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Noana 6 hours ago
In Dragon Nest EU is the first time, someone has said 'Let's stop being mean to him'.
It has never happened in Scions of Fate.

Already being called a "Him".

You wouldn't believe how much we have been called a "Dude" in
Scions of Fate.
We should start calling all manly characters in Scions of Fate for
like "Oi Lady!" "Oi Kitty Cat!"

The way guys tries to flirt is just so "Dude" like.
Are you Gay?
Do you flirt with woman as you flirt with men?
The way people flirt..
What do you actually do all alone with men?

-Hysterically Laughing- xD

The way guys and men flirt is just so kid like.
You don't even have to question why they are still single.

We have decided that "Dude" is a flirting technique and nothing
is going to change that.

That is not all, we have also decided that:
Cat and Fox is also a flirting technique.
Fox is a way for saying to someone that they are sexy.
Cat, well we have cat calling for instance.
They are also flirting techniques.
Noana 10 hours ago
It is the first time after Dragon Nest EU that we get to see pictures of this Kelvin guy.
Also videos, so this guy is materia that is "poke" able meaning he seems to exist.
This guy just popped out of nowhere.
We do not even know this person or who he is.
And the way he connects to Ken is just not right and just straight up weird.
This guy is creepy.
And then he just straight up lies.
Everything you just type, who would believe in that.. really..?
Not us and not Yami.
We dont believe in you.. clearly
And Yami gets protective and defensive and possessive and jealous and angry and upset.
Which does not makes sense cause:
1. He is a cult leader. 2. He is a bully. 3. He is abusive.
There is so much crap we have gotten from Yami.
-You are a Cat, You are a Fox, You are Needy, You are Sexy, You are
roleplaying in the Bedroom, You are a Hacker, It is
because of you I am in this situation that I am in, You
are my friend, You are my dear friend, You should play with other people,
You should not compare to other people, You should not be jealous,
You don't know what I am going through,
"What is Love", You should get help, You are my sister, You are a Lannister from Game of thrones
(Who is that? Whom are you talking about? We type it in and we check out whatever he is on
and there is a guy named Jaime Lannister and there is Cersei Lannister. Not sure if its these people
on his mind? Also we have not seen the whole Game of Thrones but our fav has been Denerys and
Jorah because of their loyalty. We also like Emilia Clarke who is the actress of Denerys and whom
seem like a very wonderful and funny person. She also acted in "Last Christmas".
Also Jorah's actor has also been in Resident Evil. / And the Dragon in the short movie we created "The princes"
, the Dragon in there is like the Dragon from Game of Thrones.. - what?)
Just everything of that in a mix.
We do not even know this Kelvin guy..!
We do not know him, so why shouldn't we reject him?
Of course we reject him.
And then he goes all crazy.
We dont care, we still dont wanna be with you.
We dont know you!

Since Kelvin however wants to connect himself so much to Ken,
he is Ken for us now.

2 of the people that actually spent a lot of time with Ken and Mythie
was Sandy aka KawaiiTifa and also Ying aka EverDream.
However they both do not mention Eddie or Mythie at all.
They usually just mentions Ken.
Like Mythie is just air.
Mythie was a part of Hanoi.
Just as Ken was part of Hanoi.

We have gotten so much crap from Sandy.
"You left Ken all alone and he is alone".
"You played Ken".
We have gotten so much crap that is not even
true and not even real and just a lot of words that
does not make sense.
And still she has never mentioned Mythie.
It was so huge that it was not real and us thinking everything was real
and everyone made fun of us for thinking this about Ken.
That is when "What is Love" came in.

We would join Liminality, then get bullied by Yami, then having
Asa protecting him and us leaving Liminality.
Then Yami would be running after us, begging for us to join again.
So we would be bullied in there again.
Practically -> "Come to my house, so I can give you stress & headaches"
Noana Dec 6, 11:15 AM
We have never seen clearly Mythie and Ken in real life, before.
No pictures, no talking, no anything..
Now if Mythie is the one who took after Myth and took the name after the
supposedly director of Myth, who is not the director of Myth.
Then how is Ken involved in this? Is he supposed to have been like some part of it?
And if people are so offended that we did not get together with Ken, why is it that
its Eddie Wong, who is supposedly an director here of Myth, supposedly?
And using the ign Myth in a game as playing out a movie in a game?
Is Myth a movie that was being played out in Scions of Fate?
Did he just decide to play out something from a movie inside of the game?
We dont know..
The only thing we know is Ron going on about that we should have been
married to some director...
Still dont know whom he is talking about..
What we know there was no Myth movie being played inside of Scions of Fate.
With Eddie Wong or Mythie as an director.
However we cannot say that there has not been/ or is not/ an code geass movie inside of Scions of
Fate and outside of Scions of Fate with Yami as a director.
There has not been any auditions.. not anything.
While the film is actually directed by Stanley Tong.
So is the director that Ron was talking about Mythie or Ken?
Or did he just simple stated it like it was supposed to have been Yami?
Is he mixing up Ken with Yami?
I dont know what to say about that..
At the same time also Mythie told us Ken's real name while
saying he quit the game.
Now Eddie had supposedly an relationship with Asa laters and cannot get over her,
even though she is in a new relationship.
He also is the one mentioning Fleur but by this time it seems to involve
Yami's little sister, and not actually Asa.
So is Eddie interested in Yami's little sister?
He had changed his name to Quan Huynh.
You can think about this in many ways.
Huynh "Older brother", Quan is a name Kelvin used.
But this name is also already used by guys whom if you type
it with vietnamese you will get up other people.
For one thing we have Eddie Wong, other than that we have Quan Huynh.
Kelvin is lying about things, for sure 100%.
This guy is like so not trust worthy, in so many frickin' ways.
Also he cant take the fact that we reject him, he went crazy.
He broke a raspberry branch and said he regret it cause he
ruined something beautiful.
How about just thinking of the branch as a woman.
The way you ruin the branch is the way you ruin women.
Just like Ron went crazy.
And Eddie seems to have connections with people that is doing
And how come Eddie and Nana is doing the same designs?
They are not together as a couple..
Nana is already together with someone.. like
are all people just being unfaithful here?

It would be nice to come to a conclusion of - this is the truth and
this happened and this is why and we can be at ease
But everything of this is just too messy.

What we are noticing more and more and too much
is the fact of men not being able to take rejection.
To take a "No" from a woman.
Noana Dec 6, 5:56 AM
This year's valentine..
We decided to get ourselves:

- Chocolate, heart formed box.
Chocolate also was heart formed.
- A plastic rose, that lasts longer, and we had our eye on one.
- And we also got a stuffed bear with a bow and a heart on his foot.
This bear also supports "Children's right in society".
It's so fluffy, it's so soft and it's so adorable.
Noana Dec 6, 5:17 AM
We ended our relationship because, there is a lot of reasons:

Another thing is the fact that he wanted to spent christmas together, cause
Ron spent christmas together with us, and that is not okay!
Its been years since..
- Cause we are too jealous and we need you to spend christmas with us.
Why are you spending christmas with another guy? and not me!
We need to change that.

But he is not taking the initiative, first move to go and spend christmas with us,
even though that is what HE wants.
It's so weird.
If this is something you want, why are you not doing anything
to get what you want then?
We don't get it...

When we wanted to see Darky, we went all the way to Australia,
by ourselves.
When we wanted to see this guy, we went all the way to Malaysia,
by ourselves.

If you wanna see someone, you go see them.
If you wanna talk to someone, you talk to them.
If you miss someone you do something about it,
like either go see them or talk to them.
Noana Dec 6, 3:32 AM
We are very sad about the fact that men just fake their feelings and
fake confessions and fake proposals.
For a woman this is very tiring.
And the fact that men cannot take rejection.
It is very tiring.
Such a waste of time for men.
Makes no sense why men do this.

Why not get married and settle down with someone,
get a place together, get a family together.
And build something together.
Work toward goals together, not separated.
Noana Dec 6, 3:28 AM
We ended our relationship because, there is a lot of reasons:

He cannot restrain himself and because he cannot do that, he comes off as creepy and
very disgusting. And the way he acts just makes us wanna throw up. I just cant!
-> this was the whole deal breaker
We have been in a similar situation and alright we are just going to talk about it.

We had a guy friend whom we started dated and it was going well.
Sorta and sorta not.
Until being around with him just felt like being pressured into doing
something you dont want to.
Every time being around him we felt pressured.
He could not restrain himself either and came of as creepy and disgusting.
We just told him right off that we are not interested in anything more.
He stopped being our friend, we can definitly see why.
Since he wants something more.
It's not like he became very crazy.
But his way of speaking just went overboard.

The way that we become the man in the relationship.
Why do we have to be the man, when you are the man?
We are not interested in being together with a man,
that is a woman but still a man.

A masculine and very much a man thing is to be the provider.
Now he wants me to be the provider and step more into my masculine.
The thing here is that he is already being provided therefore he is
used to being provided for.
Which means he is not going to provide.
He is not going to step up there.
Even if we are together with him, he is already being provided for.

If he would live with us, we would have to be the provider.
Cause he is too used to being provided for.
If we would live with him, we would be provided for, but
provided through him being provided.
Feels very unstable to us.

We love when men provides and when they wanna give and
they just give, cause they wanna give.
When they just step into that masculinity.

We met this little boy at a dinner place and he got some
chocolate and he decided to give it to us.
Like what?! Just the providing way there and him
being this way made him way mature than any
other. Whomever raised him has done a great job.
This was so sweet..

Noana Nov 27, 9:23 PM
Two of the things we really miss a lot when it comes to Scions of Fate and everything.
First one, was the first friend we got in the game, and how we exchanged Christmas
present with each other and spend a lot of time gaming with each other.
We really miss this time and we really miss him.

The other thing that we miss is sharing accounts with Darky and
feeling completely like this is complete trust. Sharing like this.
We cannot share anything like this anymore like we used to.
That is completely done. We miss this time, that we do.
Things have changed and it is not the same.
Noana Nov 26, 7:27 PM
Since people keep throwing around the word Psychosis.
Going on to the next part. "Is Psychosis caused by bullying?".
Yes and No, in this case. Bullies are the cause of the Psychosis, yes.
But if Bullying is the cause of Psychosis, not really no.
This is not about teasing another person.
All these components that is needed is however caused by bullies, that is a yes.

Now, we talked to a doctor about what had happened and he did not
like the sound of everything. Hence why he said that
"They do not want you alive".
We also showed him drawings of what we had been going through.
Tried to be as aware, detailed and explaining it so well that we could.

Now they do not know much about Anime and they also do not know much
about Gaming in general.
As the psychologist also that we later talked to, did not.
Did we feel like talking to a Psychologist helped?
Hard to tell. They are not really into Anime and Gaming.
Most of the things we said, they did not really

They however wanted to make tests on me.
For us to undergo some testing.
They were thinking it was for the best.
And the only thing that they found was that
my brain performance was not well and
declined. But that it is healing.
We mentioned our problem with
our memory as well.
She said that we should try and play games
less. For about at least 1 hours.

By the time we felt suicidal which was
the time we could not watch anything or
play any games without vomiting.

Our test for feeling down
went high.
Our latest test, came out low.
We did some test for PTSD
and we were 1 point from it.
Not actually diagnosed with it.
This stands for post traumatic
stress disorder, which is usually
what soldiers can get in war.
Not usually what you think
can also be caused by bullying.

As we have said, we do not have any
good or educated or well known
brain doctors here, so its hard to
even get further in that way.
Noana Nov 23, 6:01 PM
Men do not understand women and that is unfortunate.
Not all women are the same, just like not all men.
Women look for a lot of things in a man, to even consider or even have any thoughts of making love to a man.
Appearance has a lot to do with it, attractiveness on the outside but also on the inside.
Again, do you as a man shower? do you groom yourself?, do you brush your teethes?
On the inside, are you kind? what kind of masculine traits do you have? are you protective? do you provide?
You also have the preferences. Are we attracted to Asians, white men, black men?
blondes? dark haired? brown haired, black haired?

If you don't qualify, you probably turn out a - No.
Which means a woman is going to turn you down.

Most men, that we have met, cannot take a No very well.
They go from being kind, to be crazy. Literally crazy.
They say things that is out of line and inappropriate and
definitely not attractive in any sense.
Or they do things that is out of line, and just crazy.
Imagine, if women acted this way...
Not that we have stumbled upon any woman not taking
a No very well.

It's not like certain men.
You look attractive and we have needs.
You are a woman and we do not care
cause we still have needs.

Again, lets bring up Feminine Men.
No, Feminine men are not attractive.
Unless.. There is one tiny exception.
It's super rare.
There are different kinds.
A lot of men seem to be totally unaware that they are too Feminine.
Feminine can be different in so many ways.
This will switch the dynamic in the relationship.
Woman being the man, man being the woman.
If this works, then fine.
Mostly it is not going to work.
It's like if we take Yin and Yang and we switch it.
Yin becomes Yang, Yang becomes Yin.

You cant want to be a leader and then expecting a woman to lead.
Or you cant be a provider and then expecting the woman to provide.
What are you?
Meaning you do not know who you are and what you want.
You are unsure and very confused.
Not really ready for a relationship.

A masculine man leads.
Knows how to lead.
Knows what he wants and
act accordingly to what he wants.
He is calm.

What a lot of women are noticing.
Is the way that men wants to lead but do not lead.
Or the way that they want provide but they do not provide.
Or they way that they do not make a woman feel safe with
having them around them.
Also noticing another thing.
Team work.
A man and a woman coming together and working together,
forward towards something.
It's a lot of separation and doing your own thing and
not working together.
It's like relationship turned one sided.
Noana Nov 23, 6:26 AM
So, going through what we did with Ken and then going through the Yami part and then having Ron saying what he did, after we told him no of not wanting to be with him or anything of the sort. Ron triggered this entire thing that happened. It needed to be Ken, Yami and Ron all together for it to work. That is why we keep saying, no one else can go through the same thing as us. You cannot. You have not gone through all of these parts. Most people only know about the Yami part and have no idea and no clue about the Ken part.
All of this together, triggered Psychosis.

We reached out and questioned people what they had done.
First everything came together. Ken, Yami, Ron.
Then came the vomitting and then the Psychosis right after.

A lot of people do not know what Psychosis is and have no entire clue about it.
People are like throwing the word out like its air.
Psychosis is EXTREMELY a lot of pain.
If you wanna feel completely utterly alone, Psychosis is the thing. even though you actually never are alone.
Psychosis in our case, we have the fantasy/movie reality and then we have the reality we were born in and grew up in.
Now these two dont work together, but they wanted to mix all together.
In our case, our reality disappeared and the only thing left was the fantasy/movie reality.
Brains are not meant to handle these things.
Your counciousness is going to split into two.
No matter what.
First of all Ron said Im Alice in some kind of movie and that together with what Ken had when
he proposed. And together with Yami's created Code Geass version of world. Yea..
As stated our reality disappeared. Not completely but for the moment.
Brain is in chock. This is a new reality. Not the same reality. We are not used to this.
Then we went through death. Then we were online, feeling completely dead and still alive.
Can't describe the total feeling.
Here comes the part about being completely alone and feeling completely alone.
Now, we knew what we were going through. Totally aware.
Everyone else. Totally what we were expecting.
"You are alive, You are not dead"
This does not work, will never ever work, with someone going through Psychosis.
You are basically telling me, that what we are feeling and going through is not real.
100% what we went through, we felt were completely real.
We are looking at people around us, telling us, what we are going through is not real.
Before this, we had been watching Teal Swan.
And we were like looking at family and friends and being like.
"We know they wont believe that this is true, what we are going through, we need them to
listen to our feelings and believe in us".
We know this is impossible.
We knew it was going to turn out this way.
That's pain to deal with.
We also knew that to go through all of this and fast.
We going to have to believe what we believe and feel what we feel.
That also mean to express feelings about it and openly.
We knew people cannot understand, cause they have never been in the same situation.
The pain we went through is not a pain they have been going through, neither ever can go through.
It's impossible for other people to go through this pain.
And the chances for others to have experienced everything we have.
It's very low. Psychosis is rare.
Nowadays, people are throwing Psychosis out like it is extremely
not rare and easy to get and everything.
People really do not know what they are talking about.
We already knew what they were going to say and do.
We had to do it.
It is the fastest way to get through Psychosis.
You have to feel it, you have to go through it and you have to deal with everything.
Exept yea, it's going to be ALOT of pain by yourself.
Completely by yourself, you are not going to have people supporting you.
They are in their reality, you are in a different one.
There is no way for them to acknowledge that this other reality exist, since they have never
experienced it. It is too much pain for them to understand.
They cannot comprehend.
Whatever you should not do, is reject your feelings, what you go through and the pain and the hurt and everything.
No resisting.
You can get out of this fast.
There will however still be a split in counciousness.
Two splitted parts.
It goes through having one part to deal with to two parts to deal with and then the rest of the parts.

You can go through a Psychosis, very fast, if you know how to.
It's going to have an effect on you for sure.

In our case it was :
Our Reality - Mixed Reality/Duel - Diff Reality - Mixed Reality/Duel - Our Reality/Splitted counciousness

And the Psychosis was just one part of it all.
-Panic Attack
-Insomnia/Sleeping tablets
-Simulation Sickness/Motion Sickness - Nausea, Vomitting

Panic Attack is also something that people are throwing around without knowing.
Panic Attack is very time consuming and alot of pain.
It takes a lot of time. And a lot of energy.
For us, we could not be still sometime.
We had this urge of walking or moving.
We went all the way out in the woods and laid in the grass looking at the sky.
On the moss. Looking at the sky. Fresh air, woods, moss, sky..
that was peaceful for a little while.
In the middle of the dark night. Pitch black.
Surrounded by trees in the woods.
This was very calming, but short lasted.
We needed to lay there on the moss, moss is very fluffy.
The trees and the moss has a certain smell.
The fresh air. Very calming.
Before all of this, we just laid in the sofa.
With a cellphone and just having other people talking to us.
Never had a panic attack in our entire lifetime and it was new for us.
We needed someone that knew how to deal with this.

Another problem we faced was not being able to get some sleep.
That why we got proscribed with sleeping tablets/pills.
Sometimes we would take some and not being able to sleep either way.
Totally useless. It was horrible.
Panic Attack passes after awhile. But its incredibly time consuming.

Never ever had any simulation sickness or motion sickness at all either.
We are calling it this, cause we do not know what else to call it.
Nausea and Vomitting by looking at regular movies, tv shows, anime,
games. At the start of either a regular movie, tv show or anime or
even a game, we would be nausic and then rushing to the bathroom and vomitting.
An experience that has never ever happened in my life until this one rare time.
This is not normal at all.
This also took time.
One of the things that made us the most sad.
We wanted to play games, but we could not.

Another thing we wanna add again is the Linear Headache (LH)
that we got after playing Dragon Nest EU.
It goes from the front part of the head to the back of the head in the line
of in between the hair. EXTREMELY a lot of pain.
It feels like your brain is splitting into two.
There is so much pain and so much hurt.
We had to scream of the pain. It was so much pain.
Holding our head and just screaming and crying.
It is too much pain.
Never ever had any Linear Headaches in my entire lifetime before
all this either.

And then Rose. Unbelievable.
"Jack, Ron and I, love you"
Really? Really?!
-No, we don't think so.
"We have gone through the same thing"
-Psychosis, Panic Attack, Insomnia, Simulation/Motion Sickness, Linear Headache?
-No, you all have definitely not been through the same thing.
Noana Nov 13, 7:26 PM
Been trying our best to not fall into the same pattern as before.
But here we are again.
We know not all men are the same.
But most men are very utterly disgusting in their behaviour.
Things they do makes us nausic and makes us wanna throw up.
It's so disgusting.
We just dont like these men.
These men makes us wanna turn the other way.
And not like men but like women instead.
They totally destroy attraction.


Most men, do not have sexual restraints.
They literally do themselves over the phone or over a computer.
It's disgusting and we do not know how else to bring it up than this.
It makes us nausic and makes us wanna throw up.
Noana Oct 29, 2:39 AM
So Yami decides one day in his life, that he should become an anime character for real.
Lelouch from Code Geass.
That reality should stop existing and that a fictional world should be instead.
So then he decides to put anime character roles on people.
He creates scenerios so that people should start hating him just like the anime character
Lelouch from Code Geass.

We know about Cosplay.
When you dress up as your favorite Anime Character.
Because of the hair, the clothes, the personality, the story..

We know about Role play.
First you have Role Master/Game Master/Story Master/Dungeon Master.
You know the Role Master and the Role Master knows everyone else.
Everyone gets a Role and it's all play and fun.
In Role Play you know what kind of Role you have.
Everyone sits around a table, using dices, and it's a blast.

We don't know about people deciding that they are an
Anime Character for real.
Noana Oct 25, 1:59 AM
We are pretty sure that we lost how to code,
at that same time when Yami wanted to share accounts with Darky.
At this time Yami was trying to break us up because of jealousy.
Cause somehow the signature is there.
We created this signature to use in the house/guild on this
specific page.
Also we were using a specific page to create it from.

And we are 100% sure that we knew about this page
long before Yami did.

We are not sure how this all got lost though.
Noana Oct 24, 2:09 PM
We can say the word "Sex".
But we prefer to use "Making Love".
To us it sounds more mature and also
sounds more mutual.
The word feels more mature and feels
more mutual.
It’s time to ditch the text file.
Keep track of your anime easily by creating your own list.
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