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Dec 26, 2020
In one overly lengthy sentence:

A somewhat non-directional and puzzling plot inception carried by my morbid curiosity along with interest in genres tagged, followed by a promising and intriguing development of the storytelling and, hence, natural inveiglement, proceeded to build up to a painful, messy, nonsensical climax finished by another perplexing conclusion, having only real thing accomplishing a recurring and completed cycle of utter confusion, resulting in dissatisfied feeling and a subpar, under average grade as modestly presented by yours truly.

Thank you for reading my sentence which I made as bewildering as possible, just like how was the film.

Jun 23, 2018
Mixed Feelings
I'm wondering what's happening with slice of life shows lately.

It's as if anime producers had a secret consensus, and on it they decided they'll sneak in non-existent plot into shows, and focus on making money with as little effort as possible. News flash: just because a show has slice of life genre in it, it doesn't allow it to be boring to the point of being a comatose-inducing drug.

I can give you endless examples of other shows being super interesting regardless of main theme simply tracking a character or characters' lives or other barely existing plot examples. Wotakoi went off rails with plot less than ...
May 15, 2018
Prison School (Manga) add
It sucks - 9/10
This is a perfect review of the series.

Manga is pretty much on point until it passes roughly ~80% of work. Most of the read is extremely enjoyable, fun, exciting, intense, erotic, feel-good experience that I had pleasure of familiarizing myself with for (almost) three days, before the work started showing signs of injury on better part of last day. Crazy adventures, situations, troubles, laughs and disasters our cast goes through in their lives is pretty much the definition of youth everyone would like to experience, maybe, to their own risk. Then, sadly, two things happen.

1) Prolongation
2) Bad ending

First, it draws out, ...
Feb 24, 2018
To be honest, I went into this movie with zero(geddit?) expectations. What proceeded was me being absolutely blown away by the magnitude of what ensued. It was as if someone sneaked in when I expected the least and surprised me with one of the most magnificent stories I've seen lately. That's how I could summarize the experience of watching this movie. I'm so satisfied I found something worthy of giving such a high praise after a seemingly endless mediocrity of anime, yet it's what normally occurs once you indulge too much in one particular medium. This could easily be made into a stand-alone movie. I ...
Jan 20, 2018
Funny story: the one who wanted to watch this was my mom, she chose it initially because of the avatar-profile-picture or whatever that's called (guy with a clenched fiery fist).
I was just glad she wanted to watch anything in general, so we hopped right in. It wasn't what she expected, but she enjoyed it nonetheless.

It's silly, it's lighthearted and so cliche it's actually funny. There is a scene at the beginning where it opens with main trio walking on the street, then suddenly, next shot, bunch of guys in black get kicked out from a club, they leave one of them behind, and as that ...
Jan 14, 2018
The purpose of this review will be to hopefully shed some light on how great this Chinese cartoon really is, therefore this review will contain both seasons of Monster List.

Just finished watching the second season and I cannot believe the negative bias surrounding this anime, judging from first season's reviews. With a rating of only 6.73 of first season(7.13 of second) as of writing this review, this anime is criminally underrated. With any luck, that will change for the better.

Story's unique, very fluid and gets gradually more elaborate, as shows moves on, especially in second season! Characters are very vibrant, cheerful, goofy and easy to ...
Oct 22, 2017
Fate/Zero (Anime) add
I'm sorry, but this anime is simply atrocious.

I honestly don't understand the appeal of Fate/Zero at all. It's been praised by so many and it has a really high rating, however, I just can't stomach it. Mind you, there are some minor spoilers of first four episodes just to be able to shed light on why I rated the show so low without being automatically reported. Not that it won't happen regardless.

First episode has to be the most boring, pointless episode I ever watched. Absolutely no effort was made to spark the interest of the viewer or to summarize the story properly. It threw at ...
Oct 22, 2017
This is probably the only anime I watched that starts out very poorly first few episodes only to get increasingly better with each consecutive episode.

To be honest, I did fast forward/skip through some parts of first three-four episodes since they seemed nauseatingly boring at times, and I had planned to drop the anime once I made sure there was nothing in it for me, but I'm glad I stuck around.

At start, the animation looked weird, and it remained under average through the anime. From the title alone, Konbini Kareshi, you can tell what the plot of the anime will vaguely be, however it has a ...
Mar 31, 2017
This is the most cringey, edgy, 'look how deep and conflicted I am', garbage I've ever set my eyes upon. Absolutely no decency, no self-respect, no genuinety, no common sense, no nothing.
It's just another reminder of a perpetually morally bankrupting society nowadays. Thanks!

Characters are terrible, contrived, unlikable, and honestly just plain disgusting. No, I would not passionately make out with a random stranger as a substitute for my unrequited love. I guess that's just me, though. Throw in bunch of forbidden unrequited love (student-teacher, incest, lesbianism) in and envelop it with 'passion', a.k.a. perversion and you got yourself Kuzu no Honkai. And what's with the ...
Mar 24, 2017
I noticed there are many hate reviews regarding this show, I decided to make one defending it and explaining its brilliance instead, which some of you have missed, or hate it because it's popular to do so (as with SAO).

A fat boy turns a muscular young man after being rejected as a kid and plots revenge on the girl who broke his heart. Right away I experienced Nisekoi vibes mixed with Maid-sama and sprinkled with a little bit of Oreairu.

Firstly, there's an abundance of absolutely hilarious scenes throughout the anime, his mom being a 'loli hag' is just one of the examples. All the girls ...