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Noana Today, 3:27 AM
Yami created once an house called NeRv. After of course Neon Genesis Evangelion.
Wanna know the reason why? Neon Genesis he got introduced to by me.
Now I am gonna be honest and tell about it. I have never ever watched the whole anime ever in my entire life.
Not even to this point in life.
So this might shock some people or they might even react weirdly here.
I am just stating this again.

He created this guild/house - Inside of Scions of Fate.
Going to be using I statements here. But I am more into the we statements, because of how it feels internally.
But going to use I for now.

This house wow. Joining in this house okay normal nothing wrong there.
Until Yami wanted to have access to Darky's account.
The reason being, he wanted to help him "train" in Scions of Fate.
Makes total sense to ask a stranger to just give them access to their account.
Pretty positive that is not the reason why.
He never asked me to give my account information to him though.
So after this Darky spend alot of time with Yami and the others.
Cause obviously I had nothing to do with Darky spending time with other people.
Trust me, they did sure of that clearly.
"You are not supposed to spend time with us" thingy.
Im in the same... guild?
Isolating and bullying stuff. Be by yourself thingy.
Makes sense you want me to be around other people but then
isolating me and bullying me.
And me being around them was out of the question.

Yami knew I did not like being in his houses.
Because of the way he treated me and how the house members treated as well.
Yami knew I did not like being around other people.
Cause obviously of the way he is treating me and how others treated me.
For some reason he just wanted me to party with others, which I did not want.
Because it goes faster leveling with others.
Still Yami always tried inviting me into his house.
where everyone in the guild/house treated me badly,
including himself.
Do I want to stay in a guild/house with him and his members treating me badly?
Id be better of soloing and alone.
Always. No matter which house he created. No matter the guild members.
Yami always asked me to do things for others in the house.
It never failed that he asked me to do things for others.
Usually it is about lower level people and getting them higher level.
Why not do that himself since he is buying stuff in the games?
With real money. Why cant he give by himself and help others himself?
Honestly, baby sitting others aint my sort of thing.
Also it is time consuming and not beneficial for me
in both a healthy way or in a goal reaching way.
Especially not when they treat me badly.

There are exceptions when he is nice, but I do not trust those moments.
To me those moments are "make believe fairy tale" like.
I dont know what happened to him in this moments.
Why being protective when he is just bullying and abusing?
Its like "women wants to be protected by men, I should show my masculine side
for once I will be that protective man to her instead of treating her badly"

To this day. Darky still dont believe it was Yamis house/guild.
So in this guild(house a female character named Kairi was.
Kairi was played by a guy in real. What other people in Scions of Fate used to call an she-male.
Practically a guy playing a female character.

Reason why he wanted to split me and Darky apart. Jealousy?
Maybe boredom? probably more like that one
Internal issues. More like that.
Noana Jun 22, 4:27 AM
This goes out to everyone that played Scions of Fate from 2007 and forward. F* do yourselves instead!
There is nothing wrong with the game itself, but the s* a* people that played the e* game is whats wrong
There is nothing wrong with the game, it is the community and the people itself in it

Okay, maybe there is a lot of people that do not like themselves. It's not my f* problem if you don't like yourself!
Guess what, I am not your mother
Most of the players are just e* f* selfish people!
They cannot take their own f* lives so instead they take others
There was real peoples who played the game as well. Not just all this fake made up s* a* people. Reality exists as well.
In reality you can actually hug people and spend time with them outside
instead of being like an octopus like daily
Must be hard to take in figuring it seems like so many are f* trying to run from it.
If we create a fantasy world everything is gonna be better
Live in your e* fantasy world alone!
not everyone wants to be in your e* fantasy world

This also goes out to the people playing Dragon Nest Europe
As well, nothing wrong with the game, but the community and the people within it
I dont know what the e* s* you people were jealous about
If it was the bow or the way I played the game
You people just did not leave me the e* alone

Why do you people have to be in the way ruining my experience of the game?
I do not like babysitting others
You are fully e* grown people!
You do not need babysitters
What is it with guys and wanting babysitters

Okay, I solo alot by myself!
Guess what, maybe I don't enjoy your company!
Guess what, maybe I dont wanna know anything about you
Guess what, maybe I dont wanna be friends with you

Maybe I just enjoy gaming and games

A lot of people in the games just does not even enjoy the game itself,
just simply wants to ruin the experience for others
Oh my god, I say. How about doing home chores? with that energy or
being productive with something else
Honestly its too many s* a* people in online games

Guess what, less s* a* people in Genshin Impact
It is so calm
So peaceful

Environmentally it is totally different
Which is super relaxing

There are no guys running around in game talking about how
all female characters are apparently guys playing them
Because she-males exist and therefore all female characters are
called "dudes"
Which in turn I guess makes the female population disappear
cause apparently they are "too masculine"
couldn't be the lovely "dude" part that guys actually wants females to be males
not like females goes around in game calling guys "girly"
cause in the end guys are secretly gay but not actually stating that
(If you feel triggered. Not my problem.)

Honestly guys, you have yourselves to blame here
If women are more masculine
They can be, okay
maybe we just got tired of all the "dude" s*
that is like a five year old running around calling others stuff

Secretly, it is not going to get you a girlfriend
So if you are actually trying to use this as a flirting method
you will stay single
until you learn

Like how kids males trying to flirt
Its not attractive

And oh my god. Did it happen a lot in Scions of Fate,
Like how two guys almost became a couple
No, both of them were not gay

If it weren't for me they would have been together
Except one of them aint gay
Yes, he would have minded
T'il this day it is probably still a shocking experience for him
Do, understand that not everyone are gay

I would not have coped with seeing them together
then they finding out and.. oh boy
totally awkward
Imagine the in game wedding with sharing of rings.. oh lord

or even the meeting in real? Jesus Christ
Noana Jun 10, 3:23 AM
We are in a relationship and have been for years.
We met by fate. We met each other outdoors.
He is Asian and we are white.
Also fate. Since we are attracted to Asian men.
During this time we weren't even looking for someone.
Too tired of all the fake proposals and fake confessions,
we wanted to be alone.
2014 - present

Honestly, we got tired of all the fake proposals and the fake confessions.
After being fake proposed to, at least three times.
And fake confessed to, alot of times.
Meant alot of crying and alot of heart pain.
Clearly, we noticed that there is a lack of being sure.
Which got us frustrated.
You have to be clarified about what you want.
How can you not know what you want?
This is the pain, women have to go through.
Because clearly, decisions are too hard to make,
as a "leading supposed to be" grown man.
Women are literally fed up, with this immature behavior.
If women are turning you down, one of the reason could be,
you not being sure about what you want.
It got us craving for something more real.
Later on, this turned into craving mutuality.
And here we are.

The craving for real mutual friends when it comes to online gaming.
That happened after meeting our first friend in Scions of Fate.
After that we had a high craving for mutual real online game friends.
Noana May 26, 12:54 PM
We read this:

"Femine Women Feel Safe With Men Who Are:

1. Clear with their direction
2. Clear with their communication
3. Clear with making plans
4. Clear with their intentions
5. Clear with who they are" ~Jake Woodard

We agree.
Noana May 26, 10:52 AM
The memories we have of the first friend we met in Scions of Fate.
According to Liminality House (also Cult). We are not supposed to have these memories.
That is how deep the envy from people goes. Memories aren't supposed to exist.
For them, yes. For others, no.
Do they care about other people's well-being, No.
Liminality House (Cult) have always and only been thinking about themselves.
These people do not have any empathy. These people do not have any feelings.

So people are not supposed to have memories, but Liminality House (Cult)
Their agenda is falling. Everything is just selfish.
The most dumbest agenda coming from these people's mouths.
Have been Kindness.
And how everyone should be kind to them, but they should not be kind to others.
That is the dumbest thing we have ever heard in our entire life.
Because Kindness starts with you and not others.
If you want Kindness you have to show Kindness.
If anyone ever says "You should be more Kind" or you should "Show more Kindness"
or anything about Kindness. That is fake. And the source it comes from is selfish
and incredibly ego. Don't listen to it.
It means "Be nice to me, while I treat you like crap"
That is the truth about what Kindness actually means coming from other people.
Everything people are saying about Kindness is fake.
We have heard this so much, that it is like a scratchy record that does not make
any sense at all. And then after listening to it to much, it has lost its meaning.
If anyone talks about Kindness. Know that those are words.
It all starts with them and not anyone else. That is it.
It is crap talk. We could do it too, but we dont.
Why are we not doing it? Because maybe we dont wanna be a fake record playing
"Everyone should be more Kind"
Everyone can see through your fake agenda.

We dont believe in Kindness.
We know people have different needs and wants.

How about actually taking responsibility and start showing some Kindness.
Instead of non stop talking about how "Everyone should be Kind"
-> Here : (Now I am actually taking responsibility and actually showing others
how Kindness is supposed to be, according to me.
Because it is actually about my hidden needs and wants that I am not
talking out to the world clearly. I am expecting them to actually understand me.
Yet the truth that I dont seem to know of yet is my own needs and wants.)

The next part is the Silence treatment or Silence.
Everything about this is also selfish and ego.
Silent treatment is abuse. It is not Love. It is abuse.
Abuse has nothing to do with Love. They are two different things.
It means "Dont talk about anything regarding things that is happening to anyone else"
Because it also means "We dont want anyone else to know about all the stuff we
are doing that others do not know about, that is not good"
Because "If others starts to know about it. It becomes bad for us."
If you wish to receive Love. You should not abuse.
This is all on you and not on anyone else.
You are not after Love.
We could do this too, but we dont.

This is Lana Moura s favorite thing to do. To abuse and to abuse others.
Her favorite thing to do is to use silent treatment.
She dont care what she does to other people.
Her empathy does not exist.
She has been and are very envious and jealous of me.
ZeroYami has been asking me to join the guild alot.
Both of them have been treating me so bad. Abuse constantly.
We have been supportive of their relationship.
Not anymore.
We were there when the marriage happened between them.
But after so much drama and abuse.
We have to spend time on ourselves.
So we dont bother anymore. Whatever they say its just fake.
Whatever they do is just fake.
ZeroYami is the same. They dont care about other people's well-being.
ZeroYami uses abuse. As stated abuse is not Love.
When he is faking jealousy. Which happens when it comes to Darky and Ken.
It is fake. Totally fake.
You cannot abuse someone and then go all jealous.
You cannot not have feelings and then feelings.
Then you must be super confused within yourself.

If they cared about other people's well-being. Then we shouldn't have ended up
in the hospital. This goes to Ron as well. No, these people do not have any
empathy. According to Ron, Kindness is to put his "sister" in a hospital.
Because she is saying "No", to be together with him.
What can possibly be the reason?
If a woman says No, that means No.
Men do not carry children. Women do.
Alot of women carry children alone, then take care of those children alone.
A man still has to pay child support, if he is present or not.
Boys/Guys usually cant take rejection. Because they do not understand.
They are not the ones that carry children.
What does this mean? He has a need of intimacy and it is not being met.
He cannot take a person not meeting his needs.
Because according to him that is not being kind. Understand?
Instead of saying "You do not want to have intimacy with me" he goes
"You should be more kind". But the "You should be more kind" is just
"I need the intimacy that you never gave to me".

Going to go into the drama between ZeroYami and Ron.
The sharing of ZeroYami to Rons account. And how they both are
fake jealous. Too much drama happening. Ron fake jealous of ZeroYami.
ZeroYami fake jealous of Ron. ZeroYami wanting to pair us up.
And Ron suddenly mentioning Ken. So all of a sudden Ken is involved.
And then it seems like Ron is confusing ZeroYami with Ken. All of a
sudden Ken is ZeroYami. And Ken, Ken is out the picture.
And then Ken is in the picture and ZeroYami is fake jealous of Ken.
And then Ken lying about being Ken. This is still on-going.
ZeroYami is fake jealous and considered to be married and having a relationship
with Lana Moura. The on going fake stuff happening there not going to go into it.
They are together. They are not together. They love eachother. They dont.
What not.

Why not mentioning the drama about Ken and his friends. Lets go.
So after Ken fake proposed and left us. His friends, "friends".
Came and said how alone and lonely supposedly he supposed to turn out and how
us breaking up with him was a terribly disaster. Turns out he has both his parents and a sister. Alone? Lonely? Not to mention all the years he disappeared.
Supposedly we carried him astray. Couldn't be a fake proposal, eh?
Now you all are saying it was real, when before it was fake?
So coming back now after more than 10 years. Which when before people said it was fake
and then all of a sudden says it was real. And now he lying.
And then wanting me to remember him when that did not even seem to matter before. Okay if we are not supposed to have any memories, why should we have memories of it back? All of a sudden it matters. Confused?
You want our memories to fade, but you dont want our memories to fade.

Before, it was all fake and you all made clear it was fake.
To it was real and everything was real. And we was leading him astray.
You guys said it was fake. If you say it was real. And you say it now, after saying it was fake. To us it is still fake.
You guys cannot make decisions, be clear about decisions and following through.
The confusing is way over the top.

Things you all wanted us to forget, but that came back to us.
And we did, but it came back.
We got teased for having emotions and feelings and being real.
There is nothing wrong with having emotions and feelings and definitely
nothing wrong with being real.
Love is beautiful. Mutual love is even more beautiful.
One of the people that keeps reminding this to us. Is our best friend.

Way forward. The other part of RyoKojiro alias Eddie/Myth.
Said to us "Sorry, for everything that has happened to you".
This was way before he said alot of others things.
Like how he missed his ex girlfriend, but then he also brought up Ken.
Ken, whom you actually told me his real name.
All of a sudden we have to remember him?
Obviously he did not understand, us being in pain with intense headaches.
Not much caring about our well-being here.

Confronted his ex girlfriend, who said to me "Haven't spoken to him in 13 years".

Louise has not been carrying us in her tummy for 9 months.
All the Love she is trying to put on us is so fake. This means unreal and not true.
She does not care about our well-being. If she did, we wouldn't have ended up in an
hospital. Which we did. It's like it does not exist for her that it happened, yet it happened.
There is no empathy there. It does not exist.
That is why we do not want her fake love. Which she is trying to push onto us,
constantly. Our mother cares about our well-being. Louise do not.
Our mother carried us for 9 months. Louise did not.
When we state we do not want her fake love.
We mean we do not want her unreal feelings towards us.
If she does not even care about our well-being.
Which obviously she does not do. Her Love is not real.
Her Love is unreal.

Our mother, which Liminality does not want us to remember.

We have made clear that we want mutualism.
Right now, we are in a relationship and has been for years.
It is a mutual relationship.

For Liminality this is another envy and jealousy that is hard for them to deal with.
Well we are not surprised. They have been envious and jealous of us since the beginning.
They are already talking and so on about it alot already.
Even Louise is overshowering with things.
Most of these things does not make any sense.
Its only about them.

They know and we know. That us being in a relationship is not something they
can do anything about.
He have stucked by us for a very long time.
It's impressive.
Loyality is very attractive to us.
Noana May 23, 2:24 AM
When we started playing Scions of Fate. We met up with two people ingame. We got both of their account informations. Why? Because they saw us as their friend.
One of these people we felt a deeper connection to and also spent alot more time with after. The other person disappeared from the game.
Our friendship and love felt equally mutual. During later this time we met Ken after this. It seems like Ken does not remember this. Ken forgot.
Probably even more people that we met inside of the game actually forgot about this.
This happened as stated way before we met Ken. Not even sure that Darky remember anything of it.
We still got access to both of their accounts but never used them. Ken left and Darky spent more time with the both of us.

2008 ~ We recieved a stuffed animal during christmas time, from a friend we met in Scions of Fate. We also recieved two christmas cards. We exchanged christmas gifts. Also one of the first we met in Scions of Fate and our first friend in Scions of Fate. Sent to us 2008-12-11.

We still got the stuffed animal and the cards. Also the shipping information. We have to put the stuffed animal, in the laundry machine from time to time though. So it is more clean and nice. Because obviously it needs it from time to time.
The only time we recieved something real from anyone that played Scions of Fate. It means alot to us.

This is mutual love.
Noana May 19, 6:48 AM
Counter-measures against Cyberbullies:

1. Block the people that wants to be your friend but tries to isolate you from your friends and family.
If they do it once they will do it twice. -> This is - Envious/Jealousy
They are not your friends and they do not want to be your friend. No matter what they say.
They are envious and jealous of you and that is it. Not a little -> alot. No more or less there.

2. Talk to your family and friends about it happening. Do not keep them out of it.
Do talk to them about it. They will understand. The friends you see often and the people you talk to often.
Tell them. As stated, some are more awake than others.

3. Understand where they come from. Understand that they are envious and jealous. Understand that they are not mature.
Understand that they may have alot of problems. They are very immature. They are not grown.
No matter the age here.

4. Most of them are "boys/guys". Over 50% are "boys"/guys".
We all know as stated that "boys/guys" mature slower.
It takes forever for them to mature.
Noana May 18, 7:29 AM
Cyberbullies/Bullies have the tendency to try and isolate people. This means separation. From friends. Family. People in general.
They will try everything in their way to get you all alone. The only way that they can come at you.
If you are surrounded by more people. They are going to leave you alone.
There is no way, no way in ever, that Cyberbullies or Bullies act alone.
They are always in a group. Alot of people are very vulnerable to group pressure.
So they will do alot of things that are not in their best intrest, just to be in a group.
Literally if someone says clap your hands and jump, they are gonna do it.
There is a group mentally. Like group exercise.
Cyberbullies/Bullies are incredibly envious.
In their minds its always. "Everyone has it better than us."
It does not matter if they are rich. It does not matter if they have a good career.
They are still envious.
They may also use silent treatment.
The envy is never going to go away.
No matter how old they get, no matter what they do, no matter what they
brag about. They will still be envious.

Did you know the majority that are bullying online are guys/men.
(We do know men mature slower than women.)

Liminality has already isolated me like for years.
Its been this roller coaster with like 5 year olds and constant drama.
Right now they are in their 20s, 30s but still acting like 5 year olds.
Nothing has changed. A reason why we feel they are very immature.
->In this age, they should be having their own family and children.
Meaning, they should not have time to be online and acting like they are 5 years old.
As stated most people who cyberbully online, are "boys/guys" not fully grown men.
Meaning, all their time goes online.
How do a "boy/guy" take care of a child if all they ever do is this?
As stated before. A military "boy/guy" is involved in this and this "boy/guy" got a child
already. Yet still acting like an immature 5 year old.
Honestly, most of your time should be going to your child.
This is why we feel like "boys" should not have children.
How do you take care of the child?

This is what he said to us: "Me and my brother mostly play console games and
not online games." Before this he ran around in Dragon Nest EU.
Which is an online game.
He also told us "No. We never played Dragon Nest EU."
-> You mostly play console games? That is why you ran around in Dragon Nest EU.
Conclusion -> You do not play any console games and you do not know the difference between console games and computer games and also you are in the military.
Its concerning that you cannot tell the difference between the two.

They have isolated me from /not all /but some of my friends

After this one of them were so envious, literally. Talks to us how we spend time with other friends nowadays.
->Wait a sec. You isolate us from friends and complain about us having other friends?
You want to be my friend but you are isolating me from my friends?
Does this make any sense to you?
So now you are envious of my friends?
-> mentally "I wanna be your ONLY friend!"

No. We dont want to be your friend.
Chances you do the same thing again, is too high.
We have real friends, that does not do things like this.
That we actually meet up in real and spend time with.

Some of my friends are more wake when it comes to things like this.
So they know what is going on.
Noana May 16, 11:46 AM
Red flags when it comes to guys:

1. You both have a date planned out and he does not show up
2. He proposes or confesses but there is no further actions
3. He does not have any work
4. He does not know how to clean, cook or do laundry
5. He already have a wife and he confesses/proposes to you
6. He promises to go somewhere together but it turns out you end up going there alone
7. He does not make his own bed
8. He is too attached to his mother
Noana May 15, 9:14 AM
This is definitly being called "Missed".
-"Is she coming over tonight?"
Damn! Why is he so adorable?
He definitly get this from his parents.
Ayato-Hiragi May 11, 11:36 AM
Ah okay 👍
Noana May 11, 12:34 AM
As a teenager, we used to be very annoyed and frustrated at other people not teaching us things.
It's nice to learn things but it's nicer to learn useful things that is needed in everyday.
Turns out we are not that alone about this.
So we do understand when we find others who also are annoyed and frustrated about the same thing.
YouTube is a great source for looking things up.
We understand the frustration completely.

We have been stating this a lot.
We still feel like somewhere there is a lack in the system.
The useful things needed comes very late into the development.

We do understand if there are those who do not see.
And we also understand is there are those that do see.
Noana May 10, 11:53 PM

Noana May 10, 11:53 PM
We just dont understand. So a woman can travel all the way to a man, but a man is too afraid to go all the way to a woman?
Is it just the women that loves, to the point of travelling to see the men they love?
The woman loves the man, more than the man loves the woman?
The answer here is - Yes.


Tell me why there is no movement.
Masculinity - equals Movement.

Passiveness can show at home, at work or in relationships.

Example: Proposing but with no further actions or confessing but no further actions.
Or being in a long distance relationship but never meeting up the one you love.

This shows a lot.
This shows that you are not looking towards the future.
This shows that you cannot go into a leading role full out.
You cannot lead properly.
This shows that you are very immature.
This shows that you are not yet a man.
This shows that you cannot follow through with what you are saying.
This shows then that you are unreliable.
You cannot be trusted.

"I don't have what it takes to have a mature healthy relationship with you"
~Teal Swan

You are not ready for a relationship.
You are not ready for marriage.
You need a lot of growth.

"Now it seems to me that you know just what to say
But words are only words, can you show me something else?
Show me how you feel" ~Rob Thomas

The immatureness from men are hurting a lot of women.
It is damaging a lot of women who are looking towards the future.
A lot of women gets frustrated.
It damages their femininity.
Damaged women needs to heal.
Which takes time and then after they have healed.
They might meet another immature man.
Same thing happens and then she needs healing again.

A woman will not go back to an immature man.
Even if they have matured after their immatureness.
They might have grown and then they show up again.
They do not go back.
If you show up as immature. You are out.
Women move on.
Does not matter how good looking you are.
Or what kind of high earning work you have.
Nothing of that matters.

Women mature faster than men. They do think about the next generation and the future a lot.
For some this starts already from the age of 16-18.
For them their future is already set.
For men it can take up until they are the age of 50.
During this time until 50 they gonna already have damaged so many women on the way already.
They mature later.

For women it's like to put their head against a wall.
The frustration they have is high.
It's not anger.
It is a craving for grown men.

Women crave to be in their femininity.
Around a man in their masculinity.

The worst thing you can do, is to shut yourself in and not open up or close yourself completely.
Also to start complaining that everyone are the same.
Not every man are the same. Not every women are the same.
That is not the truth.
Usually this happens after you have been hurt.
And yes, women can get hurt and men can get hurt.
Noana May 2, 1:00 PM
"Days off? What are those? There is still work during days off." ~Noa

Paper work, Laundry, Answering e-mails, Taking notes, Scheduling, Planning..