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Days: 6.8
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Mo Dao Zu Shi
Mo Dao Zu Shi
Aug 18, 12:34 PM
Watching 5/15 · Scored -
Aug 18, 12:34 PM
Watching 2/24 · Scored -
Death Note
Death Note
Aug 18, 12:33 PM
Completed 37/37 · Scored 8
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Watashi no Ookami-kun
Watashi no Ookami-kun
Aug 18, 12:41 PM
Reading 2/18 · Scored -
Aug 18, 12:40 PM
Reading -/98 · Scored -
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun
Aug 18, 12:40 PM
Completed 55/55 · Scored -



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Uryu-kun Oct 13, 4:08 AM
Oh it's just that people judge a bit haha
Like I don't mind having sex scenes it's pretty normal if they are in a relationship my problem is like they meet each other and after 5 min they are having sex.
And nope but I understand people like rape because they probably like something like forced sex or mind break (for example I like mind break).
Yeah, I agree cute romance is always the best choice of them all.
DreamVillainy Oct 13, 2:15 AM
I just drove down a couple hours to where my cousins were staying at, so that's how I managed through it. My classes for 2 days were cancelled which was a plus for me lol

wait what's co-op, the only co-op I know is in video games lol. Yeah I guess it can be bearable if the topic is pretty good, but very rarely for me does that happen lol. Citing is easy but its just really tedious work. a lot of the times for me I think out what im going to type before I actually do, which helps me kinda get my grammar straight before I mess it up too bad, and spelling somehow comes naturally for me. I just really don't like doing school things that take a long time like essays and math homework lol, I can't keep my focus for that long (thanks ADHD) which lengthens it for me
DreamVillainy Oct 11, 10:24 PM
sorry for the bit of a late reply, had a massive power outage in my area and I was away from home for a couple days to escape it

Nah I don't work at the moment, im too lazy to lol. I'm planning on working after this semester when I get my certificate so I can earn some pocket money. Yeah I got really lucky, they are pretty lenient with their grading. In one of the classes I did half of the required essays and somehow got a B in the class. Yeah I feel similarly, I hate how much time I need to dedicate to it and all the extra work I need to do for it like researching and showing all the research I did long with what sites I had to go to, and when I accessed said site, then citing it in the essay itself. Grammar and spelling isn't too bad for me tho

ohh, so that's what a soft cake is

oh sure I can try to show you how to do things there if you still need the help, you don't sound dumb for asking that, but I don't really give out the best directions and stuff lol.Feels free to add me anytime and to hit me up there if you want
LizardReM917 Oct 11, 9:33 PM
I like it a lot actually c:
tamoxxlevi Oct 8, 1:20 AM
it's usually tamo.
yeah I think I fall in love with one guy who doesn't even notice me lol
I feel lonely because of him lol

what about you, do you like anyone?
Uryu-kun Oct 7, 11:24 PM
Well just a bit but I think it's like a real drama that some people can relate with.
Yeah, they are so good!
Oh you like?! Yay that's awesome I was nervous to say xD
Well, I think probably Dakaretai Otoko 1-i ni Odosarete Imasu.
But my only problem with major of the yaoi anime have some wrong shit like pedophile, rape and more :(
Webtoons (the ones I read) are more cutes and concentrate on love
Uryu-kun Oct 7, 10:09 AM
Re:Life it's drama but also has a bit of rom-com.
Yeah, u should if u are interested.
Well anything wit romance most are yaoi
tamoxxlevi Oct 7, 9:29 AM
ooh it's really hard.
I don't like anything yet, except of one guy lol
aah zynah is sooo beautiful name, i'm from georgia (not state) and this name is popular in my country ^^

my name is tamo/tamuna.
tamoxxlevi Oct 4, 10:37 PM
oh 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's lol everything.
no playing games isn't for me. I was playing android games when I was 13 or 14 but not now.

btw I don't know your name or where are you from lol
Uryu-kun Oct 4, 4:24 AM
Akagami no Shirayuki-hime it's an awesome rom-com with 2 seasons I really recommend!
Other ones maybe RE:life it's awesome too and Hataraku Maou-sama! for a little of comedy.
Yeah, I do but rn I am more focus on Webtoons, and u like webtoons?
Uryu-kun Oct 3, 11:54 PM
Romance, comedy, slice of life and fantasy xD
but yeah ofc I watch anything that seems good enough :3
Also, I see that u didn't watch a lot of anime yet, probably very busy correct?
If u need any help to suggestions please tell me, I happy helping you
DreamVillainy Oct 3, 8:51 PM
College life is just okay. mostly going to school and doing homework, and if you have one, going to work. Most of my classes are pretty easy, mainly because I lucked out a lot and got easy professors, but there are difficult classes, like a couple for my major and a physics class im taking right now because I forgot to do math lol. I'm just really lazy in English classes, sometimes I just don't do the essay assigned lol

If you can, you should try some. Yeah I'm pretty turned off on trying to bake anything right now, but I would be down to try it later on tho. hopefully something easier than a whole cake from scratch lmao. what kind of soft cakes you bake?

Well one of my names was based on the character, not the actor. But there's an actor that has the same name as me so yeah you would be right lol. Nah a few of my friends have pretty unique names too because they're from other countries. I did have some pretty neat experiences with people misspelling and misreading my name lmao

Yeah I use discord, if you wanna add me my discord is quinoa#6174
tamoxxlevi Oct 2, 11:36 PM
I usually watch to movies and listen to music.

no I have never played anything lol

what about you?
tamoxxlevi Oct 2, 9:08 AM
no i don't (
oh I don't use it but I have it.
and do you use it?
Uryu-kun Oct 2, 12:08 AM
No problemo!
So on this new season, I am excited for SAO Alicization: war on wonderland, Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara and Fate/Grand Order: Zettai Majuu Sensen Babylonia wbu?
and btw what is your favourite genres?