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Days: 254.9
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One Piece
One Piece
Aug 2, 11:14 AM
Watching 1027/? · Scored 6
Jul 31, 11:45 AM
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Tonari no Seki-kun
Tonari no Seki-kun
Jul 31, 11:45 AM
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Days: 213.3
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Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man
Aug 2, 11:06 AM
Reading 101/? · Scored -
Aug 2, 10:21 AM
Reading 264/279 · Scored 1
Asper Kanojo
Asper Kanojo
Aug 1, 11:36 AM
Reading 21/100 · Scored -

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DigiCat Jul 10, 5:55 AM
I found Mirai Nikki boring and nonsensical

Akame ga Kill on the other hand, though i don't think it's the best at storytelling, i still found the stiry interesting and liked the themes in it

So Steins;Gate plot picks up at ep. 10? Thanks, i'll try and reach at least up to that then :)
DigiCat Jul 9, 2:29 PM
NoBoDY-5 said:
^surprised you dropped mirrai nikki I thought you like it anway there is 90 % chance that you will drop steins;gate

Why surprised i drop Mirai Nikki?
And why 90% chance i drop Steins;Gate? (no spoilers)
The_Keyman-1 Jun 23, 10:14 AM
I somewhat agree with you only reason I'm still reading it because of the arts.
The_Keyman-1 Jun 23, 10:08 AM
Did you read the lastest one punch man chapter?If yes then what do you think about it.
The_Keyman-1 Jun 21, 9:57 AM
Yeah I restricted it because the forums is filled with so many toxic users I don't want to interact with them that's why I have restricted it and put it on friends only.
The_Keyman-1 Jun 21, 9:53 AM
Yeah, I think it is somewhat underrated and I don't think it is for everyone.
The_Keyman-1 Jun 21, 9:41 AM
Thanks and can you recommend me some good slice of life anime.
The_Keyman-1 Jun 21, 9:38 AM
It's ok I can understand
The_Keyman-1 Jun 21, 9:32 AM
And I'm planning to start Uchuu kyoudai so I should start with anime or manga?
The_Keyman-1 Jun 21, 9:29 AM
Hello, I have seen you in forums multiple times so I thought of adding you in my friend list.
Zahraung Jun 16, 7:47 AM
So, you are technically a ghost ="(
DigiCat Jun 16, 7:39 AM
From my perspective you only like psychological it's not your favourite as if I give you option to choose between Battle shounen and psychological I'm guessing that you will choose battle shounen right?

I'd say that's about 85% true

from outside perspective if someone checks your list they are never going to think that "Oh this user favourite genre/theme is psychological" as you already said you are not exactly the fan of the genre and it is like a cherry on the top for you right?

So what idea do you get about my taste, aside from i obviously like battle shounen, from my list?

A cherry is too small, let's say a ton of whipped cream and a cherry :)

No because the main reason I said they are going to like it because they are biased toward that genre/theme. As it's their favourite genre they are already positive about it that's why sometimes they are even going to ignore some flaws about those

That is exactly the point i was trying to make when i said "liking a genre doesn't mean having to like everything in it"
Even with battle shounen, even though there are more shows of that genre i like, i'm not gonna pretend i like one that i don't like or even that i'm just not into just because it's from my fav genre

Actually here I wanted to give an example but I think you already get it what I'm trying to say right? I'm saying this because sometimes I do the same thing :p

Please, go ahead with the example, i'm curious

I used the word "normal" above I think there are two type of people 1)who simple watch anime to enjoy (normal)
2) Hate watch here the second type of people they already decided that it's not that good before even watching it so whenever they watch it they always try to find the flaws and nitpicking about it

I'm definetly type n. 1, though i do have a prexisting thought as to "i think i'll like/not like this anime", i'm not dead set on "i said i wouldn't like it so i can't like it, give it a 1!", there are shows that i am spot on about liking/not liking them, just like there are shows that suprised or disappointed me
Zahraung Jun 16, 6:26 AM
Anything. I think it's somewhat wrong to send random request with no conversation.
Zahraung Jun 16, 6:18 AM
I am looking for something interesting about you. I know you in Forum Games, and I wanted to know something about you.
DigiCat Jun 15, 6:12 AM
I would have continue the conversation if there are some hope that opposite party is willing to accept that they wrong but you are definitely not one of them.

Ok, first of all, i didn't start the conversation to say "oh i'm right hahaha" or even to "admit i'm wrong"
I just wanted to have a civilized conversation and hear a different point of view, without expecting that we'd magically sway eachother's opinions and agree on everything

^From this conversation we can see that you prefer psychological but don't like the genre/theme rather non psychological anime where they explore character psychology(what makes them who they are, their backstory, how their mind works, ecc) right? But you even dropped mob psycho 100, Toradora, violet evergarden etc which are non psychological anime that explore the characters psychology.

Like i said about 'liking psychological doesn't mean liking every single thing in the genre' the same goes for non-psychological shows, i don't watch something exclusively for "hey this has psychology in it so i have to watch it", first and formost i have to like the story and/or characters, and if it happens to be a psychological one or have psychological elements in it then i'll really appreciate those aspects

I could say the same thing about generes i don't like, i don't like romance/romcoms, i have little to no interest in thr romantic aspect of shows, but if i find a romance anime of which i find the story and characters interesting i'll enjoy that show even if it's of a genre i don't typically like

but of course you got the wrong idea and you thought " Yooo I win the agruement so to celebrate let's tell a friend of mine and make fun of that guy"

Sorry about that... not gonna lie though, ending things in that abrupt way "end of discussion" type of thing does give the impression of someone who always wants to be right, my way or the high way, kinda thing, and i only say this 'cause of personal experience with people like this in real life, so sorry for misinterpreting your comment, and being a bitch about it ranting with my friend about our conversation

So if everything ok cleared up, can i know now which are th basic psychological shows you think any psychological fan will like? Just to have a conversation about them, and maybe give my opinion of why i liked or didn't like a certain show, and you give your opinion on why you think it should be a guarantee that i like them if i like psychological stuff