not watchin anime. Other wise I'll drop you a comment from time to time since I enjoy talkin with you. You've got rock solid taste here, and more importantly you seem like a genuinely nice dude which is a freakin' rarity online. Nice people don't get enough love. Anyway take care and I'll chat with ya again soon!
wolfslice Jul 27, 9:39 PM
Sup dude, just checkin in and saying hi. Hope everything is going well for ya.

I see via my feed that you added Souma to the ol' plan to watch list. I think it's a really fun watch myself, but I kinda have a guilty pleasure of enjoy cooking competitions (like Top Chef, Iron Chef, etc). Either way it's a solid shounen and I think you might enjoy it.

Anyway I'm over here in your worst nightmare, summer time in California-- trying to beat the heat, wishing I was chilling in my ancestral British Isles (Scotland to be exact-- clan Stewart). Count yourself lucky over there! I've visited a few times and can FEEL my DNA at home. Hope you have a terrific week.
Arcanine878 Mar 14, 4:13 AM
thank you my man I have so many haters
Fuchsia Oct 14, 2018 4:13 AM
Iamkingdomhearts Oct 7, 2018 12:48 PM
There will be no prejudice allowed in this club, that's for certain. :]
Iamkingdomhearts Oct 7, 2018 9:17 AM
Nah, it can be all kinds of Shippings you want, M X F, M X M or F X F, any that meet your preference, this is a club that welcomes all possibilities and potentials, if you like a Shipping, you can't help but like it, am i right? :]
Iamkingdomhearts Oct 7, 2018 9:09 AM
Thanks, truly thank you, i tend to make my reviews, as professional, as they can be, i love Anime and i could never part with it, i like to share both the positives and the negatives about the series i write, hoping that they are helpful in any way to anyone. :]

Okay, just a few secs and i'll send you the invite.
Iamkingdomhearts Oct 7, 2018 8:58 AM
Thanks for sending me a friend request and for checking out my reviews, i appreciate it, if you like, want to accept my Manga/Anime Shippings Club invite?
wolfslice Jun 25, 2018 3:13 PM
Heh, I feel ya weather-wise. My bloodline is almost entirely Scottish and Irish and my DNA basically is only happy when its overcast and raining. We don't get much snow in California though.

Yeah man, LOGH is good stuff and I stopped around the same spot. I think i'm gonna read a small synopsis for every episode to get back in the swing (seemingly good guide here:

I remember back in 1998 my buddy tossed me a book that just came out and said I should read it. It was Game of Thrones (SoFaI 1). I told him "Ahhh, I'll wait till the series is finished, then read em all." I usually do that because I hate reading a book and having to wait 2-3 years and then having to re-read them all again to get back into it.

20 years later and I'm still waiting, haha. I haven't watched the show or read any of it, been dodging spoilers like a motherfucker for years.

Breaking Bad.... for me it's one of those shows where I wish I could wipe my memory just to watch it again fresh. Best characters, best drama, and seriously, seriously intense when it gets going. I'd put it ahead of every anime I've seen, and probably also every live action show or movie too. It's just that good. The only people I wouldn't recommend it to are those that watch stuff to "feel good" or relax (I don't understand them, but there are quite a lot of people like that actually). For everyone else, I think BB would be my strongest recommendation in all of entertainment.

Anyhoo, anime is still awesome and I'll be back around soon to finish that LOGH and FMA:BROHOOD. Enjoy that Gintama-- I'm not too far into it, but I really like the characters. Later mane.
wolfslice Jun 25, 2018 8:32 AM
Hey what's up boss. I see you started/finished(?) LOGH. I can't tell where you're at since friend ratings and anime history are still restricted, but I see you added Yang Wen-Li to the faves, which is always a solid choice. He's definitely one of the most relateable characters in anime.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a line now that MAL is working again a little. Been watching mostly live action stuff over here (Breaking Bad rewatch... gotta admit, it flat out smokes all anime-- hard. Also some Twin Peaks and 80s movies)

Hope you have a good summer dude, and glad you're enjoying the LOGH.
ScribeXIII Feb 21, 2018 11:30 AM
I appreciate that greatly, my man. Have a good one.
L0WLY Feb 13, 2018 10:43 AM
Haha I just thought we had a similar taste in anime. JoJo and LOTGH etc. Wait, they made manga based on Kingdom Hearts? I fucking love the games.
GONY100 Feb 6, 2018 12:35 PM
Haha no, I have seen more than the 4 liste in my profile. However i'm kind of on a quest to watch anime from A-Z in a wierd order, and reviewing each one on this site, like some wierd OCD. I'm almost sure I won't finish it, but who knows?

Anyway, I appericiate what you said not only about the review but to me as well. Thanks again, and I hope you can survive all of the terrible anime. When you finish or start Campione, i'd be happy if you tell me what you thought, because as I said I was seeing many positive reviews on it.
GONY100 Feb 6, 2018 10:13 AM
Well, i'm happy it made you laugh. I think I might have gone too far in this review, but I still think negatively about this anime, so if you are going to watch it I hope you understand what I wrote in the review.
Thanks for the comment though!