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Jul 21, 2017
"This tower is full of criminals, murderers, and sexual deviants. As an ordinary person, you're the weirdest among us all."

I’ve just finished re-reading Yuureitou, and its entertainment value for me still remains at a 10. Everything, from the art and insane characters to the way the story is told amazes me. Yuureitou is not just a mystery revolving a clock tower; it’s also a story on gender identity and how sexual deviants (transgender, homo) belonged in ‘50s Japan.

There’s the main overarching story: the clocktower mystery. Then, there are multiple arcs that consist of intriguing adventures read more
Dec 12, 2015
My Heart is Beating definitely has an outstanding story and setup that can relate to many of its viewers. From strict parental expectations to a deluded interest for their boyfriend, the characters were built based on the lives of real people. As eccentric as the synopsis may sound, the swim suit fetish develops the story into a 3-dimensional dilemma.

Don't be turned off-- the usual use of genres such as cross dressing and perverted fetishes were changed into something more serious and plausible, and definitely does not meet your usual expectations of these types of stories.

As far as the art goes, the read more
May 25, 2015
*I should point out there is really no romance in this manhwa even though it is tagged as romance.

Peter Panda is a nice, short manhwa is about growing up and overcoming internal conflicts. The characters go through a phase, as represented by their personified dreams.
The story is rather nice and heartwarming, albeit melancholy at times. Sometimes I find myself expecting a little too much out of the story, and left disappointed. There is quite a few ounces of comedy in here, but I feel that it can be very light-heartening at times, and sometimes unnecessary. The characters have read more
Jan 24, 2015
Joou no Hana is a nice read for those who want a rather intelligent heroine, diligent in their martial arts, and willing to act up against the norms of their position and standing. For people who like young, adventurous shounen, you'll probably like this. I dropped pretty early on, so I will be reviewing what I have read (mainly the exposition).

Overall enjoyment: I couldn't come to enjoy the manga right from the get-go, probably because of my preferences of philosophical josei/seinen for this type of setting over comedy and shounen/shoujo. If you enjoy the latter more, I assure you you'll be glued read more