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Dec 31, 2007
This anime has gone through some rough criticism for it's strange content and backwards airing. But it's those things that make this an under-appreciated, under-rated masterpiece.

The art and general quality of this series is generally pretty nice. The opening is nice and mysterious with a nice song by Momoka's seiyuu that is very traditional sounding. The end animation isn't anything impressive but the song is nice and soothing, very lullaby-ish.

The characters are interesting and are put into unique situations (including staying at a haunted inn, yaoi Dojinshi, social abuse/exclusion and a yuri love triangle). Character's importance and attitude is confusing at first if you watch read more
Dec 27, 2007
Night Wizard in no way a great anime. But it somehow ended up as one of my favorites and for one little reason: it's so simple. The plot is a straight forward one that is reminiscent of older anime where Yandere characters were but a far, far away thing and loli was not a genre of anime. Where it was the hero versus the bad guy on a mystical quest. Night Wizard is exactly that.

The art in Night Wizard, although sometimes inconsistent (although quite rarely), is very nice. While the character designs are somewhat generic, they are done nicely and with style so that you read more
Dec 1, 2007
Lots of people didn't like how the general focus of the Nanoha series changed to Subaru, Teana, Caro and Erio in StrikerS. Well that and the fact that our favorite magical girls were no longer loli's. But the series picks up with some interesting (and plentiful) villains and some new characters that are also very cool. The multiple plot lines near the end is done very well and even those new characters you may or may not have liked in the begining become interesting and exciting as we get to our big StrikerS finale.