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Aug 25, 2013
Oh my god...
I don't know how to start this review without crying again remembering all the things that happened...
One Piece: Episode of Merry - Story of another Nakama was without a doubt a blast from the past perfection!

Let's start from the beginning - the story!
At the middle of the special I thought "well, this is more like 'Episode of Enies Lobby'", because it really seemed that way. I know that that arc was "crucial" for the series and if someone who didn't watched the original anime wouldn't get the point but they could have shortened it a bit more... probably? Either way, it was ...
Sep 14, 2011
Ah, I couldn't wait to write this. *w*
This anime is really for the pure 10! And let's start explaining why:

- The story is really realistic. About two in love that destiny seperates. That can happen, and it is happening, in the real world. You love someone and then you just go seperate ways. sad, but true. :(
- Art is fenomenall!! A pure 10! A really great art of background that I like the most! Don't worry if the characters are not with wide and sparkly eyes, the other stuff will just take your breath away! It had done that to me ;)
- Sound... I watch ...
Sep 14, 2011
Ok, a first 44 Hiki no Neko review... A kids "anime" with a veeeery catchy song (that I forgot, thank God).

- This "anime" is old and it doesn't have any story. It's like a MV for kids with creepy cats :D
- Like I said, the video is old so the art is old, it suits that time. ;)
- A veeery catchy song about 44 cats and I AM glad that I forgot it :D
- Characters are CATS. Cats, cats and MORE CATS. 44 OF THEM :D
- I was watching it with :O face. A part of me wanted to die in an instant.
- ...
Sep 14, 2011
07-Ghost (Anime) add
Completed it with my boyfriend and we were going the whole anime "Gaaay~!". We were expecting every second for yaoi to start. LOL jk.
Hehe, I realy didn't expect from shojo to be like THIS. So let's start:

- I liked the anime, it doesn't have some story but I liked it anyhow. The ending of 07-Ghost gives the effect there will be another season but still nothing. I would like to watch more of Frau, Castor & co. :D
- The animation is perfect, I like everything about the character design and all. I most liked their eyes. *o*
- The OP & ED are nice, I like ...
Feb 7, 2011
Death Note (Anime) add
DN is one serious anime. If you doesn't pay attention from the beging you may get lost in the story and all the events and conversations (story).
I'm rewatching it by doing the subs and now I see some stuff I missed when I was 1st time watching.
Love the characters and all their personalities that are different. Also I liked the anime for all the action going on... sometimes it gives chills. :)
Very mysterious but also great anime. Full of decective stuff and just awesome!
I recommend it to everyone and also saying again: try to keep up with the events, it's preety deep stuff. ^^