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Apr 16, 2011
Oishii Kankei (Manga) add
Oishii Kankei a wonderful storyline?! you live with the main character momoe her ups and downs in cooking, love well all of her life to growing from a rich spoiled daughter to an independent pretty chef!? you will cry and laugh?!

You could feel some essence of real-life in the story!? she does not get what she wants from the start but works hard for it and gets it in the end?!

There are a mixed personalities however all are lovable and will become dear to you?! everytime i read it the recipes they make are soo delicious you just want to enter the story and ...
Dec 29, 2010
Sugiru Juushichi no Haru is a story that will leave you standing on your toes!? Its an amazing story that will leave you wanting for more!? Its a great horror, or you could say a little mystery and thriller?! I don't want to ruin the story for you guys!? Try to read it!?

The art is great?! very clean and crisp!? the guys are beautifully drawn?! well even the background of the story is depicted very realistically!? It will keep you drawn to the very end!?

The characters are amazing?! you could relate urself to them!? they are ur everyday normal people?! nothing special about them!? very ...
Oct 5, 2010
Basara (Manga) add
The first I landed on this story I was abit anxious and was asking myself do i need to read it or not, is it interesting, or will the story will drag itself!? No Basara from the first time i read it had captured me wholly!? The characters, storyline and art everything was perfect!?

I loved the story so much I couldn't stop myself from reading!? The suspense and the surprises and twists in the storyline keep on capturing more and more!?

The story is about Japan during the end of the monarchy!? The child of destiny who is a girl (thats definitely a ...
Aug 18, 2010
Preliminary (Unknown/39 chp)
After School Nightmare is an outstanding piece of artwork literature?! the character development, storyline, and art everything about it, is perfectly matched together?! Some people might not handle the mental psychological background behind the story!?

After the read the story it took a full day to understand the concept of the story!? it completely took me off guard and made be dumbfounded?!

The main character is physically a male, however internally is a female (Inter-sexual)!? the whole story takes you deep inside his nightmares of struggle between choosing his sexuality!? Some other characters help me along the way to choose what sex/gender he wants/ought to ...
Aug 10, 2010
The prince's cactus is not your typical fairy tail story of a poor, orphaned, sweethearted girl falls deeply in love with the rich, cold, and prince-like male lead!? In the beginning the two main characters fight and never get a long?! However, as the story develops feelings start to deepen and you will start to know the characters backgrounds!?

I loved the art is was soo beautiful!? The storyline might be typical, however you will fall in love with it as it has some drama, romance, and some romance!? The main girl is not your typical shoujo girl!? She is strong willed, cusses at everyone ...
Jul 3, 2010
Eternal Sabbath is very intriguing story about the mental stability of people!? How if someone was created to solely for reason as stupid as mortality and at the end it backfired to control minds and hearts of people?!

This story depicts if in reality this really happened how people will react positively or negatively!?

The art and character development is simply so great!? The characters are so deeply connected with each other with very complex networks very hard to break and the same time fragile!?

Human relationships, psychology, jealousy, emotions and so much more u will observe in this manga!? If you are not so into ...
May 31, 2010
Orange Yane no Chiisana ie is story of two divorced families living under one roof due to some circumstances?! Father with two sons and a mother with two daughters!? It is a wonderful story which will remind you abit of the brandy bunch!?

You will fall in love with the characters, they are so real and so normal!? not your stereotyped rich and beautiful people!? But normal people!? The kids are adorable when they talk they are soooooo kawaiii!?

The drawings are simple not too complicated?! crisp and clean as the saying goes?!

There are some moments where you will cry, laugh and get frustrated?! But ...
May 26, 2010
Library War is an enticing anime of how people fight for their rights of freedom to read, watch and so on. It is an amazing display of how one must fight to obtain what they want?! The main character starts off at the low-level as a trainee then little by little she gains experience, love and encouragement!? You will fall in love with the anime as it has a good amount of comedy even though it is not that much and the amount of romance is all under but you will realize how one needs to protect themselves to achieve what they deserve.

The main ...
May 22, 2010
Heart (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/58 chp)
Heart Manga is such a wonderfully paced story?! It has the typical stupid, innocent hearted and clumsy main girl with the Ex-yankee boyfriend!? They fall in love and begins their trials and tribulations of their love life!?

It has a nice pace!? You will start to fall in love with the main character after reading it awhile!? The art is abit old for my taste however, you will like the guys cause they are SOOOOO HOT, BISHES?!

Anyways if you want a story with comedy, love and abit of drama with some fighting scenes this is the manga for you!?

I really enjoyed it!?

Hope you ...
May 7, 2010
Oishii Study (Manga) add
Preliminary (Unknown/3 chp)
Oishii Study is about a girl who is only talent is studying?! One day her mum tells her she has a job to tutor a guy from her schooll?! She thought he was a middle schooler but turner out to be her sempai?!

It is kind of a goofy story, it will make you laugh all throughout the storyline especially the goofy art!?

I hope you enjoy it :P

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