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Nov 9, 2011
wow, another pokemon movie review. sixth in the series, jirachi wishmaker is one i remember from my childhood quite well and is the first one to feature the hero group from pokemon advanced. though a little on the random side from the series, the story does tie in somewhat from the reference to team magma and groudon. jirachi is a cute little pokemon and it's ability did come into play so i can see how it fits. it seems a bit simple, like there should have been some more there, but it's nothing that makes the movie unwatchable. for a side story like movie, i read more
Nov 8, 2011
woot, another pokemon movie! fifth in the series, pokemon heroes features two of my favorite legendary pokemon: latios and latias! well to start off, i sorta liked the story in that it centers around the history of just one city. it isn't jumping all over the place or threatening the world, just one city. the whole back story of how the city was once saved and how it effects the present tied the storyline together. other than that, it is classic pokemon. ash and his friend trying to save the city along side the two eon pokemon. i found some good use of pokemon but read more
Nov 8, 2011
the third pokemon movie, spell of the unknown~ just wow. i must have watched this sometime in the past as a child because i feel like i've seen it before but it was so long ago i couldn't remember what happened. here i am again to review yet another pokemon movie. the movie had this sort of lonely sad aura about it for most of the time. mostly because of one of the main characters molly and what she had to deal with throughout and before the movie. so far through all the movies i've watched, the sense of friendship, determination, and believing in what read more
Nov 8, 2011
LOL that was my first response whenever i started watching this. here i thought i was going to be watching the third pokemon movie and i got this twenty minute short all about pikachu and the other pokemon around the city they were visiting. i found the story of friendship and fun to be cute, heartwarming, and funny. not much else can really be said about it, this short side story is just cuteness of the pokemon series. it is one that features itself around the pokemon this time, not with battles and trainers. classic pokemon art, narration, voice acting all keep it original and read more
Nov 6, 2011
time for another review ^.^ this time it's the first pokemon movie which, despite being a huge pokemon fan, i didn't watch until many years after it came out. (i was only four when it came out and i didn't start watching pokemon till later on) none the less, here i am fresh after watching it again :D without further ado, onto the review!

we start start out with what appears to be a beautiful scene with the rarest of all pokemon, mew, right in front of our face. everything seems peaceful enough until it turns much darker and serious which is where we meet mewtwo read more
Oct 6, 2011
well, it's time for another review by NightmareRequiemWolf ^^ to think i'd find another anime based off a game that i really enjoy and play quite a good bit. so how does it fare? well, in the story department, i thought it was pretty good. sure it may be a bit difficult to get a story out of an online multi-player game but i liked the actually placing us in the world of ragnarok. when you play the game, it's your character but you are always "outside" in a manner. not really there; however, this allows us to see how life may have been for read more
Aug 8, 2011
well, i didn't think i was going to be watching the air movie for quite some time but here i am with it completed and writing a review. i loved the anime air so i thought oh what the heck, lets see what the movie was like. so without further adieu, lets get on with the review. ^^

first off the story. overall, it gave me a feeling like it was a condensed, slightly changed version of the anime. it focuses more on misuzu's and kanna's story rather than any of the other characters (the other females like minagi and kano were not even in this read more
Aug 5, 2011
spice and wolf, the anime i've been dying to watch for some time but i didn't know if i was going to like it. the first thing that drew me in was the thought of a wolf but upon starting to watch it, it became much more than that.

well to start off, the anime has a clean story line in the beginning that i found i could understand without too much trouble. as the anime progressed a few episodes, i found that dialogue was a huge part in the understanding department. i know i'm not the first to say this but, if you don't read more
Jul 20, 2011
Air (Anime) add (All reviews) all truth i didn't know what to think of this anime when i first heard of it. i've seen clips of it used in AMVs, heard people talk about it, and saw it on people's watched list but i never saw it for myself. now that i have, i'm so glad i sat down to watch it.

first off, the story. well at first it was very straight forward and easy to understand with humor and a light hearted feel to it that even made me laugh and smile. it did start to become a bit more complex as it went on where i read more
Jul 3, 2011
fire on the mystic island, the fourth and last inuyasha movie to date. well, seeing that this one has no reviews on it, i will do the honors of writing it one. as an inuyasha movie, this one had some of the typical characteristic aspects to it as such: fighting demons, romance, jokes/humor, an event that happened in the past brought back, and the group coming to the rescue once again. this one played more on mythology that i found to be enjoyable and expanded on the half demon relationship with the world. it had a suiting story line to carry on like that of read more