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Mar 26, 2020
Art: The art is nice. I loved the adorable cuteness of Duzell drawn.
The style is kinda cute.

Story: The story was okay. If you like vampire, you should maybe give this manga a try. I loved the story about the vampire king the most. It really got to me. Just dont get your hopes up too much. This is a very different vampire story.

Characters: The characters was okay. All their different stories.
How they bond with eachother and go through different struggles and grow.

The Manga series was okay. And as I stated I got very attached to the vampire king and the story read more
Mar 7, 2020
Art: The art is very nice.
I like Arina Tanemuras style.
The cuteness of it.

Story: The story wasn't too good.
Not bad but just not that good either.
Some parts very rushed.
Everything went so fast.
Alot of funny moments.
Loving her way of adding that in.

Characters: The characters was okay.
Alot of twists in the different characters stories.

I adored the romantic cute parts in it.
She has a way of creating these super romantic cute moments with
her characters in the stories that she creates.
Her way of her style is already so cute and then she can add in such
romantic read more
Mar 3, 2020
Art: The art is nice.
I like Yuu Watases style.
Especially the male characters that she draw.

Story: The story is okay.
Not bad but not very good either.
I's alot about friendship.
Overcoming difficulties, supporting each other, being able to work out arguments, being able to lift each other up... etc.

Characters: The characters are good.
Loving the bond between them as friends.
Loving the differences between them and yet how close they become to each other.

The extra chapter part about the past of Tanpopo, I liked.
To read about what happened before in the past.
Yea, I enjoyed that part.

Some nice read more
Feb 19, 2020
Art: The art is very well done.
Im loving the comedy interactions with the drawn characters.
Some of it quite hilarious.

Story : The story is okay.
Not too bad and not too good either.
Just in between.
All of the comedy interactions makes it more pleasant to read.

Characters : The characters are good.
Interesting combination of people that bond together and get so close with one another.
I love that.

Two of the most hilarious parts, that I loved, was volume 5 and then the ending of volume 7.
Mostly because of the comedy interactions.

Some nice sentences written in it.