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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
Mar 21, 2:49 PM
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Fairy Tail: Final Series
Fairy Tail: Final Series
Mar 20, 9:58 PM
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Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
Mar 18, 10:11 PM
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MAYOII Jun 15, 1:37 PM
aww senpai seems like ive missed something important :x
so here is something special for you

LukaThe12th Apr 27, 2:21 PM
BakaSui Apr 27, 8:46 AM
HAPPY BIRTHDAY SENPO!!! Hope you're doing great! :3

TheBigGuy Apr 27, 12:38 AM
Happy Birthday!
Freyja-Lilith Apr 26, 4:42 PM
Happy Birthday! 🎂
Nijigaharaa Apr 26, 3:03 PM
Χρονια πολλα ^^ οτι επιθυμεις δικο σου ^^
AnimePixelz Apr 26, 1:45 PM
happy birthday senpie
have a great day !
Krysaia Apr 4, 3:22 AM
Aww, thanks haha... well that's fine. I did like my Kaguya one a lot as well. I still have it saved, so don't worry. I also have a Naofumi/Raphtalia profile pic and layout I can use at some point as well.
Yeah of course. Wished I had remembered more, so I could have helped you better, but good thing is got it figured out. How's your progress on it?
Ah yeah, complete opposites, but it's always nice to find favorite characters with different types of personalities. It makes them stand out more.

Lol or you could end up getting addicted to it and might end up binging it.
Sounds good :) VN is good enough anyway.
Ooo that sounds quite convenient to have..
Probably does. It's just hard to believe when there's no visible signs. That's always nice when you and other people start to notice your changes.
Well I already broke my streak of working out, so rip lol.
That makes complete sense.. good weather does tend to make people want to go out more and enjoy it.
Yep I get that feeling a lot.
Too hot for me... I can't survive those hot summer days.
Hmm yeah, true. There are goggles you can use to cover your eyes and nose. Have you tried those? I like swimming under water better, but I can't hold my breath very well, so I always used those type of goggles when swimming under water. Haha sure sure...
Your gf glared at it too? Did she read your reply?
Ooo I see. Once you get addicted to something, it's hard to stop cause your brain says otherwise.
Gotta find that strong will.

ME TOO! Its fun doing that.
Oh heh, my bad. I am a seasonal pleb, but anyway, you chose some good ones, so I hope you'll enjoy them.
Ikr? Good thing she turned out okay.
Oh wow, that's really neat!
Naofumi is just a sad virgin who can't take a hint. Shame on him.
They really are.. they always find a way to make Naofumi look like someone he's not. It kinda irritates me..
Yeah, though I think its focus is supposed to be more on the shield hero. I mean it's even the English name for it haha.
Don't mind that :>

Oh was it that funny? Glad it made you laugh lol
I got nothing right now tbh..
Ooo well now you know and I guess you'll be binging it now since it has ended?

Well you did tell me when you were going to reply, so there's that lol
Taylor_Mk Mar 26, 4:25 PM
Shoepie luv's MAL needs more comments UwU

AnimePixelz Mar 6, 10:27 AM
no u
(its okie oof)
AnimePixelz Mar 6, 1:52 AM
u r big trap
MAYOII Mar 5, 1:26 PM
it does remind me of another anime called yuri on ice too as both of them explore non-hyped sports with different appeals that i do not see in other sports anime (elegant music, choreography etc)
im sure you've heard of it


ohh thats something new to me
but not surprised consider how sweet she is * am i complimenting her ?! >< *
but shes a meanie in fishing games >:(

oh thats great!
i would rather say she's cute then beautiful but either way, she got her charms
is senpai into this kind of girl? :teehee:

i caught the squid!!
out of the blue and i wasn't even expecting it lel
another guy caught it too, i think it's taylor? i believe

yes, she is
that scares me :x

right now im kinda off so i quitted all the servers to focus on my studies peeposad
but no worries, i'll come back oneday!
silvy told me the server is doing good i'm at ease now xd i bet there are new members who just joined recently
BakaSui Mar 3, 7:37 AM
Kinda, but this one was on another level XD
And yeahhh, I was a lurking monster back then, tbh I still am but mostly staying quiet, cause I know that if I start talking I won't be able to go off and do my work that easily :'D

I know... Hope you can see him again soon, and of course take a lot of new pics! ;w; Will be looking forward to see older ones as well :3
Haha X'D
Well, Happy is dumb so who knows, who knows
And feel free to use that one!

Hmmm well, I'm sure you're gonna agree when you watch more >:3 And same... I'm a maso who feels bad when skipping fillers, so I watched all... Sometimes they were just SO BAD XD And I also agree it got worse after the arc with Pain. Before that I really loved that animu <3
Ehhh, Gajeel x Levy is such a cute ship, why you don't like? ;w; But I see, I see! I have seen some people shipping Mira with Laxus, not sure. I also don't have any ship with her, but she is nice!

Well, congrats on catching the crabby still!!! It's all about the luck I guess, not skills :D But yeah, I was super-surprised when that happened, I already had caught two rares during one day in the past but never in like 10 minutes!
Krysaia Mar 2, 10:20 PM
Nicely said lol
Heh, thanks. I'm glad you like them! I made my profile more simple this time around, but I really wanted to make a Kaguya one while the anime is airing, plus I found a really cute picture I could use.
Mhm indeed, though it's not like I would have actually stopped being your friend if you chose someone else.
That's good to know you understand what I mean. I could never understand myself why I end up liking those characters the most. It's either those or the shy type. Ahaha, how can I not put Lelouch there?

Mhm. Exactly that, though some people still end up enjoying the shorter ones. There are just other ones I would rather recommend over those and I think are worth spending the time on. They are pretty similar to each other, but I would say the visual novel has more details of course, so you could start with that and still understand it quite well. Also, I only watched FSN before playing the VN. I never even watched the really old Fate series and F/Z doesn't really have any relation to the VN, though there are some references to it in the VN, you can still understand it without having watched it, plus you could always watch the anime afterward if you want to.
Yeah it's pretty cool and the art style that the VN has is very unique as well. It doesn't have that typical anime moe artstyle to it like most visual novels do.

Do you have exercising machines, or do you just do your own set of exercises? I always thought it would be cool to have my own gym in my place lol, but who knows if I'll ever have anything fancy like that..
I know right. I have to keep pushing myself. I feel like it doesn't do anything for me, so I just always want to stop.
Oh, why did the streak stop?
You're most motivated in the summer? Really? The heat makes me want to just lie around and die tbh, especially when it gets really hot. I guess it can be motivating to go out and take walks if the weather is nice and it's not too hot. I haven't been swimming in so long.. I wonder if I can even still swim lol. And you never learned to swim? :o That crossed out word though.. lol *glares*
Yeah that's the majority of my diet as well. It will probably catch up to us in our later years.. It kind of scares me to think that though, like I know I should change it and try to eat healthier, but it's so difficult once its become a permanent thing into your diet.
Lol yeah you need a good balance of just about everything to gain weight and just eating junk food won't help, plus that might make you gain too much weight.

Wow you're a hardcore lurker! Honestly my list is usually just full of seasonal anime, so you might not get much outta my list haha.
That's definitely a good thing, plus a score is just a number anyway. I feel like it doesn't explain enough as to why someone dislikes or likes something.
Omg the last episode of Shield Hero nearly gave me a heart attack.. hopefully you'll remember by the next time you reply, but it was basically that one scene with Filo and the dragon. Won't say much since I don't know if you're caught up or not.
Aww, what's your language?
And I was thinking the same thing and Naofumi is even stupider for what he did at the end of that episode.. like pft, I'd take up Raphtalia on that offer in an instant.
Yeah he just went through some messed up stuff very early on, which is unfortunate, but should add something to his character development hopefully. Pft I don't care about their character development. A lot of them are just stupid cunts.. jkjk, we can see where their so called character development goes.. straight to hell I bet! Just a gut instinct huh?
Yeah in case you didn't know, my profile is based on that anime. It might be changed by the next time you reply, but hopefully you'll remember. And that's okay, I've missed some good series from seasonals plenty of times. It happens.
Cool, let me know when you do!

Oh, well that's good to know.
I like catching people by surprise!

Taylor_Mk Feb 28, 4:54 PM
A godly comment just for youu UwU
no !! It's an honour to have YOU here Shoepie sheep <3
dw about late repliess, I'm super lazy on mal these days hehehe
I used my shoeli power to get through those tests !! c:

YOU HAVE STEINS;GATE IN UR FAVOURITES TOO !! besto anime ever, first show/movie to make me cry ;w;