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Kunii May 13, 12:51 AM
Happy Birthday!
kihel May 13, 12:27 AM
happy birthday !
Yomisuki May 12, 6:03 PM
kihel Feb 15, 12:17 AM
Hello. Thanks for letting me know how to find you. It was via a common friends list... I feel like I'm tired of reading comics, but I'm still reading them consistently.

Oh, and about the picture, I searched the internet, but I still didn't actually say it. The video you posted again doesn't even show her saying "Anime was a mistake". It's not even from the same source.

The source is the documentary film "The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness", not the second video you posted, "The Man Who Wouldn't End".

What he actually said was, "Japanese animation is not based on observation. It's not based on observation. Almost. It's done by people who don't like to observe people. That's why it's a nest of geeks."

This translation of the words, anime was a mistake. It is nothing but garbage. It becomes.

Since it was added by a Tumblr user who took the liberty of thinking of a line that sounded like something Hayao Miyazaki would say, the part about Anno is more famous in Japan as part of a scene from the Kingdom of Dreams and Madness.

As for BLEACH, I don't know... I read all the volumes, but I don't own all of them, I borrowed half of them from the library. I even went to an original art exhibition when I was most into it!

I stopped reading One Piece around the middle of the first part, and I think I stopped reading Naruto pretty early on.
BLEACH is kind of stylish in the manga, I haven't decided if I'm going to watch the new Bleach anime or not, but I'm hoping the op will be something cool for sure. Also, my favorite character is, you know, Aizen, so I might just watch the episodes where Aizen appears.

Oh, you're half-breed! It's kind of cool that you grew up in another country and can speak at least a little Japanese!

As for replies, I think the speed of replies will vary depending on my mood. I'm sorry if I'm late.
kihel Feb 13, 5:09 PM
Thank you for the friend request.

I've been getting a lot of friend requests lately and I'm not sure if I should add you or not. Your profile picture is Ulquiorra, and on your profile page you have an image that says Hayao Miyazaki's anime was a mistake, but when I looked at your actual video, you didn't actually say that. I didn't think you would say that.

It was very interesting to me, and I wanted to be friends with you.

cyrusisok Jan 21, 10:27 PM
no problem, your taste seems really good!
Ashhk Dec 27, 2021 10:07 AM
Thank you very much, have a happy new year as well :) (Ahaha it's been a while, no problem xD)
Number_Thirteen Dec 8, 2021 7:37 AM
New fav list format is ugly asf
Yomisuki Sep 30, 2021 1:38 PM
Firstly, I'm sorry for the delay, but I suppose it's been slightly mitigated by the fact that you're on hiatus! A timely coincidence!

Anyway, let's crack on, shall we! Ah, I see you warning me of your intended hiatus in your first paragraph. Yeah, I'm replying now so hopefully, we'll be able to stay in some kind of regular contact from now on. Hey, I remember you from the very beginning, when you had an Itachi profile theme. We go way back!

Thanks for your care and concern but I've been doing alright physically and mentally. I eat healthily and have just started to do some exercise with the plan to keep it going. I'm a bit older than the average MAL user but I feel very young at heart, and basically like a teenager again.

I think the length of the Chimera Ant arc might be a bit much for some people, especially those who have grown accustomed to a 12 or 13 episode series, and there seem to be lots of these types of people on MAL. Also, it takes a bit of time for the story to get up and running, and it doesn't really deliver its emotional payoff until the final third, with some big showdowns and bereavements (fatalities). Hey, if HxH (2011) demands too much patience of people what the heck would they think of Bleach and Naruto Shippuden? The 4th Great Ninja War would literally break them, I think! Lol.

Yeah, Kite had a cool ability (that roulette wheel selector thingy) and we did at least get to see a couple of big battles involving him. We also got to see some backstory of him and Gon together when they were younger, with Kite firmly chastising Gon for taking a risk with that bear thingy, if I remember correctly. Of course, it would always be better to have a more elaborate and detailed backstory but I guess they had a lot of characters and content to fit into the runtime. Overall, I was satisfied with Kite's portrayal and as you said, you do get to see him at the end of the arc, in a different incarnation, as well.

I think you'll probably end up sleeping on Fairy Tail for so long that you'll never wake up again lol. Hey, it's not at all bad, and it can even be some fairly consistent, good, clean, entertainment if you give it half a chance. It just needs a chance! I think Saint Seiya was one of the main inspirations behind Bleach, along with Yu Yu Hakusho. I think out of the older stuff, I'm most interested in giving Revolutionary Girl Utena and Cardcaptor Sakura a try. Oh, as well as Yu Yu Hakusho. I've still not got around to that golden oldie, can you believe it! I think the length is a bit intimidating, but we'll see. I remember in Gintama 2015 Laputa is name-checked a lot, and I've yet to see it. There are some series that reference a load of anime and TV references and you just try to pick up what you can. I remember in Lucky Star it was funny when the girls kept alluding to Haruhi Suzumiya lol. I've actually watched the first 2 episodes of Golgo 13 and even though it was quite dry and had its fair share of cheesy moments, I can imagine it being something that you'd really get sucked into if you stuck with it. Kinda like something to get absorbed in, late a night.

Yeah, The Zanpakuto Rebellion arc was one of the best fillers. I have the boxset, and it was nice that it's a 37 episode (or something like that) stand-alone story. I remember going to the store to buy it (6 years ago) expecting it to be the usual 24 episode season and was pleasantly surprised. There were some nice humorous moments and some of the designs were cool. It was something it was easy to have fun with, especially at that time. Ah, it's funny that your cousin should basically force you or cajole you into watching and reading Bleach. That's a positive kinda forcing though, I guess, and at least you ended up getting something positive out of the experience! Are you still living with her and her family now, or have things changed? Right, I guess we can expect some different things in this anime adaptation then, and even though I don't know the ending perhaps he will have a chance to improve it or do things differently with hindsight. Ah, Mayuri is funny as well as being powerful and devious. Oh, there are loads of characters I like, from the top of my head, Rukia, Yachiru, Kenny, Toshiro, Kira, Madarame, Urahara, Ururu, Soi Fon, and Nelliel, to name but a few.

This will make you laugh about Ururu (if you remember her even, that is):

I've got no idea what Tsukihime is about either, but from the title I infer that it means Moon Princess. It's a part of the Type-Moon world but the production values seem really dated. I've heard that a remake of the Visual Novel is on its way so perhaps an anime remake will follow sometime in the future. I can just imagine Ufotable getting their hands on it. That would be so cool!

Anyway, it's been nice to talk 13, and maybe I'll hear from you again when you return!
SofiaBulga Sep 17, 2021 7:18 AM
I've been watching "Tokyo Revengers", currently on ep 21 and thinking of giving it a 6/10.
Varelya Aug 19, 2021 6:09 AM
MakoJojo Aug 4, 2021 1:05 AM
Where are you going?
Are you taking a page out of HxH manga's book?

It sucks how you can only make a living off manga if it is wildly successful, and once you are successful, you never get a break until your story is done. Meaning if you want to write a good story, you basically work yourself to death. Only exception I can think of is the mangaka for One Piece
Like, as much as we complain about HiatusXHiatus, can you really blame the dude for taking time off? Forever?

Nah. I am keeping my PTW list as empty as it can be. I have a separate list on my computer for my eyes only.

I have finished HxH!!
Arcs Ranked
1) York New: Kurapika is my favourite character, so an arc centered around him was exactly what I wanted. But the degree of how amazing this arc was surpasses any one character. We had Kurapika, Hisoka and Chrollo, and the entire Phantom Troupe. It was written more like a thriller, and contains my favourite fight in the series: Kurapika v Uvogin.
2) Election: I was warned that this arc would be boring, but I ended up falling in love with it. I love me some political intrigue, and seeing old faces made me smile, as well as meeting new ones (eg Alluka). Hisoka and Illumi had me rolling, and of course Leorio's whole nomination was grand. Seeing what Kurapika was up to was heartbreaking. The final episode was beautiful, and I loved the second version of the Hyori Ittai ED.
3) Hunter Exam: super fun, fast pacing, loads of fakeouts, introductions to so many characters, having the OG foursome together, people dying during the exam raising the stakes. My favourite part was probably the tower
4) Zoldyck Family: good intro to Killua's family, a bit short, rescue arc, Canary and that freaky dog
5) Heaven's Arena: establishing and learning the system of nen in a controlled environment. I love a good competition arc. Best fight was Hisoka v Gon. And, of course, the introduction of Bungee Gum (what does it do again?)
6) Chimera Ant: sue me. I thought this arc was boring and the pacing was awful. The best parts were Kite (my love), and Komugi + Meruem. I did not care about the rest.
7) Greed Island: oh greed island. You made me drop the show 5 years ago, and it was no more fun trying to watch you a second time. Super boring training arc (and this is coming from someone who loves training arcs). The only fun part was the end, when Killua, Gon, and Bisky fought their individual fights.

Favourite Characters:
Kite because I have a thing for OP teachers who act nonchalant around their students, but in a pinch, they would lay down their lives for them. Bonus for white hair.

Kurapika is my favourite from this series though. Absolutely phenomenal story arc, showing us what it means to be a true avenger. It is dark and lonely, with no happy ending in sight, because no amount of murder can erase your pain.

I am considering watching "Queen's Blade" as the first thing when I return
HAHAHA!!! Oh god! I am making it sound better than it is, huh?
Was it the hands on boobs gif or the snake on the crotch gif?
Here's a priestess teaching her godly exercises:

I like how you were like "call me Akira or 13 whatevs"
And I called you 13
And you were suddenly like "CALL ME AKIRA"

I am starting to bike more again! I am horrible at it!
Also I am currently learning how to roller skate! Trying to figure out how to brake!

hardcore fantastic movements (You know what I mean)
I have no idea what you mean. Is it like the holy poses?
This one is called Holy Pose: Healing

Man I am just loading your comment section with racy gifs... Maybe I'm the bad influence....
SludgyShadow Jul 30, 2021 9:09 PM
oh its fine i don't mind late replies haha. Well i've been eyeing Sonny boy the most honestly just because its by MadHouse and it looks really interesting. Well i actually haven't even seen the first season of Miss Kobayashi but im definitely gonna check it out! besides Sonny boy and Miss kobayashi there's a new harem this season its called Kanojo mo kanojo and the girls in the poster looks really cute and i think it would be a cute wholesome harem so i might check that out too.
SofiaBulga Jul 30, 2021 5:00 AM
Thank you, I couldn't attend the funeral, which upset me. But on the 31st of July I'' be visiting his resting place, with a small offering. Your support is appreciated.
Ashhk Jul 30, 2021 12:16 AM
Okay that's great! And actually there is no problem don't worry, I totally understand, and I'm also busy as well haha, I was out during most time during July because I took a lot of vacations, I will be also out during the 1st half of august xD Take all your time to get focused on that important stuff if it's worth it! You'll enjoy anime even more when you'll be back!

For something that only had 11 eps it sure showed a lot, so that was acceptable for me afterall, I think S2 will probably be a bit slower, spring 2021 was also kinda stacked and I was watching quite a lot, and I caught up with every show (except 2 that are left for later for me) and it's almost up to 50+ haha what a stacked season, summer 2021 is more empty but it's good to take a break xD I didn't read Mushoku Tensei LN but I just checked some parts and read summaries, I read a bit of LN (or more like web novel) but I don't really like it when it's full of text, I'm more of a manga reader as well

I remember it and it was about helping beavers to make a dam, if you see which episode it is. Yes that's surprising, I don't know what it will be about but it's probably to announce or prepare for S2 of the anime? I saw a page of it and there was Ichigo with a new "father" haircut kinda like Naruto's short hair one... haha indeed, the anime/movie was pretty good so I'm looking forward for more as well, and I love the art style just like Bleach but more modern.