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Nov 18, 2010
Mixed Feelings
As a fan of the first season, I was looking forward to the announcement that the second season got a green lit. I disliked the idea of having a new master and butler but as the updates and airing date were moving close, I felt that the new master is indeed interesting and unique. Aside the new butler of course.

The moment I got to watch the first episode of the second season, there were mixed feelings. Confusion, amusement and unsatisfaction. The latter episodes became dull but there were certain ones that just makes me “Okay fine, I’ll finish this. Maybe it would be more interesting ...
Aug 23, 2010
Kawaii Akuma (Manga) add
Complex yaoi fans are still yaoi fans. It’s hard to look for heavy drama and psychological storylines that you might just want to have another dish served in your plate. Trust me, it won’t ruin your appetite.

Now clear your plates everyone and let me introduce you Kawaii Akuma.

So we’ve heard that loli-shotas are too adorable and cute. It defines a boy with girly features and giving off pheromones. Naruse Fuuta is one and is developing feelings for the class president, Akiyoshi Tooru.

Don’t get the impression of the common girly uke being pushed down by the masculine seme.

It isn’t what it looks like.

Naruse is, at first, ...
Apr 30, 2010
Aishiteru (Manga) add
Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter are seasons wherein we enjoy different things on different times, different places with different people. Seasons for most of us basically means changes in time. But for Kazushi and Harutomo, these seasons gives them a feeling of love and it is something to give importance of.

Aishiteru is another yaoi manga which got me interested because it didn’t have a girly uke. The cover gives off a harmonious atmosphere. And with that, I started clicking the pages away.

Kazushi is an elite workaholic businessman while his lover, Harutomo is a part time cleaner in the same company, who has a potential in ...
Apr 11, 2010
There will always be a manga with very obscure scenarios. Those with extensive narrations and dialogues that leads you in deep thought and reflection. Male homosexual relationships are intriguing, Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume wo Miru is intriguing.

It is unmistakably a mouse trap.

If you ever thought reading one of the most decent stories that includes homosexual relationships, you may take this one into consideration. That which interweaves the art, characters and plot into a flawless lacework with no strings unwoven.

The story technically revolves around Kyouichi, a married man with lots of adultery in it. And it seems that these little mistakes he has gave a ...
Apr 8, 2010
The relationship is more tense than before. It’s now vulnerable and weaker than ever, He is defenseless. He is flustered. Everything is now a mess.

The suspension bridge is about to break.

To be more precise, Sojou no Koi wa Nido Haneru is the sequel of Kyuuso wa Cheese no Yume wo Miru. It’s now more concentrated on the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and the thoughts of Kyouichi. Another rival has arrived for Imagase and the pressure between the two is unsettling. Kyouichi stays the same. He still lacks too many puzzle pieces for him to complete the jigsaw of his true feelings. He ...
Mar 7, 2010
Doukyuusei (Manga) add
Preliminary (4/6 chp)
A song that has connected us using this tender red string of fate. With your eyes that reflects the beautiful budding leaves, I want to see you again.

Nakamura Asumiko, known as an author of many stories with cognitive storylines, once again breathes new life into the shounen ai genre with her replenishing and distinctive art.


The story follows the life of Kusakabe, a student who is whimsical and has an easy going attitude. One day, he notices his classmate, Sajou Rihito not participating during a choir practice. He seems surprised but ignores it. That afternoon, during dismissal, he forgets his lunchbox, returns to the room and ...
Mar 6, 2010
So what can you find in an average yaoi manga? Fetishes? Girly uke? Masculine uke? Aggressive seme? Shy seme? The deed? Impotency? Bishounens? Love?

If you asked me what has made me to love yaoi more, I would straightly answer Otona Keikenchi. The one who has got me in its sway. The culprit for this obsession.

Frankly speaking, Otona Keikenchi is one of the freshest manga that I have read in this genre regardless of the cliche plot. Not because I have it in my faves but on the grounds that it's peculiarly entertaining.

The story progress isn't slow nor fast paced. It simply starts off with Yumeji ...
Feb 12, 2010
Preliminary (5/13 eps)
Being a sucker for animes with bishies, I expected Miracle Train to be one of the best to be anticipated last Fall 2009. Unfortunately, it failed to meet my expectations. The sad part is I had to drop it after watching 5 episodes. I only watched it til its 5th since I thought it’ll have some developments, but again, no.

Oedo-sen e Youkoso or simply Welcome to the Oedo Line focuses on 6 guys who are actually Oedo train stations. They are some sort of a host club, in a train. They help ladies who are troubled and they’re the only ones who can see and ...
Feb 10, 2010
Dengeki Daisy (Manga) add
Preliminary (18/80 chp)
“No matter what happens, I’ll protect you.”

Where have I read this line? Wait. Let me think.

Oh right, from oodles of shoujo mangas I read. I remembered dropping a lot because they were a lot too similar to each other. It just differs from the art to its supporting characters and leads. There’re a lot of arcs being used over and over and over again. Hotsprings, going on field trips, getting locked in a gym storage room and whatnot.

Of course, Dengeki Daisy springs out the cliché plots at its peak.

As another fan of the shoujo genre, I am once again amused on how Motomi Kyousuke handles ...
Feb 9, 2010
Bakuman. (Manga) add
Preliminary (72/176 chp)
From the makers of the popular series Death Note, Obata Takeshi and Ohba Tsugumi once again sets forth to a new work of a totally different package.

Regardless on how dark-themed their previous work is, they manage to enliven its fans by shifting to the lighter genre.

Bakuman welcomes us into a fresh concept. Its comical profoundness blends well on how solid the main theme is.

Basically, it tells a story about two boys who dreams to be mangakas and are willing to give their best shot to be successful in the future. Moritaka Mashiro, who handles the art, commits to his crush, Azuki, that as soon as ...