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Feb 2, 2016
Go! Princess Precure was a hard thing to pick up given that my preferences - while being variant with genres like Horror, psychological, comedy, slice of life, mecha, sci-fi, sports, shounen etc prominent - never really had the Mahou (magical) part. However Princess Precure is more than just pretty girls being super powerful and awesome. But before I tackle what is the anime's theme (I don't mean the story/synopsis) I would like to convey one thing strongly. Go! Princess Precure is not targeted towards a mature audience and so don't expect it to appeal in such a manner.

The anime is meant for a younger ...
Oct 11, 2015
Robot Carnival an anime that before starting I was a little hesitant about. It wasn't the art work or age that worried me (I saw it a year back or so) but the fact that each episode was completely independent and that meant that while some episodes will be mediocre, some will be amazing however regardless, there is no story to look forward to. But then again each episode has a fresh feel to it, and since their length varies from 4 mins to approx 20 mins, we are not wasting too much time experimenting. However these conflicted views were before watching the anime. For ...
Jun 19, 2015
Ace wo Nerae! (Anime) add
Ace wo Nerea! Translated to Aim for the Ace is an underrated 1973's anime and that probably brings the first doubt to mind: The animation. Now before we move ahead, I'll tackle the animation as quickly as possible so it is easy for animation critics to decide whether to watch it or not.

The animation of course is old. It lacks the luster and details, and fluidity of more recent animes. The colors are dull and at times the character features are seriously out of shape. Plus, there is a lot of sequence repetition. However - and this is important, the animation has its positives. The ...
Jun 3, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Top wo Nerae 2! Diebuster is a hard anime to review. Basically because it is hard to analyse it without comparing it to its prequel. However: that isn't wrong, considering it IS a sequel and it does connect with the original OVA. Furthermore, it tries to conclude with various references to Gunbuster so rather it would be futile to look at it as a stand alone work and it couldn't be appreciated without the comparison either.

Having said that - the story of Top wo Nerae 2! Diebuster isn't sublime. For one, it lets go of the realistic, more scientifically organized orientation that the first OVA ...
Mar 31, 2015
Gugure! Kokkuri-san is a 'good' anime where the term 'good' surely requires a lot of explanation. For while I enjoyed it to some extent, I won't be extremely eager to recommend it to someone else. Let me explain. Unlike some animes that might not mess up in various ways but their positives are not so appealing either to get them a 9 or 10, Kokkuri san has both positives and negatives.

Plot wise, there isn't much except the appearance of the different ghostly characters in the anime and how interact with Kohina - the protagonist of sorts around which the entire story revolves. Thus it is ...
Mar 19, 2015
Never before has a title been so satisfactory, so engaging, so complementary to the anime it came along with. We have catchy titles like "Deadman Wonderland" or "Le Portrait de Petit Cossette" (though some find it grammatically incorrect) but no, never before have I watched an anime with a title that makes me nod and clap in my room, staring at a screen carrying the credits.

"Your Lie in April" brings a very different concept - classic music. We have seen guitars, we have seen drums, we see the rock and pop now and then. We see glimpses of metals at the appropriate times as well. ...
Mar 19, 2015
Angel Cop (Anime) add
Angel Cop. The title to a not so appreciated anime that could be really misinterpreted in various ways though I won't go into needless detail. However, no - the title doesn't revolve around a female that takes the shinigami (Angel of Death) role nor is she called 'Angel' because she portrays the angelic beauty.

No, what this anime is about is a political scenario much like those that one might expect from Ghost in the Shell; a terrorist organization, an anti terrorism organization and how they tackle a situation. Seems too similar to GitS perhaps but Angel Cop differs enough that the background being similar adds ...
Dec 26, 2014
Accel World (Anime) add
Accel world, the anime that ran parallel to Sword Art Online, shares the same manga creator and also the same universe in different time settings - Accel World staging a few decades after Sword Art Online. While there are no connections in the story line's, I feel that the author has a plan to connect the two. I hope that is how it goes.

Now coming to the anime itself, there is a sure sore reason to avoid watching it for many people - namely being incomplete akin Claymore and so many other names that come to mind. However it ends well - more like Claymore ...
Dec 4, 2014
Blood+ (Anime) add
Blood+ was truly an interesting anime - it requires patience but once one starts to get accustomed with the pace and characters, it is an amazing anime.

Story wise Blood+ starts slow. It takes time to develop, to let the elements of the story, for the characters to interact naturally rather than forcing them into a swirling bog to just push the story ahead. And it starts with the basic anime form: The basic elements are put forth - Chiropteran and Saya. One can assume that with the progression of stronger foes and conflicting feelings, there is nothing more to the anime than the main character ...
Nov 18, 2014
Claymore (Anime) add
Claymore was definitely a good pick and a fine watch despite the much repeated and disappointing fact that the entire manga hasn't been adapted and considering that the manga just recently ended it just makes one wish that they would continue.

Now to start off the review, the best way to describe this anime is... an amazing idea, a well executed anime but lacking in certain elements and those elements bugged me a lot. Just to state beforehand, I am not going to stress on it being an adaptation and bringing in the manga to quote everything - I'll consider the anime as an anime, not ...