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Jan 20, 2019
To begin with, this movie is a very much must watch movie that you could watch with your mom because mom is the greatest gift that you have in this world, even though it's not your real mom.

Sayonara no Asa ni Yakusoku no Hana wo Kazarou or Maquia: When The Promised Flower Bloom is a story about Marquia struggles as a mom. Marquia, an orphan came from long-lived clan that secluded from humans and one day, Mezarte Kingdom demands destruction of the clan and the women to be married to the crown prince, they came and destroy Maquia's home and at that time she read more
Jan 10, 2019
To be very honest I didn't expect anything watching this anime and this brings a lot of surprises.

I want to eat your pancreas is your ordinary sad story that one boy met someone that he can't fall in love to because she's sick, like pancreatic cancer sick. He's a permavirgin type which the girl made the first move and they both decided to fulfill the girl's last days on earth with great activities.

well its a sad story for a start, I've read the manga and watched the live action adaptation movie and I swore to god that I have much preferred the live action read more
Jan 8, 2019
have you got a bad day in the office? need something to light you up? but crunchyroll or kissanime blocked by your company?

Garupa pico is the answer..

its light, nonsense and short to keep you alive from the office stress.. Just open youtube, find bang dream official portal and you will find, 26 absurd episodes that gonna lighten your mood. in garupa pico you will see, the awakening of serial killers, human sacrifice, hypothermia deaths, crushed by the building deaths, death by a bread (Yes your ordinary bread can kills you) and kidnapping due to the girls is very much look alike a cat.

if you have read more
Sep 23, 2018
i Might've been biased so much but Macross Delta" Gekijou no Walkure not a good movie to start Macross delta, but a movie to see because you miss the series and you want to listen to new walkure songs.

The thing is I've been following Macross series since the first one, and this movie really not up to the Macross standard by plot point of view. the director was lazy enough so they recreated the recap movie for Macross delta series. completely different with past Macross movie like "SDF Macross: Do You Remember Love" which takes the different take compared with its series and both read more
Aug 4, 2018
Flavor of Youth, A box full of happiness wrapped in 1 hour with 3 different segments

This Spoiler Contains No spoilers,

Shikishiori/si shi qi chun / Flavor of Youth is like a bowl of "chicken soup" contains a lot of spices which makes it spicy and full of surprises. Shikishiori is a movie with 3 short stories in it, we do hope the short stories connect each other but sadly comix had a different plan for this one. In order to explain it in details, i've breaked down the story into 3 paragraphs.

The first story tells us about a story of a young man with all his read more
Feb 1, 2018
A Place further than the sky, A mediocre coming age series that overwhelmed by the seiyuu list.

(i don't know about my literal translation but I hope this works as well)

first of all for those who seeking the cute girls doing cute things, well this series could be qualified to that qualification because from all 4 episodes that I watched there are none meaningful or memorable moments in this series, It started off with some girl thinks that "oh I want to do something great before I become adult but I always give up half-way and I wanted to do something for real now", met read more
Feb 25, 2017
Sword art Online Movie Ordinal Scale, Good but not good enough as a movie

SAO Ordinal Scale is set after Mother Rosario and before Project Alicazation timeline. It began with there are new technology called Ogma which is an integrated AR (Augmented Reality) getting popular among society. Ogma very much useful in many ways such as Weather forecast, Messaging application, Idol called Yuna and game called Ordinal Scale. Kirito and the ganks are playing Ordinal Scale facing the boss that appeared before on SAO. Strangely, People that played SAO before being hurt while playing OS, then lose their memory during the SAO time. what is read more
Apr 26, 2016
Love Live : Another idol anime

fyi: i am idolmaster fan reviewing Love Live series.. i'm just saying what i feel about this series

Love live, mainly about girls in school that in danger of closing because of no one interested be applied in that school, desperately become an idol to save their school from closing. well to this point there are many promising things from this series. but turns out, as i expected this is pretty much over rated. idol is not only singing and dancing, but this series interpreted such way so kinda bit disappointed. if you expected idol activity such as doing read more
Mar 1, 2016
Boku Dake ga Inai Machi
The Town that Im not Existed

"Who are you"
"I am Ally of Justice"

this Review are spoiler free

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi is an exceptional manga which full of tense, plot twist and amuse me till the end i read it. its all begin where Satoru, the main character , discovered his hidden power which is can time slip few minutes before something happens. He's enjoying his boring life until his mother got killed by serial killer that killed his friend 15 years ago. To prevent it happens, he time slipped, but this time he time slipped to 15 years ago. He realized, read more
Jun 29, 2015
Start as promising anime which i expected to be a good one, then the lack of drama and lack of story progression really spoiled this anime.

Plastic Memories had a good start, which i expected this will be another "Ano Hana". superb the first episode really makes me want to watch another one. then the story progression really went down like there's no climax in between 2 until 8 episode, except the giftia issues which is solved without any further insight on the incident. episode 8 until 12 i expected to be better, i expected more to the relationship between main character and main heroine.. but read more