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Apr 12, 2015
When I think about Madhouse, I think about high-quality realizations of foolproof story concepts involving a somewhat guaranteed economic success. Chihayafuru, a series about a bunch of high-schoolers trying to achieve their dreams in becoming the best of the best in a sports called Karuta, represents a fitting example of this project selection pattern. Chihayafuru is a charming, highly likable and somewhat mind-opening anime providing for a high level of entertainment, in which I found myself immersed very rapidly.

As you maybe already know, when producing a sports-related series, it often doesn't really matter what kind of sports is chosen as long as the atmosphere works read more
Apr 8, 2015
Welcome to the world of mental disorders, in which everything looks colorful yet mundane. It is a world that lets affected people transcend the borders of the ordinary by allowing them to impose their very own interpretation of the world upon the circumstances that surround them. This way, people learn to cope with their sometimes unpromising situations by making use of their powerful minds alone.

Those who have a profound knowledge on the functioning of the human psyche including the process of dissonance reduction probably understand the importance of the NHK to exist. Ultimately, that what constitutes the NHK and other conspiracies (in the case of read more
Apr 5, 2015
In Kino's Journey, it is said that the world is not beautiful, which is actually said to be a reason why the world can, in fact, be considered beautiful. Tamayura is a stunningly emotional tale of a girl finding beauty in what had been the source of her sorrow before: photography. Reminded by the loss of her father, she distances herself from his former favorite activity and struggles to cope with the situation she was suddenly forced into.

Tamayura sets off when she finally succeeded in accepting reality and regaining her vitality, which allows her to dive into the memories she has been keeping buried for read more
Apr 4, 2015
Once in a while, I find myself craving for good drama with at least a decent story depth and a somewhat intense atmosphere. Apart from the latter, Little Busters ~Refrain~ was not able to deliver.

There's one thing in particular that is always inherent to KEY anime: borderline drama. In some cases (Clannad, Kanon), this drama plays out well because it feels genuine. In other cases (Angel Beats!, LB ~Refrain~), it is forced upon the viewer with all one's might and consequently feels artificial. While I must admit that Refrain does have its strengths, especially in terms of plot twists and tension, the characters totally fail read more
Apr 4, 2015
Out of curiosity, I've been thinking a lot about how anime are made, but it is fairly hard to get insights into the practices of this particular industry. And then, Shirobako came around.

An anime about the creation process of an anime - or some kind of meta-animation or animeception - that is not only a daring approach to new age infotainment, but also an excellent opportunity for the creators to put in their passion associated with this kind of work, and to tell a realistic tale on the hardships that newbies in this industry are likely to encounter.

Shirobako managed to rank very high in my read more