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Days: 57.8
Mean Score: 6.37
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  • Episodes3,461
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 3 Part 2
Jun 22, 8:31 AM
Watching 8/10 · Scored -
One Punch Man 2nd Season
One Punch Man 2nd Season
Jun 22, 8:00 AM
Watching 10/12 · Scored -
Serial Experiments Lain
Serial Experiments Lain
Jun 22, 7:20 AM
Watching 11/13 · Scored -
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Days: 0.8
Mean Score: 3.25
  • Total Entries32
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  • Chapters152
  • Volumes15
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Dead Tube
Dead Tube
Jan 10, 4:41 AM
Reading 43/? · Scored -
Jan 9, 7:23 AM
Reading 36/50 · Scored -
Jul 9, 2018 11:35 PM
Reading 19/36 · Scored -


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MeitanteiKates May 24, 7:26 PM
It’s no biggie, and no problem!! I hope your birthday was an awesome one and that you’re doing well too :D

Sorry this reply is so late btw!! I’m a mess lmao
qyosano May 1, 4:46 AM
happy birthday!! hope it’s a good one <33
MeitanteiKates May 1, 3:56 AM
Happy Birthday, Nutty!! :)
captjoe213 May 1, 12:35 AM
happy birthday! I hope it's the best one you've had!
Fundashi666 Apr 21, 5:31 AM
Thanks for accepting my request ❤️

How are you?
laviha Mar 21, 10:04 AM
Thank you! :)
laviha Mar 20, 4:54 AM
I think I found your profile from an anime you updated recently and I liked your profile picture thats why I sent friend request
Elfezen Feb 17, 8:51 AM
Hello, thanks for accepting request.
PaladinAlchemist Feb 8, 7:04 PM
Brotherhood is definitely epic. I feel it's much better put together than most long-running shonens which always seem to lose their steam and have bad endings like Bleach :(

Keep talking about Discord - I'll finally remember to put it on my phone. I think the reason I don't use it is because I've only used it on Desktop and it's really buggy for some reason.

Hope you have a good night/day!
szny Jan 28, 9:50 PM
I apologise again haha. It's been pretty long huh. I might actually be off for a few weeks now, since I really want to do well. So, tons of apologies beforehand :')

Yeah, can understand why you'd be so surprised. I mean, I looked around other peofiles and saw that you're actually very friendly with a lot of people. Rare to come across people like you here.
Ahh you should get back to writing you know. I mean, if you write to get your thoughts out, then why bother about who reads it and who doesn't. You're excellent at what you do and I think I would like to read more of your thoughts :>
Haha you're very welcome <3 and I'm sure you're not exaggerating.

I should, I really should. I actually should have done that right after completing the series but I think I was just afraid of getting disappointed. I was so in love with the show then, but now moght be the right time. Actually after my exams are over lol. Right after!
Woah I haven't watched anything from this season, and admitting that is a bit embarrasing in all honesty. I rarely watch shows season-wise. But the ones you mentioned are in my PTW I believe. Will hopefully get to them soon too.
Is there anything else you'd like to recommend? Your all-time favourites maybe??

That's true. And thank you very much. They only start in March, so there's still some time.
Wow I've never used twitch before, but have a fair knowledge of the place. I'd love to watch one of your streams someday. Best of luck with twitch!
You can take your time with your reply, I can understand that you're busy. Take care. Have fun. And have a good day/night :)
PaladinAlchemist Jan 27, 6:10 PM
No worries. I don't get on much since I write so many people back, so I know how long that can take.

Ah! I'm so jealous you're getting to watch Brotherhood for the first time. You'll have to tell me what you think as you go. It's one of my all-time favorites.

Dororo might be my favorite so far this season, even over all the season 2s I'm watching. I'm a sucker for a good samurai-like story set in ancient Japan though (and you're right about the OP!). And I totally agree about Reigen. On one side, he's this hilarious, sleazy con artist, but on the other side he's really trying to look out for Mob and is a big softie.

I really should use Discord more. I probably would if I downloaded the app (I've only ever used it on desktop lol). Because that sounds like a lot of fun.
szny Jan 24, 10:08 AM
Woahh this is such a pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting you to be this friendly.
I really did enjoy reading hrough your profile. I actually also visited your WordPress profile. You have a gift, has anyone told you that before? Lol. I mean, you just write so beautifully. I knew that I was positively in love with your writing after I finished reading everything. Really great. And I love your perspective of things. I would say that I agree with a lot of it.

Haha that's quite weird. The first thing I envisioned after reading your username was actual nutmegs (the hard ones lmao) being smashed. This sounds so bad smh. Sorry :)

Ooh that's surprising. I did notice K-On in your favourites but I'm glad to know that you're a fellow KyoAni fan. I will be honest, I'm a bit bias to their shows. The moe aside, their visuals are just to die for! A show like Hyouka, if made by any other studio, I would've prolly dropped after the 3rd episode, but Kyoani has just managed to turn it into such a feast to the eyes. Ah I noticed that you haven't watched it yet, but it seriously lacks plot.
I haven't watched Liz yet, can you believe it!?! Probably the first thing I need to do once I start watching anime again, on a bit of a hiatus myself :'>
And yes, I do value my online friends a lot, to the point that it might even seem a little absurd. So it's very common for me to get super happy or completely upset over what someone close online said. I don't believe that bonds can only be made irl. So yeah, I'm also really looking forward to getting to know you better and being friends!
Ah I got to your profile through captjoe213's profile (to which I got through his K-On review).

It's almost midnight here, I had a good day. How is yours going??

Thank you for saying that! IKR. People should appreciate Saitama more <3. I got it from a Facebook post. So the cancerous site did at least one good thing lol.

PS - I apologise for the delay. I responded as soon as I could, but I've just been a bit occupied lately, since my exams are due soon. Also the reason for my hiatus. I can't wait to be back on track!
szny Jan 24, 7:12 AM
What's with your obsession with nuts? Lmao
Beautiful profile by the way.
G_Spark233 Jan 20, 2:22 AM
Hey sorry for the late response. I’m honestly not as active on MAL as I used to be and I haven’t been watching too much lately.

Mob Psycho is still really enjoyable but I still don’t like Reigan much and I know that I’m in the minority with this opinion.

I have been reading the manga for the promised neverland since fairly early on and it’s the anime I’m most looking forward to this season.

Kaguya love is war is really fun but I feel like it will become repetitive soon. I hope I’m wrong about that.