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Oct 31, 2018
Oh my gosh hold on there or you might hurt yourself with all the edge.
This Dark magical girl anime is honestly just a bunch of filler still trying to be like Madoka without any of the smart symbolism or set up. Everybody (besides the main girl who is so pure she wouldn't hurt a fly) is horrible! Everything that happens is just a big mess of whatever horrible thing you could think of
Also the writer or whatever missed the whole part of what makes a magical girl story is getting us to care about the character before everything turns south. Honestly there is nothing smart read more
Nov 18, 2017
Ok, so I know alot of people have already ripped on this anime but I just wanted to add my thoughts on it. Yes Soul Eater NOT! is just a horrible anime- even looking at the anime by itself without treating it like a spin off this anime is just horrible (not the worst I have seen but still bad).
It is scraping the bottom of fanservice- with cute girls doing cute things for whatever reason (if you are into that stuff watch any Kyoto animation's anime you will probably have a better time)
I can't even tell what the demographic for this girls? (but the read more
Nov 13, 2017
Ok so I honestly fell in LOVE with this anime (wanting to buy it). I mean there is so much detail with the art direction (Just look at the first episode and you can tell with how they animated the characters when walking to school, and when Lisa is running down the stairs while the building is falling. The blur and effects gives the animation more a live action theatrical look). This is an anime where you have to pay attention to what every character says and does to understand the whole story of whats going on...

Lets get started!:
Story: 9
Ok I love the overall read more
Jun 21, 2017
Arisa (Manga) add (All reviews)
So Arisa is one of my favorite anime. At first is seems like it would be overly cutesy Shojo but quickly turns into a mystery story. The main plot of this anime is that Tsubasa and Arisa are twins that had been separated when they were little due to their parents divorce. After years of separation they decide to meet in secret - while this is happened Arisa commits suicide in front of Tsubasa (going into a comma) leaving only the clue of a note that she had gotten at school. Tsubasa decides to go into Arisa school to try and figure out why her read more
Jun 10, 2017
This manga has great potential but sadly drops the is it still ongoing I cannot comment on the my overall opinion of it or how i fell about the ending-as an ending can make or break a story. (although I do not plan to find out as I have lost interest and do not plan on forcing myself to read the rest).
Everything about the anime is ok..go ahead and read if, if you want and have the time. It really isn't that bad but nothing ground break or worth being on my list of book I want, or even recommended manga.
The humor in the read more
Jun 10, 2017
Ok I am going to start off by saying I would NOT recommend this anime to anyone! I could not stand anymore then just 3-4 episodes before I dropped it.

The first EPISODE had some cool ideas but fell flat...(which is why I rated the story as 1). It always pains me when i see stories that have potential but decide to go in the opposite direction or just uses this for fan service.
The jokes were immature, and the story line boring as heck feeling like each episode lasted forever.
I honest do not see why this anime exists...I mean I see some people giving it high read more
Mar 28, 2017
Okay so the basic story is follows our main charter Ayu Tateishi (the popular and cool student known for her "mature" laid back attitude). Our story really starts with the introduction of Nina-who turns out can use magic and is from a magical kingdom in some other dimension (or something like that)! Ayu ends up finding out when she stumbles into Nina when she is trying to find her "magic computer"....(although Ayu ironically didn't believe in magic in the beginning)
Ayu and Nina become friends and they go though some wacky adventures together. Nina basically becomes Ayu "fairy godmother" although Nina's spells do not always go read more
Mar 24, 2017
Ok, so I found this manga while looking around something new to read. Overall there is a reason I dropped this manga. Although I did go though a pretty good portion wanting to see how this turns out {out of curiosity}.As I had heard of this manga...
I will be going over the story, charters and art.

The story follows Ninako Kinoshita in her high school is basically a story of her "first love" (which is the overall theme). She falls for Ren..who (surprise, surprise) is the most popular guy in the school. The only problem with this is that Ren has a girlfriend.
The story is read more
Jan 29, 2017
The "Devil and her Love Song" is a beautiful story. Although I haven't finished it I am really enjoying the story so far.
The art is beautiful and clean- in my opinion. Especially the main charter Maria.
The charters seem very diverse and interesting. Everyone is very interesting and has there own past.
Although the only thing I can not understand is the intense hatred the teacher has for Maria-I mean come on! really? That teacher is so childish.

The story overall is very interesting and I like how it is a very charter driven story with interesting twist. Everything is slowly reveled to you as you keep read more
Nov 20, 2016
Let me be honest here..I have watched all of the "The Melancholy of Haruhi"-and really didn't like it.
I found Haruhi to be a spoiled brat and the whole thing just rubbed me the wrong way. Although I have to say the movie turned me into a huge fan.
The animation was outstanding (being better then the animation in the series), an outstanding story, fitting music, and wonderful charters development.
The charter development was wonderful, although not every charter went through drastic/any charter development but it was still good-and as a Nagito Yuuki fan having her actually show emotions. Everything works together and I especially loved the read more