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Aidan Jul 9, 4:25 PM
Accept it now m8 :)
OfDeathandLove Jul 4, 9:22 AM
Also, happy 4th of July! Even though you're not in 'Murica.
OfDeathandLove Jun 30, 7:03 PM
Dude, that's awesome!!

...Now I want to draw fanart of you XD
Mrudul Jun 30, 3:00 PM
I guess da only common theme of my fav characters are they all are pretty much badass in their own way (asides Haruhi ofcourse ­čśé)

As for da music, I don't have any specific taste in it.
Aidan Jun 30, 2:54 AM
That's not a proper excuse. :( Honestly though, I'm surprised you even took time to respond to this lol
Aidan Jun 29, 8:58 PM
tbh i found that horrid list of yours to be quite terrible because it had the word "claw" in it and i find that highly offensive as a animal person. also please accept my friend request.
OfDeathandLove Jun 29, 7:42 AM
You in Europe, and you're saying your summer is more boring than mine? Come again?

Well, if your waifu feels that way about you... then yeah, probably.

Also, eyyyy, PMs are now open.

OfDeathandLove Jun 28, 11:40 PM
Didn't you say at one point you have a job? You don't have to answer if you don't want to.

When you're infatuated with someone, you don't actually care for them. You're more interested in the idea of the person than the person themselves. In fact, I'd say it's more being selfish than selfless. It's when you want them to like you, to be with with you, no matter what they want. You're jealous when they're talking with people of their opposite gender. If they're already in a relationship, you want them to break up so that you can get together with the person. If their personality or looks change, you might get upset because it doesn't fit the image of what you think they should be. It can fade out really fast, and you'll find yourself not caring for them at all. It's usually caused by chemicals going crazy in the brain, rather than long-term understanding and communication.
OfDeathandLove Jun 28, 6:15 PM
1. I think it's mostly physical attraction. I've had a dude friend tell me outright that the reason he's not into me is because he's not physically attracted to me, so I've just kind of made that assumption. Not that I'm going to drastically change my appearance to appease the guys, I'm just waiting for a dude who thinks I'm hot, I guess. And yeah, it doesn't bother me too much.

2. I don't mind if you do it with our conversations, but you might want to ask others to do it for them. In either case, I highly doubt it's illegal.

3. Working, watching TV (including anime), and hanging with friends. ...Mostly that. I do have a few vacations planned down the line, but other than that, nothing too crazy or drastic. You?

4. I just kinda... don't, at least lately. Sometimes there'll be something that'll pop up that makes me want to work on a specific book, but largely, I just haven't been writing much at all.

5. I'll check it out.

6. By those definitions?

I've been in love, of course. It's basically what a crush is.

I'd say I've "loved" a lot of people, just not romantically. Family, friends, the like.

The problem with talking about "love" and being "in love", though, is that the definitions are going to change person to person. For me, I'd say "loving" someone is caring about them deeply, whether eros (love of someone romantically), storge (love of someone platonically), or any other definition of love the Greeks have come up with. My definition of being "in love" is caring for someone romantically. The big problem is that a lot of people confuse infatuation with being "in love," which is why people still in the honeymoon stages of a relationship/crush will say they're "so in love." I think that term should more apply to people who have been in a relationship, or at least have known the person, for 5+ years.
OfDeathandLove Jun 27, 1:40 PM
1) Out of the three I can think of, two I've asked on multiple dates, and they only agreed to the first one or two. The third I asked on a date, but haven't made any more moves because 1. I haven't seen him since then (due to circumstance... I assume), and 2. He's been busy with other things like moving apartments.

2) Maybe you could write down the bigger conversations we do have? That way you can check it.
OfDeathandLove Jun 27, 10:29 AM
1) Eh, I've already met a fair amount of dudes who meet these criteria. The problem is getting them to like me back :/

2) Eh. I'm not marriage-hungry, but I'm not going to put it off for the sake of putting it off. If I meet a good enough dude, who loves me back, then that's that.

3) *headdesk* I don't want to rehash the same argument about anime characters having or not having subtlety. We've talked about this probably at least two times already. Sorry, but I see a lot of subtlety in a lot of anime characters.

4) Fair.
OfDeathandLove Jun 27, 9:22 AM
1) In that case, I was kinda more talking about her than me. As for me, I don't really want someone who is exactly rolling in the dough, I just want someone who is willing to work and make enough to support the family themselves (considering I expect to have a family, and will, hopefully, be a stay-at-home mom for the most part).

2) We've talked about romance, but not about this particular question.... as far as I remember.
I want a dude who is of the same religion as me, but isn't too religious or judgmental. Someone who's at least a little bit geeky, who isn't clingy, but doesn't ignore me, is open to try new things, is willing to work and support a family, and, preferably, has college experience (bonus if they're graduated).

3) There's a big difference job-to-job. For example, fast-food is really fast-paced, factory work is doing the same thing over and over again, and both are things I despise. Retail tends to be a little more calm, and my ticket office job is downright chill (since we don't get very many customers at all).

4) Falling in love too fast is more of a trait I used to have. I definitely want a romantic relationship, but I'm not going to get into one unless the dude in question has nearly all of the qualities in point 2. I also don't really want to marry someone unless I've known them for a year, so I know they won't suddenly turn into a jerk. I definitely want kids, which feeds into the why I want someone of the same religion, because, more than likely, they're going to want kids, too. And being of the same religion means our values will be based in the same thing.

5) Fair.

6) I think the difference in anime and Western media is that, from what I've seen, anime doesn't often show loving, yet dysfunctional, non-romantic (or, heck, romantic) relationships very often. Because Japanese people are so polite, characters who act like dicks, or abusive, towards those they love are usually supposed to be thought of as, well, completely terrible people. Compared to a character like Rick, with whom I've had to separate his good parts from his bad parts, saying "Well, I like these qualities, but these qualities are downright terrible." But Japanese people are good at making subtle characters in other ways.

In short, Japanese people aren't going to make a character who says both "F* you" and "I love you," to the same person, because Japanese people aren't that expressive (at least, that's not part of their culture). They're going to have it be shown in more subtle ways that fit more in line with their culture.

7) ...I said Beautiful? Not Love the Way You Lie? Sorry if I'm getting confused here, but... yeah. Eminem isn't a master of being subtle, but he is a master of the actual act of writing. Like, rhymes and stuff.
OfDeathandLove Jun 27, 7:55 AM
Yeah, sorry about that. Maybe I should have picked a slower, clearer video. But, you're welcome.

Yeah, maybe I'll check out more Turkish music.

1) Definitely Nana Komatsu from, well, Nana. We're both terrible with not spending money, we both are picky with our jobs, love music, and try to be kind to others. But, most of all, we're both kinda terrible at romance: we tend to be selfish with it, wanting to be loved in our own way, want a rich hubby, fall in love too fast, stuff like that.

2) This one's hard. I identify with Panic! at the Disco for reasons I've already talked about (the dichomoty of who I/they want to be vs who I/they are), but I feel like I understand Murdoc from Gorillaz better simply because of all the interviews and the like that I've listened to.

Oh, which leads me into something I meant to say: When you asked me about similar things between my favorite characters, there's different things between my favorite anime characters and my favorite characters from Western media. With Western media, I like characters who are dysfunctional, like, they are utter jerks to the main characters 85%-95% percent of the time, but sometimes, they show they have that kind side, and some sort of deep, hidden sadness that contributes to their being-a-jerk. Characters like Murdoc, as well as Rick from Rick and Morty and Rocket from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Speaking of Rick and Morty, have you seen it?

3) This one's hard. It's probably either... Beautiful or Stan. Beautiful because it stuck with me during a certain time and feeling in my life, and Stan because of how raw it is and how important the message of "celebrities are people, too, don't freakin' worship them" is.
OfDeathandLove Jun 26, 9:04 PM
Eh, kinda figured. I've been watching it seriously for over a decade now, so I can be kind of particular with it.

Yeah, no. There's a reason why the video takes place at karaoke--it was meant for comedy, not to actually show different genres. This video can show different genres better with a song you already know:

The way the dude sings completely changes depending on the artist/genre he's imitating.

You don't have to do it. It's your choice, though, and you should stick with it, no matter what it is.

I actually really like that song. I like foreign-language songs, and that style is much more up my alley.
OfDeathandLove Jun 26, 5:06 PM
1) Nah, it's okay, I've read too far into songs, too.

2) It's okay.

3) That makes sense. But, that's just to say it's not my thing. I don't mind if it exists, so long as I don't have to listen to it very often. I'm a white girl raised in the suburbs, so it just ain't my style.

4) Not always, though most will at least have a consistent style within it. Most albums aren't as... eclectic as Gorillaz' albums. Rap albums will obviously focus on rap.

5) I sometimes look up AMVs based on an anime I like/am watching. Most of them come from videos in the recommendation bar that I find interesting, or from one of the few AMV Youtube channels I'm subscribed to.

6) *hears America's Got Talent*
*perks up*
*cracks knuckles*

First off, to focus on AGT--no, not all singers sound the same. Even just from this season (which is still in its auditions), this singer sounds a lot different than this singer, though I think you're thinking more of the second singer, since a lot of AGT singers do ballads. You see, on AGT, the number one thing is to either be incredibly good at what you do, or to be unique (and still good). That first singer is really good, but she's of a rare type of singer. Not very many people can sing that way at all. The reason why the second singer, and so many AGT singers, do ballads is because ballads are some of the hardest kinds of songs to sing--(usually) high notes, with a lot of lung power. So, while he's not as unique as the first singer, he's still incredibly good, and it's the fact that he's good that separates him from the others. ...If that makes any sense, I feel like I'm not explaining myself very well.

But, in general... maybe if you were just listening to the radio or to generic Youtube singers, I can see what you're talking about. But, in the grand scheme of all singers, no. For example, these two renditions of the same song. Yes, the background and post-processing helps set them apart, but the singing helps. An ever better example are the two renditions of "Hurt".

Basically, within the same genre, yeah, they might sometimes sound the same, but different genres can really bring out the different types of singing.

My advice would be to focus less on "types of singers" (I imagine that would pull up more joke videos), and instead focus on types of genres. Try some of:
Hard Rock
Soft Rock