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OfDeathandLove Apr 18, 11:00 PM
This is lo fi chillhop. Basically, songs that incorporate hip hop beats, relaxed melodies (usually jazz), and sometimes other noises (voice clips from inspirational speeches or movies, the sound of coffee in a cup being stirred, stuff like that), all with sound grain and put to a lower quality intentionally to give it an old-school feeling.

Yeah, that's what I mean by instrumentals.

I'd send you links to really good jazz pieces, but I've been overloading you already...

(Hey, you started me talking about music... once you get me going, I'll never stop). I think I've heard of it, listened to a few songs here and there, but never seriously.

By old school vs modern, I mostly meant rock from the 60s-80s, as well as rock that came out recently.

See, that's what bad music videos are. Good music videos add visuals that support the themes of the song. Some of my favorite music videos:

Do I Wanna Know?

Emperor's New Clothes



Elastic Heart (despite it being simple, I think this one's my all-time fave.. holy cow)

That sounds really cool! And even if the audio's garbage, I would love to hear it. I think it's awesome that you're trying it out! I don't think I've ever tried writing my own raps, haha...

OfDeathandLove Apr 18, 10:23 PM
Genius is fantastic. I also love watching the music videos (if they have one).

My tastes... well, in short, anything that's well-written, whether musically or lyrically. But, more specifically:

-any musical group that sometimes, but not all the time, sings about serious subjects (i.e. Gorillaz, Twenty-One Pilots)
-lo fi chillhop
-anime music (I have an absurd amount of it on my phone)
-sappy (a la Ed Sheeran, old-school Taylor Swift)
-intense songs about sex and drugs such as this one or this one.
-elegant musicians, like Adele
-jazz ♥
-rock (both modern and old-school)

...that's mostly what I can think of for now.

Ohh~ If you do get the recording, I would love to hear it, I think that would be really cool.
OfDeathandLove Apr 18, 9:29 PM
Eh, 4 minutes isn't that long. Then again, I don't value my time as much as some people (obviously, having no dropped anime... RIP)

Seriously, though, Genius is amazing. I recommend looking up most songs on there, as a lot of times entries have analysis that you would have never understood or realized in the beginning. Besides, it's always good to look at the lyrics, anyway.

As for your tastes, I suppose that makes sense ...*decides to switch out the links to one of the songs*

Okay, noted that I'll like those two songs, but I've been kinda crazy busy lately. I have a huge essay due tomorrow at midnight, I'll be gone all day tomorrow, and I'll be working all day Friday. But I have a lot of time Saturday, so if I haven't done it by then, I guarantee that's when I'll do it.
OfDeathandLove Apr 18, 5:35 PM
Okay. I'll get to you my thoughts on the songs you sent me as soon as I listen to them.
OfDeathandLove Apr 18, 12:16 AM
That's fair, since I didn't listen to your songs, either... whoops. I'll listen to them... soon...
OfDeathandLove Apr 17, 6:33 AM
More recommendations? Okay, I'll do a couple different things.

I know you literally just said that you hate modern rap, but modern's all I know, so here's one of my favorite rap songs (I also recommend you watch the music video). And here's another rap sing I was listening to the other day.

A few of my favorite bands' songs.

I'll send you songs of my second favorite band later.

...I...ha... I hate to say this, but "CandleintheDark" is really cliche. I've heard that (and variations of that) an absurd amount of times in me life, it sounds hardly original.
OfDeathandLove Apr 16, 10:35 PM
That's a good idea. Keep it up, and keep me posted on how it goes.

See, it's not the "Death and Love" that I'm the most proud of. It's the "Of", as in "belonging to, relating to, or connected with." My username, my profile, my taste--it's connected to death and love. I write "of death and love". Sure, I could have kept it just "OfLove", but that wouldn't accurately represent my tastes or aesthetics. Which is why I decided to switch it to its proper name in the first place.
OfDeathandLove Apr 16, 10:01 PM
Eh. I always intended this to be my username (I've used it on other accounts before I made this one way back in 2014), I made a screwup when I first signed up and just realized that I could fix that screwup. I'm particularly glad to be rid of the 111. Numbers on accounts aren't my thing. So if it's trying to be "deep", blame my 16-year-old self (well, you could blame my current self for still liking it, but I have no regrets).
OfDeathandLove Apr 16, 9:56 PM
All right. I'll give them a listen... maybe tomorrow, probably not tonight.

Also, you never said what you thought of my new username :D
Botan-Chan45 Apr 16, 6:05 PM
What's wrong with shitposts my dude?
ZionPulse Apr 16, 2:28 PM
Nah, it just follows the basic formula.
Botan-Chan45 Apr 16, 5:24 AM
Plenty of them watched and said it was a masterpiece despite just having regular cgi. Actually they mostly only praise the Cgi only.
OfDeathandLove Apr 15, 11:02 PM
I changed my username. Whaddaya think? :D

Punpun was just a reaction image from me.
OfDeathandLove Apr 15, 11:00 PM

I was talking about something non-Punpun-related, anyway. Do you notice anything new?
OfDeathandLove Apr 15, 10:51 PM
It's Punpun. Yes, he looks weird, that's the point.

That's not what I was talking about, anyway.