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TheMariqua May 8, 8:47 AM
Thing is, for me it works with just one piece of dessert, I rarely ever eat cakes for this reason, even if, that sweetness melting in my mouth... it feels nice, but bad, at the same time. D:
Would you believe me if I said that I've been to Austria twice and I've never heard of Zotter? Now I kinda do feel bad about it.
Oooh, what's your number 1 then? Quite curious to know the opinion of an expert :p

Hmmm, you see, with italian, not only you need to get used to the tenses and the genre, to the apostrophe and the stresses, but also the grammar and its analysis needs to be very precise and very well thought out and that's where the hardest parts come in.
And that part about the "Great Italian industrial triangle" uuuuh.... that's history? That's basically what Giolitti did, in 1905~

I have bad luck with everything, including computers, but it's not stopping me,
Ooh, something very similar happened to my cousin, his parents made him go for medicine because medics get that good spicy pay, but he's not really into any of those things, so he's regretting everything now that he needs a specialization. My mom even tried to convince me, numerous times, despite me having one big big issue with medicine, I kinda get panic attacks when I hear about surgeries and illnesses and all that stuff, aaaa.
Why baking school?

No no, don't read the translated works, poetry is often experienced through language, translating it ruins the poem, imo. I'd be interested in hearing some croatian, even if I'd not understand a word of it Xo
I sure hope you don't mind an italian poem btw. :o
TheMariqua May 4, 11:17 AM
Ooooh, what a bummer!
That actually did put me some crave for some spicy hot pepper cookies - guess that'll be for another time.
I remember being fond of sweets when I was younger, but with time, I've grown more and more spiteful of them, the light ones are okay, but most sweets here just give me nausea and that heavy bloating weight on your stomach - eeeeeeeewwwwww.
I might be wrong, but I've heard that the first chocolates ever made were made with peppers, mmm, I think it's the only dark chocolate I like, my guilty pleasure resides in milka chocolate bars.

Italian is a very complex language so really, I wouldn't blame you for not being able to learn it in just 4 years - here it takes people 10 years to study every intricacy and tenses are still misused in some cases - I think, pacing the learning experience better would've been better, starting with indicativo first year and then moving to the others.

Lmao what? Are you for real? The economy is so good, our public debt per capita on Wikipedia is in 5th place, under Greece. The taxes are high as a way to make up for it, and a lot of people like to evade those taxes... So the debt isn't getting any better any time soon. Also the number of people without a job is high as well, so that's cool.

It's probably going to be Computer Science, not because I'm very fond of it even if I like logic and I'm somehow the best in class when it comes to it, but instead, just like one professor from the uni of Rome said, it's a new prospective through which other things can be seen or interacted with, and not just 'science and mathematics'... Thooo Truth to be told, because of the pandemic, I might not be able to move to Rome for budgetary reasons, so most probably I'm going to bear the uni from around here, one of the worst unis perhaps, so much so the professor there said there's no difference between computer science engineering and computer science.
What are you majoring in?

You like poetry?! Do you like reading poetry? I love reading poetry, I always end up reason poetry to people on here :b
How about a poem reading exchange, huh?
TheMariqua May 4, 5:05 AM
Why would they bake cookies with spicy peppers? I've never heard of such a thing and I'm curious if there's an actual recipe or if it was a prank.
So, since you studied italian, you can understand some of it? How good are you? :o
And did you like it?

Yep, a very used word in Romania since they use a whole lot dirty words. ->-

Well, honestly, I'd have said the same thing about the place where I live, since there's a whole lot of ignorance here where I am from, lots of child delinquency as well as the fact that Italy has probably one of the highest percentage in Europe when it comes to people who never finish school or drop in middleschool, and all the smart people search for work outside Italy and really, been the brains since primary school, and people always say that "I'll do great things" but it's not like it works like that. My future is more unpredictable than most people make it out to be - speaking of school btw, my current English teacher is one of those people who got their job illegally through connections, and she can't even talk english aaaaa. Our philosophy teacher kinda explained to us the bribes that teachers have to go through, and the whole story kinda makes me cringe inside with all these people who want their children to finish high school with a high mark despite being trash.
Luckily for me next year I get to start a new life with uni - hopefully, it's like starting a new life :p
But anyhow, something I can't forget and will always be thankful for is the amount of stuff that's exclusive to italy that I've been exposed to because I live here - the literature, the philosophy, the food and so on, there's some great things here in Italy, in the past, and really, they're so great they make me feel great for being Italian - but is there anything like that for you?
Hmm, Romania, I don't really know, tho my mother thinks we'd be better off living in Romania, I like it better here - I've not been in Romania enough to know much about it.
TheMariqua Apr 30, 3:33 AM
Maybe it's my taste buds which are broken - I don't know. From eating a lot of spicy food I ended up being unable to feel light or mild spiciness anymore :p
And I guess I don't have my buds made for sweets, I kinda hate most sweets >o<
So how did your... thing go? It was for school right? Did you get rated for it?

Oh, you've not translated Pula from romanian to english, did you?
ANd uuuuuh, That is something true for almost all these countries I've mentioned, and honestly, I don't think the beaches are that good, I've been to porto cesareo and I've really never really found a place that looked better. :P
How is it to live in Croatia btw?

Yeah, so in the end, if you think that BL shouldn't be applied to those stories, than you wouldn't have had a problem with me saying that bl love is the 'stuff for females' ;p

First of all, Haru did say that Louis didn't really looks like he was enjoying it, so he might just do it because it is expected of him to do it, as well as just him being confused, it's not like you're born gay and you just suddenly know you're gay :p
TheMariqua Apr 28, 4:23 PM
Is that the history of your username? lol
But isn't it the same? It's not like there are local differences with nutella >.<
Also, Venice sucks, just saying.

I'm gonna imagine that you were never able to actually communicate with italians :p
And, by the by, I've been to croatia as well! Just Zagreb, for one day, but it was really cool and I wished I stayed there for more! Being half Romanian, I've had to go from Italy to Romania by car various times, and I've seen Croatia, Bulgaria and Serbia just by travelling and... Their capitals are really the best part they can offer - especially since I'm not much of a beach person. Croatia gets more appreciation points because of Pula - and if you don't get it, just google it in romanian lmao.
Oh, and my father from time to time likes to tell the story of how he once was crossing Croatia to get back to Italy and noticed a load of people stopping at a gas station with their windows broken and whatnot only to read on the journal the day after that a civil war had started in Croatia.

From my experience tho, I'll have to say that, regarding shonen and shojo, shonen has evolved into being the predominant genre aimed at everyone while shojo kinda died out and hasn't changed from being read by mainly girls. Boku No Hero isn't enjoyed by boys, but also the girls, HxH, Naruto (to some degree) - as long as the male characters are bishonens than you're satisfying the female side side as well.
Also, with tags on mal, it's really hard to define them, isn't it? I'm pretty sure tags given to BL derives from which magazine a manga is published - so if it's published in a magazine that's for BL, it automatically becomes a bl manga.

When people talk about Spirit Circle, they say that the drawings are the worst part x(
I think the visual narration the manga provide is unmatched and the visuals are one of the strongest points.

There's not a whole lot to explain, really tho. :o
His sexuality isn't fully known yet, but he crealy doesn't like females, likes carnivores and really likes Legosi.
TheMariqua Apr 27, 12:15 PM
Yeah, don't worry, English is my secondary language as well
- and it's probably the secondary language for most people on mal, even if it might not look like it. I'm italian, by the by, your name gives off a certain italian smell, but Idk, nutella is pretty famous :p

I'd say that low-brow shouldn't just be something that's bad - I think most low-brow things do fall there, but I also think that it should be a bit more than that? If we go by dictionary definition, low brow is what can be considered of little intellectual tastes, thus something you can just turn off your brain to and enjoy? The whole anime mediocrity of moe isekais could be considered as low brow in that sense, even if it's highly praised or not.
I'll have to disagree with this, as a genre isn't telling of weather or not the product will actually be consumed by said demographic: Shonen isn't consumed just by males, but females as well thus we see as of late how much adaptation of shonens or shonen themselves have something for both sides of the gender spectrum. Shojo are supposed to be for females only, and for the most part, people have some weird 'oh no this is too feminine' moment when reading stuff like that, but stuff like sailor moon, madoka magika, SoLs are very feminine in nature, they're still enjoyed by males. Historically, yes, BL is made for girls, but if a story such as that of Given exists along with many others than what does the BL tag do to these stories? What does it tell?
I believe that for anything to be great, it has to be able to be enjoyed not just by its primary demographic and instead transcend these useless tags people have given them to be able to be enjoyed for reasons outside that spectrum (that's kinda why Spirit Circle is positioned at number one on my list :p), so if a story isn't made to fetishise a gay relationship then why would it still be considered yaoi?

yeah, it's Louis, in the manga he starts being unaffected by girls and instead has some things for legosi - they foreshadowed it in the adaptation. :p
TheMariqua Apr 27, 7:09 AM
I'll have to disagree with you on this:

First of all, I'd like to point out at my wording:
Notice how I don't make a "blade-of-grass" argument, never stating that all bl is like that, but certainly most of it is.

But with that being said, I think there's a more interesting discussion to be had: LowBrow And BoysLove.

I'd like to give a bit of a common ground, so we can more easily define what LowBrow is:
-Slice of life, where there's nothing happening, and it doesn't try to be anything more than cute stuff and every-day life.
-Comedies, sometimes there's a good parody, or a good satire, but I think it's safe to say that anime or manga comedies are mostly comedy for the sake of a laugh.
-Romcoms, pretty self explanatory since they usually combine slice of life with comedy, with dramas usually being handles very poorly.

With that being said, I'd like to remind you that just because something is a SoL/Comedy/Romcom, it doesn't mean it's bad or lowbrow. I'd say that I can name at least one exception to every one of the things I've said here, but it's true that most of it works like that. And it makes sense that it does: most people when they watch SoL, they don't expect something like Tatami Galaxy, they want a Lucky Star, or a K-on.
Genres, especially if it's a factor for buying said product, do tell a lot about the product and the aim of said product.
Why do you think an author would advertise their work as BL? Is it because it contains some dualities that have never seen before... Or is it to advertise itself to girls and boys interested in the fetishised romance between two males and the tropes of the genre?
If there were to be a manga that'd cover serious topics like abuse, gender exploration or relationship in a serious matter, would the BL tag be there, on the front cover? Two males touching each other very intimately on cover? A Seme and uke relationship? Feminized man? I don't think so, and if these things were featured in the manga, they would get in the way of the serious topics... which is why I believe gay characters doesn't equate to Yoai or Yuri. Void of these features that fetishise the relationship to the viewer, the 'yaoi' tag would just indicate that a certain product has a gay male character, and that's not enough to create a new literary genre, just like having a trap isn't enough to make a new 'Otokonoko' genre of anime.
Beastars has a second main character that's not hetero, and clearly doesn't need a Yaoi tag, just as Rose of Versaille is a story about a girl discovering her femininity and dating and even having some bed fun with a girl, and yet doesn't need a yuri tag.

And no, no worries, I don't have pickles to pick with you, you've got a delicious name :p
EngravedinDeath Sep 14, 2019 2:20 PM
hey, i like gintama as well
tbh, i love gintama