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Jun 18, 2021
Fairy Tail Zero is honestly such an improvement on the main series, it's crazy to see how well Mashima Hiro can actually write. Although FT has a special place in my heart, it's mostly just annoying plotline after annoying plotline, with the actually good ones being overshadowed by the overbearing amount of ecchi. There's a lot of problems with FT's storytelling, but the vast majority of them are absent within FT Zero. The characters are fun, the art is beautiful, and the story is downright heartbreaking.

Mashima's storytelling really improves in these story stories where he doesn't have the time to load them with boring plot read more
Feb 22, 2021

The plot really doesn't make much sense at all and it's way too fast-paced. The movie actually has a lot of interesting ideas, but it fails to actually do anything with them.

It's honestly a bummer, the movie has a lot of good scenes and it's overall just really enjoyable to watch; however, the good scenes don't get enough time to really shine. For example, there's a scene where Lucy is kidnapped by the main villain and is about to be tortured for his magic before being immediately saved by Natsu, who rushed over as fast as he possibly could because he blames himself for her read more