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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!
1 hour ago
Watching 8/10 · Scored -
Kill la Kill Specials
Kill la Kill Specials
May 20, 4:08 PM
Completed 2/2 · Scored 7
Kill la Kill
Kill la Kill
May 20, 3:27 PM
Completed 24/24 · Scored 9
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Quixii 9 hours ago
Haha yep! :>


Oh, I see. Yeah for sure! I bet you'll like it more! You still have 2 OVAs and a season. :p
Hehe well yeah once you finish it you will probably ask for another season xD
Heck yea! Me too! x3
No s3x stuff related.. you'll get it on season 2... oh wait there's something hilarious on some episodes on season 2 and the first OVA? (I don't know which but it's funny. :p)
Haha okie :p
Aw :/ Well they aren't that popular unlike those pesky k-pop songs. :/

I see :o

Hehe :p
I guess so. :o
Ehh I guess I'm not.. ugh I'm getting confused again. Sorry x.x
Yeah, I guess I could agree with you. :o
Eh? Well that's odd. You can just tell what you like :o I mean who cares about those? There are better animes to watch.
Hehe :3

I see. Well I don't at all except my background pics on my phone and laptop. xD Aside from that I'm just a normie. :p
Haha me too. I only use 1 anime wallpaper for the background and a normal one for the lock screen.
Haha well that's normal. xD Unless you abuse too much then he's a weirdo
Ohh that's unexpected! :O You should watch those :>
Yeah I agree with you :o Ragyo is... a weird mother... lel
Ohh :o Well not for me xD

Haha I know and it's fine. :p

Hai means yes.. In Japanese? I dunno xD You can usually hear those from a girl xD

xD no problem :p

Nothing :o I just said that because I keep on sitting down so I'm aware of it. :o
Yeah :o

Haha yeah xD I should watch that anime... "soon"

(Oof Dx Just spare a few moments going outside. :o)

Oh, I see. :o Good luck on it! You can do it! :D
Hehe you mean spending some cash on the sale. xD

(Oh that's fine. :p)

Thanks and you too! ^.^

Tentai-chan Yesterday, 3:29 PM
Bonsoir Nico-kun!
Writing this today by 6:25AM Tuesday ~ hihihi

its already midnight you must be sleeping now Nico-kun
but just take your time, replies can wait, just take care always
and thank you for your time Nico-kun!
Tentai-chan Yesterday, 3:03 PM
Hai ~ time flies really went fast
just calling me Tentai-chan is fine or Ten-chan for shorter ~
I'll call you Nico-kun

-NemuChii- Yesterday, 12:50 PM
 Yep it’s final exams :3

I pass it I almost fail at maths but thank god that our teacher is very nice that she give me 6 points as bonus >\\\\<

Uwah you have to study rn  And Good Luck >3<

Tentai-chan Yesterday, 5:47 AM
it was exhausting about fun activities like after that you just wanna rest and have long sleep hehehe
oh I see ~ hope you cherish the moment on your holiday
sure if that's what you like how should I call you too? :3
-NemuChii- Yesterday, 4:21 AM
 No it’s ok :3

I was having exams you know so that why >\\\< 
Tentai-chan May 20, 6:38 PM
Haroo my weekend was just tiring but fun ~ and still got time to rest so I can be prepared on weekdays
how are you tomodachi
Ayato-Hiragi May 20, 3:12 PM
I’m currently watching “Monster”
Quixii May 20, 11:45 AM
Kamusta Njps! ^.^/


Oh well that's fine. Yes it is! I WANT ANOTHER SEASON D)KMANDINDADIDANDAUIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111
Ahahaha you'll be damned if you say that in front of her! At first I considered her as a loli but then... after seeing that bathroom scene. No thanks. lol
Oh. :o

Haha yep! :>
Oh, I see. I didn't expect much of that since I already knew it wasn't concentrating on the story. It's more of giving a fun time to the viewer. Haha yeah I agree with you.
Hehehe :3
I don't like people telling me I have bad taste in anime. So I just put there as my personal favorites. (And I can't consider myself a 100% weeb. For some reason. Dx) Well you can only see my favorite anime spoiler on my profile. :p
Hahah for realzz!! Nui is like a psychopath for me. :o

Ehhh? :O
Yep ye. :p
Oof sorry to confuse you again. xD But yeah it really depends on me
Hehe :3

Hai. :>

Eh? Well try it! It's also good. :>

Nani??!! Well that's me also but after realizing about my health I just take frequent breaks. :p

Thanks and you too! ^.^/

(Oof xD That's okay. Time to be shut-in eh? :p)
Oh and are you planning to head back on steam? There will be a summer sale this June 20.
Quixii May 19, 10:34 AM
Hai hai! ^.^/

N-o problem! :3

Haha, xD Actually it's not that. The anime itself is hilarious. xD
Ohh I see. :o But yeah don't consider Megumin a loli or she'll hunt you down. :p
Haha yep! Me too. :>

Oh, that's good! It's one of my favorite anime of all time. (I don't have tops since I don't want to be biased)
What do you mean? :o
Haha, I'd pick Matoi and Satsuki. :>

HAHA well, she is (not). She's just one of a klutz or an idiot I should say. xD
Yes I agree1111
Eh? I told you I can't listen to music since I'm a lazy guy. I told you on PM xD I may listen to a rap if I want to.
Hehe me too :>

Lmao, no problem. xD

Yeah, you should! Also, you must like stand up for a minute or so or take a break. xD
-NemuChii- May 19, 4:31 AM
 Hehehe :3 

Quixii May 18, 2:43 PM

Hai hai ^.^/

Welcome back! :>
Hehehe I guess you know me pretty well, eh? :P
I have no freaking idea! One of the best loli] waifu ever!!!11111
Oh alright. Even though I will listen to all. Hehe. :p
(Haha, it's fine. :p We have different reasons why we like those. You know raps these days are quite different than the 90's.)
Teehee x3

Haha xD

That's what I'm usually doing. xD
Ayato-Hiragi May 14, 1:45 PM
Have you been watching anime recently?
Quixii May 14, 9:05 AM
Ohh okie :p
That's great! :D It might be your next favorite anime and you'll like most of the characters since they're quite hilarious.
Oh, I see. :o I haven't heard of those but I might give them a try.. soon. Dx
Oh okay xD

Oh I didn't notice xD My bad
Oh okie :p

Yeah.. >.> Well what can I do? :o
-NemuChii- May 14, 4:06 AM
Thank you :3 

Hehehehe I am Back >\\\\\<