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Apr 22, 2019
In short: it's WORTH A READ. Admittedly it has a simple, unoriginal plot, but the characters and their interactions make it enjoyable to read.

There isn't much to expect story wise:
Our MC is reincarnated and adopted by a renowned magician. Our MC grows to become insanely powerful, but he has no common sense.

The art can really make you feel what the characters are feeling, and it conveys the power of casted spells very well.

Most of the characters have distinct personalities that make the story that much more enjoyable to read. The banter between them is funny because it cuts tension and brightens the mood, which prevents read more
Apr 18, 2019
In short: a MUST watch, I'm not recommending it, I'm saying you HAVE to give it a shot. Breathtaking art, a story packed full of feels, and main character development that really makes you tear up. One word to describe this anime is "beautiful"

The first thing that I noticed was the stunning art style. Highly detailed and beautifully colored, it definitely has one of the best art. Some scenes are so well made that it really makes you go, "woah"

The story is mostly one episode arcs with only Violet tying them all together. The anime is mainly about Violet's encounters and how they change her. read more
Apr 18, 2019
in short: It's different from the anime, and as of right now, it's better

Art is detailed and beautiful, and it really makes you feel what the artist is trying to depict (e.g. Desperation, anger, fear, etc.)

For the most part it follows the anime, but it fixes aspects such as
-removing the "Boys VS Girls" arc which was a waste of time
-making Ichigo more likeable
-giving other characters development

In later chapters the manga seems to be turning away from the anime, but in a good way. It seems like the author is fixing many mistakes with the anime, which makes the manga very enjoyable, more so than the read more
Mar 28, 2019
Darling in the Franxx had memorable moments that were very emotional, interesting characters that stood out, and the story build up was very enjoyable, up till the second half.
There was so much that could've been explored and explained about the world and the Franxx(es?).
Some characters didn't get enough development.
And the ending was so rushed and disappointing.

In a nutshell, DariFura's emotional moments were touching, the characters that got developed were interesting, and it was very enjoyable to watch in the first half.
However, its ending was so rushed and just painful to watch, which might ruin the whole experience for some people, and there was so read more