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Jun 7, 2019
Yuukai Anna is a CGI anime that exists for some reason. While I’m not adverse to CGI anime, this is something I can’t get behind. Why this was approved or what the thought process behind it was, I can’t imagine. Oh wait, it’s Deen.

The story opens with a kidnapping because Anna is a kidnapper. A lot of it makes little to no sense, so don’t think about it too hard. Just a little bit of thought causes a lot of the logic to completely fall apart. The rest mostly consists of philosophical musings over the nature of love. read more
Jun 4, 2019
Imagine staring at static for 20 minutes. Now imagine staring at something a little less interesting than static for 20 minutes. That’s Henkai Something 2-ban. Henkai Something 1-ban is some stupid thing where it’s just a circle for 20 minutes, with some occasionally flashing or whatever to make it qualify as animation. If this didn’t exist, I’d give that a 1. Because this exists, I ended up giving 1-ban a 2/10 because that circle was so damn interesting as opposed to 2-ban’s absolute nothing. How this abortion’s overall rating isn’t a solid 1.00 is beyond me. When people read more
Jun 4, 2019
I have no idea what urarochi means, but I know what diamond means. This is the worst diamond in the entire world. I would pay money to not watch this again. Not a lot of money, but still an amount of money above zero.

This is supposed to be some sort of weird interactive adventure DVD but all I got was basically a half-an-hour slideshow. I’m not sure how this actually qualifies as anime when there’s no animation outside of the menu screens. All you get is some still image with what I assume is supposed to be a comedy voiceover. read more
Jun 4, 2019
As I sat in my somewhat comfy chair watching this trash, my thoughts were arranged somewhere along the lines of “Not so fast, middle-aged Japanese businessmen. I’m too smart to fall for your scheme to sell me whatever it is your selling.” And then I gave it a 2/10 because it was awful.

One Room is either first-person or second-person anime, I don’t really care to do any sort of analyzing to determine what dimension its person is. You basically just sit there and watch these generic anime sluts talk to “you” for 4 minutes that feel twice their length. There are read more
Jun 4, 2019
4.Eyes (Anime) add (All reviews)
When you begin to dig deep into MAL, you’ll begin to learn that the definition of animation can be a tad broad. For example, 4.eyes. There’s something that can be barely considered animation.

4.Eyes can be divided into two parts. The first, which takes up the first three minutes, is similar to a peripheral vision test you’d take at an eye doctor. There’s a circle in the center of screen with a background that occasionally changes color and gains polka dots. The second half is a bit more animation-like, but not by much. It’s two mirrored frames of what I read more
Jun 4, 2019
“Less is more” – the director

Twinkle Nora is the sequel to regular Nora. Like many an OVA, there isn’t a lot in the way of making sense. The original Nora had a girl named Nora taking a space vacation and saving humanity through her outgoing personality. Twinkle Nora is about the same Nora who became a bounty hunter with psychic powers somehow. We don’t know how she got them and no one in the show knows why either, it just happened and you have to accept that. Being a psychic bounty hunter, Nora decides to bounty hunt a bad psychic read more
Jun 4, 2019
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One of my favorite things about my list is that ◯ comes between A and B. That’s the only favorite it’s going to get.

Like most things by Sawako Kabuki, large circle (U+25EF) is another “how many disgusting things can I fit” animation. To put it roughly, it goes person morphs into another person, thing comes out of person’s head or vagina to morph into another person, person crumbles into something, person snorts that something, etc. There’s a little over a minute of that, and it gets old quick. Thankfully, it’s in black and white to save your eyes from read more
Jun 4, 2019
I can only assume this is a product of Keiichi Tanaami discovering “Alice in Wonderland” and thinking to himself, “You know what this story could use? Lots of eyes all over the place.” And then “Adventures in Beauty Wonderland” was born.

Like everything Tanaami touches, this is a bit strange. But unlike a great deal of things he’s touched, this one’s relatively easy on the eyes. And that’s not a pun on the emphasis of eyes in this film. What I mean by easy on the eyes isn’t that the art isn’t ugly, but it’s not an attempt on read more
Jun 4, 2019
Hikaru Utada is an R&B singer who’s been active from the late 90’s to today. In 2004, she released an album titled Exodus. By some divine miracle, it received music videos for all 14 of its tracks. These are collectively called Fluximation. On top of that, they’re all animated. Also on top of that, they’re beautifully animated. Each has a unique look, feel, and setting to them. But unfortunately, this miracle was brought upon by the monkey’s paw.

Fluximation in its entirety is about 9 minutes. (9*60)/14 comes out to about 38.5 seconds per track. So instead read more
Jun 4, 2019
Cipher’s older, weirder sister.

Purple Eyes in the Dark is a weird and confusing mess. It’s basically a 25 minute trailer for the manga that only makes you want to read the manga so you can understand the trailer. The only exposition comes in the form of gibberish lyrics. Even when they’re in English, it still sounds like a foreign language. And I swear somebody said “No more kitty litter for you” as if it implied kitty litter was a snack. Why.

I assume Purple Eyes is about a girl who can transform in a leopard. What she does as a read more