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Spirit Circle
Oct 4, 2020 11:38 PM
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Ace_Angel Jan 24, 7:59 AM
This made me laugh thank you for the kind words! I’ll be sure to have some cheesecake if I can, and I hope you are able to enjoy your day as well, and stay safe!
simone_eatsdirt Jan 17, 7:47 PM
Talkative, huh? I'll bite.
Not to worry pal, we're in the same boat. (in fact around 85% of people may or may not regret talking to Simone *cough*)

- Oh man, I do that all the time. Feel like a real jerk too - it's so awkward apologising a couple hours later! On the contrary, I get real nervous that someone's gonna take what I say seriously. Mean-spirited humor is pretty epic, but man, I can't tell most of the time if what I said hit a nerve or not. '^^

I've got some overdue homework I should catch up on. -preferably within the next forty minutes, but really, I'll stay up to late and ultimately forget to do it anyways.

Not speaking of which, what shall I call you? I mean, Olde-Jo is a pretty sick handle, but not very name-ish if you're picking up
simone_eatsdirt Jan 16, 11:41 PM
Hey, if you don't mind me asking; how have you been keeping up lately?
Slawadia Jan 15, 10:08 PM
and it's my fault too if my initial comment in the thread was interpreted as being hostile. i sometimes forget that crude online banter-like language such as "overproduced web novel tier story 1/10" can leave a bad impression, rather than be perceived as harmless dumb hyperbole. got to work on that

Slawadia Jan 15, 9:32 PM
if this is genuine, thanks
i understand that people can hold strong opinions(i know i do), and thus lead to unexpectedly heated discussion on forums. that's just something everyone online has to deal with. but for me, matters of opinion are not necessarily indicative of a person's character. just because I personally dislike fma doesn't mean I dislike anyone who holds it in high regard. i said that i will no longer engage with you further, but that statement honestly only goes as far as that specific thread.i don't hold grudges over mere disagreements on anime quality or rude posts exchanged in the heat of the moment.
hopefully we'll have more pleasant interactions on mal in the future.
simone_eatsdirt Jan 10, 9:53 PM
Hey, thanks a bunch for the request! Makes me uber happy you'd want to be my friend ^^
simone_eatsdirt Jan 10, 9:27 PM
Thanks, man. You know, you yourself are incredibly charming and seriously rock! (No matter how I phrase that, it sounds wrong. Read it as you please.) Hope to you see you around on forums again sometime:
Take care!
simone_eatsdirt Jan 10, 9:15 PM
Olde-Jo said:

Edit: Reading your comment back makes me wonder if I misunderstood your comment, if so, I apologise.
Oh my, I'm awfully sorry if post was confusing at all! Now it wasn't exactly the situation you were asking about but zi assumed it was similar enough. (Yeah basically I went from nice-year-old super fan to edge lord to nice-year-old super fan again)
Rather redundant commenting this, but I didn't want to add off topic posts to your thread; 'specially when I barely said anything.
Now then, have a super rad rest of your day! 'Cya round ^_^
wolfslice Jan 4, 6:43 PM
You know what... one more thing before I go on my little anime hiatus:

I sidestepped most of the philosophical stuff in my last message because sometimes it has too much depth and I never, ever want to sound preachy (NOTHING I hate more than self righteousness-- it's the biggest problem with both my generation and yours, esp on social media). But, I've had a couple of vodka+ redbulls on my day off here and I want to say: I like what you said about 2021 being a better year. Only you and I can make this happen, my friend. I want you to know that you DO make a difference, you ARE every bit as important as everyone else walking around on the face of this ball of matter held together by gravity. How do I know this? Because seeing a message from you on this relatively stupid anime site legitimately enriches my life. I'm not shitting you. Your existence has made mine better. We both have the power to take control of our happiness, it's just really hard sometimes.

LSD is like an atom bomb on your perceptions. What that neurochemical sequence did (I haven't touched any "hard drug" since August, and won't for awhile-- but the effects are still there)-- It made me realize that my own well-traveled thought grooves are simply faulty most of the time, driven by self interest and and a need for the familiar and safe. The familiar and safe wears you down though, very slowly. We both know this, without a doubt. I'm more convinced than ever before it's supremely important to step outside ourselves on occasion. I don't *recommend* psychedelic drugs, when simply a road trip to Scotland (or somewhere even closer) can do the trick. Ever notice that on a little vacation, you notice DETAILS the way you don't usually? Your brain automatically quiets down (this has been measured in psychological studies-- my college major). That's the "default mode network" structure of the brain, which activates when thinking about the self, or the intimately familiar. This network quiets almost entirely when experiencing something novel, first hand. The default mode network is 100% linked to depression and anxiety. It's your OWN routine, our own thought patterns, rigidly well travelled, that bring us that decay our spirits over a long period of time. You can quiet it though, and you can even do that WITHOUGHT a vacation, WITHOUT a serious psychedelic, just by meditatively controlling your thoughts and, well-- just looking around a bit in your regular habitat. People call this "mindfulness"-- which seems to me to be a new agey annoying term-- but the jist is just that in a familiar setting, we get inside our own heads and stop noticing the forest for the trees. The science proves it, and I believe it. Small changes in perspective can REALLY help.

So my biggest hope for Olde-joe in 2021 is for you to do something, anything, to get out of your personal groove, if just for a little while. Because you're the shit, dude. You make other people feel good, you are a positive force on this planet. It's time to do a little something for yourself too! Even though I'm hyping up my week off as a gameathon (which it will be!), I'm still going to try and step outside my usual bullshit for a week.

Alright dude I really hope that didn't read as preachy and sentimental as I think it might have, lol. You have a fucking fantastic 2021, because the truth is it REALLY is in your own hands. I'll be back to watch some chinese cartoons in a few months! I hope you find something better to entertain than shit Code Geass movies too! lol

Your friend,
wolfslice Jan 3, 11:57 PM
Hah yeah I've played a few VNs- notably the full Danganronpa, Steins;Gate and sequel, Higurashi and Clannad (didn't really like that one). I got nothing against JRPGs either, I really like the Disgaea series (though they're more tactical) and loved Final Fantasy 7. Been meaning to play more, just hard to find the time and my list of games to play is beyond massive-- doesn't help that Path of Exile takes over my free time every few months ;p Dark Souls probably doesn't count as a jrpg even though it's technically Japanese and an RPG, but the games in series are without a doubt some of my favorites of all time.

Yeah I feel what you're saying on having nothing to look forward to. I can (barely) afford to take a week off so I just made it happen-- but no, lol, I didn't tell the boss the reason I was taking a week off was for the new league, haha. I'm almost 37 years old, lmao. I just said "look I could REALLY use a vacation somewhere, but since I can't go anywhere, I'm just gonna take a week off for my birthday." haha

I don't think you're a nut at all with regards to the philosophical stuff, and I agree with you-- I'm agnostic as well. I try and keep an open mind about everything, but put "faith" in very little. Lot of great thinkers like that throughout history, so you're in good company.

Thanks for checking out that beat man. I got your message while I was workin on it so felt compelled to link it, but don't worry I wont slam your page with links haha. I don't actually show my stuff too often, since I'm just making it for fun. Got like 1000 tunes in the can in 20 years. Objectively rate myself as a "solid amateur." That one wasn't trance, just straight up hip hop, with a little abstraction. I have a few friends that similarly aren't super interested in music except as as a background vehicle in movies, etc-- I think that's pretty normal. Plus most music SUCKS these days, so you aren't missing much. Though I will say pretty much ALL of my favorite artists (they make this same kinda stuff) are English, so again, you're in good company ;p

Those are some dire ratings I see on your page for Code Geass man, lol. I enjoyed the main series but it's been a good long while since I watched it. Hopefully you can find a solid 9 or 10 soon. Catch you later dude!
Dragonland04 Jan 3, 1:17 AM
Happy New Year
Ezalbx Jan 1, 1:33 AM

Happy new year buddy!
May the new year bring you peace, joy, and happiness.
spectrojan Dec 31, 2020 11:20 PM
Yo happy new year, bud. Glad to be friends with you too, mate. Got exams comin' up so I'm not visiting the site often but ofc, once they're done, we'll catch up and converse. Wishing you a great, healthy and successful year ahead of you, friend!
wolfslice Dec 31, 2020 8:15 PM
Ah fuck it, I'll link one minute of the newest track since I'm enjoying making it so much ;p

Let me know what you think mane. Probably take a good 10 more hours to finish jamming out this thing.
wolfslice Dec 31, 2020 8:09 PM
Hey dude, happy new year!

Yeah, been MIA a bit, but haven't yet taken a "real" anime break (at least in my own head)-- because I've been playing the Higurashi visual novels on steam. I liked the show, but the VN is quite a bit better. I've forgotten most of the plot points, so it's basically a new experience again. Need to get back on and finish Souma and a couple other things, because the new Path of Exile league starts on Jan 15th (one day before my bday). That's my favorite game, it's like a beefy Diablo 2 with a lot of content and complexity. I took a whole week off work to play it and relax, and just to have somethin to look forward to. But fair warning, for a month or two I'll probably be light on the anime train ;p By now you know I'll be back though.

You watch anything good lately?

2020 sucked for sure, but it was also a chance for me to gain some new perspectives. I don't think people can really make much of themselves without *some* adversity-- in other words you need a good bit of pressure to produce a diamond. I hope things look up for you as well, my dude.

Also workin on some new beats for the first time in a little while. Somewhat dark alien ass hip hop funk stuff. It feels really good to have some creative energy again, I've had damn near 20 years of practice sequencing out sounds but just haven't put all that effort to use for a little while. It's flowing now and is slammin' to my ears. Maybe I'll link some when it's done :o. Take care man, and talk to you soon!