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Aug 7, 2020
Theres a slit mouth girl, whos basically an urban legend who happens to exist. She meets this boy she is unable to scare so the two of them become "friends".

The male mc is a 13 year old boy who i think is in elementary school, dont ask me how that works but Moriko-chan (slit mouth girl) looks about 20. Anyway Moriko became his crush leading to some shotacon situations (older woman x younger boy. Clarification: She does not reciprocate, that would be weird.) such as in chapter two, Male mc goes over to Moriko's shack and basically flashes her after he takes a shower. ...
Jun 7, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (4/? chp)

Save yourself the time and dont read this garbage. Its hard for isekai fans to even attempt to defend this trash.

Story - 6.5/10

Chapter 00 starts by introducing us a overweight 30 year old salaryman who spends his freetime playing games, reading novels, or surfing the web. He's someone who frequently fantasizes over being transported to a fantasy world (isekaid). He goes to bed with ...
May 26, 2020
First of all Fire x Fire is about 10 minutes long (if you dont include the closing.)

DISCLAIMER: If you dont want to know what happens in these 10 minutes SKIP to the last section of this review, alright.
If you dont know if you should watch it go to the last paragraph.


STORY : 8 (Skip this if you dont want to know what happens in these two 7 minute episodes.)

1. We follow some MALE mc ( i dont know if they said his name) who has just left a reltionship with a girl who became student council president after.
Mar 26, 2020
[I dont normally write reviews so this may not be the most informative but is kind of just meant to be my thoughts.]

Half of this season takes place in a ship expected to rain bombs down on Japan. It allows us to see the character's personalities grow and change as more unexpected things take place. Compared to the first season, season two is not as entertaining but is really just a way for us to witness Ango and Ryo become likeable people. Its not so boring you would want to drop it but to be honest overall almost nothing happened. If season two had a ...