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woomyBoy Mar 26, 1:28 PM
Karl-_-CxJ Feb 16, 11:00 AM
Hi Netsuho :)
We meet again after a long absence!
Hope you're doing fine and healthy

And also
Happy New Year :)
May this new year bring you lots of joy and happiness, and give you strength to fulfill your dreams.

Yeah it's kinda hard to keep up with MAL along with busy college schedules. BTW what college do you go to, or what's your field of study? I'm interested to know haha ^^

Oh you're watching a horror show ryt! That's surprising, cuz you didn't like horror earlier, isn't it? But that's cool, all I can say is keep exploring new genre and shows...
Oh btw, how was 'Yume Tsukai' overall?

I've watched plenty of shows in my absence.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion,
My Dress Up Darling,
Cyberpunk: Edgerunners,
Chainsaw Man,
Demon Slayer,
My neighbor Totoro....and so on

Somehow I try to find leisure hours from my schedule just to watch some anime XD!

Anyways, tell me something about yourself :)
How's life going?
And what shows you've been watching?
Karl-_-CxJ Oct 31, 2022 9:55 PM
Hey, how're you doing?
It's been months since was last online on MAL, now I'm back.
My exams did go well.

Watching anything interesting these days?
Shademaster16 Sep 25, 2022 11:13 AM
Yes, unfortunately Touhou is not a game for the older generation, so unfortunately they can't really appreciate these songs. :/
But, don't let this be a shame for you, because the point is that you like it, and there are many, many of us with that. :D
Unfortunately, everyone's taste in music is different, which is why not many people can understand individual songs. Which is fine, but there's no problem, because I'm not writing so that everyone has to like what I like. :D

Yes, because I think everyone is of the opinion that people never like a given character because of their appearance, but rather because of their behavior, since most people can identify with it, because they are similar to it (Respect for the exception).

Yes, of course I agree with that, but luckily I've never dealt with anyone who was like that to me, and I admit that I don't even want to meet someone like that :D
I think this community is very lovable, and the people in it are so close-knit. I didn't find this very much in one of the larger communities, but I'm glad that the situation is different here. :D
Also, that I talk to so many good-hearted people. :D

On a really bad day or period, being in such a good community, not to mention playing such good games like Touhou... It's very good, at least for me. :D
But I think a lot of people are like that. :D

I can completely agree with this, because unfortunately everything takes practice. You need to know who are the best characters for you in Touhou, and learning everything about them, how to dodge the given bullet well, and figure everything out unfortunately takes a lot of time. But of course, if we want to do it, we have to practice, otherwise it won't work. :D
I also suffered a lot before I was able to do EoSD completely, but it is true that there was cc, so I played PoDD on Normal level. It wasn't difficult, but I managed 1cc. :D

Basically, I think LoLK is the second hardest Touhou I've played. I couldn't get through the game even on easy mode. XD
I know I'm lame, but hey, it's really hard.

But the hardest part for me was Clownpiece.
I've never fought anyone as hard as her.
Unfortunately, I have to go with Reisen because he's the best in all of LoLK because of her bomb.

Yes, I agree that there is very, very little time to look at backgrounds, but luckily it's on Google. :D
So it's easier to find them there than to simply look at them in-game. :D

Yes, because in the past I was unfortunately only able to play drums for a short time, because a lot of things happened, which were family reasons, and unfortunately my left arm was pretty badly injured, so I didn't have the opportunity to play drums.
But of course I plan to come back as I really like the drums and all the instruments. :D (I'm currently trying to practice on Ocarina if I have time :D).
In addition, I plan to play the lute as well, and I also plan to play many instruments, but unfortunately there is not enough time. :/
Also, I love Raiko because the drums meant a lot to me, that I was able to play the drums, and when I got to know Touhou and when I saw Raiko playing the drums, I said to myself that I already adore her! :D
Because it's very fitting that he's playing one of my favorite instruments in a franchise that means so much to me. :D

So yeah, that's basically the story. :D

The clarinet isn't bad either, but it's not good to play an instrument on it if it's forced on you and you can't play what you want.
But of course, that's just my opinion. :D
In addition, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. :D
It might be wrong, the instrument you play, but without a clarinet, you don't have the tone it has. A clarinet player is also needed in a band, since classical music does not have that sound or style. :D

But I don't want to make you think about doing it, I'm just saying that everything has advantages and disadvantages. :D

In the past, I also planned to form a band, but unfortunately it didn't work out. :/
Let's just say that I was also in my arms, although I didn't feel like it, since I don't have such a good voice :/
But that was a long time ago :D

Yes, I admit, I like Suwako for those reasons too. :D

Then I knew well what they were thinking at that time :D
Ah, I get it! :D
I had no idea about that, sorry! :D

Yes, the EoSD is very much as you described, but I have another difficulty, that since my keyboard is not English (because I live in Hungary), the "Y" and "Z" keys are switched for me, and it is very , but it is very difficult to control at that time. And I succeeded in SA because my keyboard is quite uncomfortable :D

Unfortunately, I can't change it because it won't let me. :/

That's right, it takes a lot of practice before you can complete a game.
It also took me several months to play EoSD on Normal! :D

You're right about that too, but unfortunately for me, time is my biggest enemy, as I don't have much time to practice. :D

That's why I play a little every day. But, as soon as I have time, I'll start playing Touhou right away :D

And a big congratulations to you for managing to complete the MoF on Normal, I certainly wouldn't be able to do it in this case :D
you practice too, and you too will manage to do the rest much, much better! :D
Shademaster16 Sep 20, 2022 1:01 PM
I don't think so at all, it's just that not many people understand these songs and the ketekters. :D

yes Awooooo!!! :D I love it so much! :D

No? Ah, for me, all of the characters I described are good because I never think about their appearances, but about their behaviors and what their personalities are like inside. Because I can really, really identify with them, especially Youmu.
Since Shion isn't such a bad character either, at least not for me. I really like him and Kokoro too, because no matter what they look like, they're all nice. (At least, I think so).

I love Mystia, Keine and Sanae, but I don't know much about Ellen or Yumemi (I know who they are and which games they're in, but nothing else :D).

Yes, actually, I am always of the opinion that other people have a different opinion. They don't need to, and I don't ever expect them to be on the same page. (I mainly mean the Touhoura you wrote :D)
I'm happy with any Tououh, since it's the same franchise. I don't know and couldn't be interested in graphics. :D
The story should be excellent, and the characters, the rest should not be girls in any of the games. :D

Of course, I play with someone other than Reimu, since I play a lot with Youmu, and I also use Marisa and Reisen (Mostly in LoLK), just because I've played very few Touhou games completely, and almost all of them with Reimu, that's why I wrote that I played the games with Reimu. (The ones I've already played.)
Unfortunately, I still need to practice a lot to get the rest right. :/

I can't play many Touhou games on Normal difficulty, I never play Easy. I'm still quite weak with Normal, and Easy is too easy for me. :/

Yes, unfortunately it is. MoF turned out to be a genius, I really like it, yes, especially at Stage 4! But I admit, for me, Stage 3 is what I would say is the best background I've seen, and it's Touhou, and it has an autumn feel to it. :D

That's actually what happened to me, as I wanted HRtP but couldn't find the game anywhere, so I stuck with EoSD instead.

Yes, the Bad Apple! for me, it was also what makes me most interested in this franchise, even though I didn't even know it before.
Yes, Parsee is also a very popular character, but unfortunately he is not in the Top :/

Also, I forgot to say that Raiko is also included among the others as a favorite character, since I also learned to play the drums in the past, and when I found out that there is such a character who plays drums (right, Raiko), I was very happy, and then I liked him more and more.
And when I listened to Primordial Beat (Raiko's theme, I said to myself: "He will be among my favorites!", and he is still there to this day. :D)

Coming back, yes, I also really like Suwako, mostly because of her behavior. So I'm not surprised that he became your first favorite character, and that's why MoF became your first non-98 Tohuou game, as you described yesterday. :D

Also, unfortunately, I don't know how 1cc works, I think they are thinking of how you can do the given Touhou game at the same time, on the given difficulty level, without failing even once and having to start the game again.
I just don't know how you got 12 when your highest rank was 17 in the first place? (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just assuming it's the biggest :D)

If we look at it this way, 9 is the biggest for me, since I managed to play PoDD on Normal (9), but unfortunately I couldn't do it on Hard. :/
Also, EoSD didn't work on Normal either, there I was paralyzed by the bombs. :/

But with time and a lot of practice, the rest will also go on Normal level :D (Good, I've known Touhou not so long ago, only about 1 year). maybe that's why I'm pretty bad at it, who knows. :D I still have a lot to learn from the pros. :D
Shademaster16 Sep 19, 2022 1:16 PM
You should check it out, I think it turned out very well. I really like the anime, I laugh a lot at it, and I recommended it to a friend, who also watches the anime. (And she's not a Touhou fan).

If I had to choose one of the manga, I would say Touhou: IbaraKasen, one of the best Touhou manga. Actually, you can find out a lot of things that are not in the games or the anime, and the stories are also very interesting.
But of course I won't force it on you, I'll just say that I also like Touhou manga a lot. :D

I haven't listened to Dreamy Pilot yet, but I have already listened to The Primal Scene of Japan the Girl Saw. It's not bad, but it won't actually be my favorite Touhou music :D

I totally agree, it's just brilliant that they were able to put together so many good songs. I also listen to music every day, mostly when I'm drawing or when I'm caught up in Touhou. :D
But I don't think there's such a thing as a bad song in Touhou, just like there's no such thing as a bad character. I love all Touhou characters, PC-98 or not. :D

My favorite characters are:

- Youmu
- Momiji
- Mokou
- Hina
- Tenshi
- Kokoro
- Shion

I think that's it :D
There are so many, but these are my favorites.

Yes, I really like Phantasmagoria of Dim too. Dream, the story and the music are also very good there! :D
However, I've only played through the Touhou games with Reimu, but I really plan to play through them with everyone. (Except for Highly Responsive to Prayers and Black Market of Bulletphilia ~ 100th Black Market, and those Touhou games that only have Reimu or only one character :D )
And yes, they brought in a lot of new things, which I'm also very happy about. Let's say I miss Mima unblock from the Touhou anime as well as from the games. :/

I think Mountain of Faith turned out to be a genius. I love the characters so much, (especially Hina and Momiji, for me in that game, Hina got the best music, and the best characters too, but I say, it's just my opinion :D).
In addition, the design of Youkai Mountain turned out great, I love this autumn atmosphere (since autumn is my favorite season).
I think they really hit it off. :D

My first Touhou game was the embodiment of Scarlet Devil, which of course is still in my collection to this day, along with all the official Touhou games. :D

And how did I find Touhou?
A very difficult question, I must say. Unfortunately, I don't remember it at all, it was a long time ago. :/

But I think Youtube suggested it to me as a must-watch video while Imperishable Night was on, Marisa/Alice and Mokou's fight was in it, and I thought I'd give it a try. And it caught on quite a bit, and then came the anime and the manga and the games as well. :D
(But since I found Embodiment of Scarlet Devil first, it became my first Touhou game :D )

And you? How did you find Touhou? :D
Shademaster16 Sep 17, 2022 12:53 PM
There's really nothing!
And thank you so much!

And of course, one of the most defining franchises in my life, and I love it very, very much. I also have the games, I watch the anime all the time, and also the manga, if I have time, of course. But I also read thousands of them :D

I play the games on an almost daily basis to get better at them. :D

I don't know how much you love the Touhou franchise, but if I may ask, what's your favorite game and what's your favorite music? (Relating to Touhou, of course).

As my personal favorite is Imperishable Night as it has its own vibe.
Also, it's not easy, but it's not that difficult either, the difficulty itself. I also love the characters.
And in second place is Mountain of Faith, for the same reasons.

Also, I have many, many favorite songs, but the best include:
- Hiroai Shoots a Strange Bird ~ Till When?
- Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye
- Lullaby of Deserted Hell
- Nuclear Fusion
- Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke.

But there is a lot of Touhou music that I listen to and love, but it would take a long time to describe them. :D

Shademaster16 Sep 17, 2022 8:50 AM
Hello! :D
Thanks for accept my fr! Nice to meet you!

And a very good picture of Suwako! I love it! :D
FourSeasonSage Aug 20, 2022 9:18 PM
Well its all about balance right? The strength of Katsu is that it follows a simple format of a little bit of exposition, resolution or motivation, a song, and then the end; within these stages you glean just that much more info, and it all builds towards a greater picture/ stage. Long anime is usually pretty aight actually, time dedication more than less pays off.

It was the eyes, man- the eyes. Later-on, I started to appreciate the more serious side of the stories and how engaging shows can be

Yatsura is a specific humor- like its kinda snotty, but it works because of the VA's being so elite at the delivery. I dunno how well they will translate it for newer audiences, but we'll see! I got faith in the casting though, like I can hear them and it works- Kamiya screaming 'Lamu' just works in my head.

lol some epic OP's? Now you got me curious, some examples, onegai~~

Oh for sure, if someone is game I'm always happy to do a tandem watch or manga read together and then discuss what we cover in a given night. lol I got decent luck there since my buddy has literally the exact same tastes. And yeah- I do lol idol anime is fantastic, though admittedly its prolly because I'm big into idol music in general- like the iDolm@ster tracks? wow- just always so on-point- the current event in Deresute for example has a certified summer horror banger vibe, its awesome
Szarlotkaaa198 Aug 19, 2022 4:38 AM
I'm late ~ (= ^ ‥ ^) ノagain... I haven't been to MAL recently.

Sooo I'll come back to the topic from two weeks ago xD, the first anime that I watched consciously was Noragami, which, as I said, I came across by accident. Of course, when I was little I watched an episode of Pokemon or something like that sometimes, but I don't count it.

In June 2020? If I remember correctly, I started watching anime in April 2020:D
FourSeasonSage Aug 16, 2022 1:17 PM
I like tears lmao

Actually you'd be surprised because on average shoujo-centric shows tend to be 40+ episodes long collectively- the Aikatsu count is all about world building so that when you get to the competitions you feel that tension; later on, you start to see the original casts as the senpai's and the new girls are tryin to come up in that world. That series was amazing.

Well that's the thing, it wasn't presented as 'anime' in those days, I knew it as 'japanimation' before it got a bit more exposure; like, at the time I associated it with like super violent or crazy cartoons, like Vampire Hunter D blew me away when I saw it because it was so violent.

How do I feel bout Tokyo Mew Mew? Well I've seen the original and that followed the shoujo format of 40+ episodes, so when I see the reboot being a single cour, I'm kinda like uhhhhh lol adapting 52 episodes and introducing a full five girl crew in 12 episodes... yeah, not sure how that's gonna work. I'll watch it ofc, but I'm not holding my breath lets say.

Following that idea, it makes me curious as to how they are going to handle Urusei Yatsura's reboot, because the original is an 80's classic that spans over 100 episodes; the side-cast is massive and the characters need to be established and yeah- I kinda wanna see the VA performances, like Sakura sensei is being voiced by the lovely Sawashiro.

Sure, happy to provide some- yeah Gakuen has an interesting tone shift by the middle, I do like the OP too. Just been kickin back with more older shows, watching Show by Rock with a buddy, and likely will catch up with more manga, and prolly start some new ones.
FourSeasonSage Aug 13, 2022 10:18 AM
I have strong sense of Schadenfreude lol I admit

sure with some series, though Aikatsu is all lumped together where its definitely a 4 season show; doesn't matter since its a 10/10- actually I think that franchise is my highest rated across the board; even compared to muh precures

We got it for the first time when we moved states, so it was new to me as well. Oh for sure, Sailor Moon used to air on Channel 5; I remember seeing the entire first arc episode by episode, mon-fri, all the way to the epic Queen Beryl fight. lol I had a Sailor Moon lunch box ffs

Yep- that's a very ironic detail actually, even I'm surprised but when I think bout it that's definitely the case. Its likely, yeah- the park itself had an abandoned mystery feel though, I do remember that clearly and I like that atmosphere. Pixiv fan art might also contribute because I know I have a rather beautiful Fenec-chan piece bookmarked.

Elementary School animoo? Like do you want the best one I could possibly recommend? That's not too hard

^Doremi is likely the most emotionally heavy, don't let the cover fool you- the show doesn't pull punches when it comes to authentic problems growing up. This is high-tier anime that will leave you in tears, I'm not kidding

^Gakuen Alice was cool, had an interesting atmosphere and tone shift

^Ichigo Mashimaro if you want a cute light comedy

Those are just three off top; I know others but it depends on the style of story you're looking for, but those are all good ones imo
FourSeasonSage Aug 12, 2022 12:37 PM
Sure, but that's just how it be- yeah this is mostly a run-off from my manga tastes since I really really like tragic seinen and what not

On some the Dub is superior I'd say; like Code Geass dub is way better, um FMAB was good, School Rumble obv, Haruhi Suzumiya has a good one, etc.

The ending was good though it did lack a few Precure tropes I enjoy- but there was good heart there regardless, I gave it a 9/10 but when I compare it to other Precure's that have that score I don't feel its quite equal, so I might bump it down to an 8- see this is why I need decimals lol Like, StarTwinkle is the watermark for 9/10 when it comes to Precure since it not only had fun humor, but also had a few angles they drew the pressure from, and the enemies had an interesting dynamic; plus when I factor in the climax episodes at the end and how emotionally impactful a small detail was than yeah- there's a bit of difference.

lol umm, well the local vid store has some anime movies mostly, um the Blockbuster video cross the way had Berserk (I remember this clearly) and the supermarket video corner (this was a thing, yes) had like rando ones; they had a good selection of anime at the video game rental place too, but that's a while back- like still tape days.

its more like when I saw it I recognized it in the way of 'OH! This is that stuff!' but even at that time I only knew it as japanimation; wasn't until we got cable that I got to see 'Saturday Anime' on the sci-fi channel and that's when that world opened. Tenchi Muyo, Vampire Hunter D, Wicked City, Ninja Scroll etc; at that point I learned the term 'anime' and found bootleg ova's at a local comic store. lol rather old school tbh

Oh okay, yeah the Pokemon anime is pretty classic as well, would watch it before school; oh okay that's interesting, well after my sabbatical from anime, I remember the one that gatewayed me again was Madoka Magica- ironic that it was mahou-shoujo again, but that's how it is. Ah, the first Kemono Friends, from what I recall, had a real nice engaging sense of mystery throughout and just overall the presentation was quite pleasant- likely I prolly filled in more narrative in my own head, which happens. lol I mean if I like a show a lot I'll prolly buy the blu-ray, or scale figures to support the franchise, but I got like 5 external hard-drives filled with stuff; not everything always gets an official release, so
FourSeasonSage Aug 10, 2022 10:20 AM
B Gata H Kei is good, like it doesn't beat around the bust the entire season and it actually has things go down by the end; a couple years later my score adjusted ofc, but I can still say it was good, just not as amazing as it was.

School Days is like, one of my favorite VN's, I've gotten nearly every route cleared including the bad-ends; umm well this is just me, but School Days is more believable to me than most other alt romances- like I knew people like that when I was in school, the type that get bored or pursue lust over love. The show is kinda meant to make you feel uncomfortable and it accomplishes that quite well imo- great anime story telling, its just the story is kinda mean. Like Kuzu no Honkai is mean, but I'll be damned if people don't do that or act like that.

I really enjoyed the dub for School Rumble, the humor works better that way- I've seen some art panels for the manga and it does indeed look real nice, I'd say go for it! I been on a good run with manga so far with a nice berth of genre diversity

its at a 9/10 right now- the emotional range between Setsuna and Love's mom has been incredible and from last nights preview it seems that the end game is approaching. I tend to get really deep with Precure and over analyze things lol but this is peak anime

My first anime where I was conscious of what I was watching is prolly Sailor Moon? I kinda wanna say Akira or Gunsmith Cats, but this was after anime became more mainstream and you could find it at video rental stores (oof showing my age there lol); likely this is why I like mahou-shoujo so much since its my roots in anime

how bout yours?
FourSeasonSage Aug 9, 2022 9:51 AM
oof lol yeah I usually write these out on a doc first and copy/ paste- I've lost tomes of writing in the past

I think its something you get past within the first episode, honestly- like you get over the oddity so fast and just start rooting for the girls. First season is a classic setup of underdog rising to the challenge, some good emotional highs and lows; the second season is an anime juggernaut- the stakes are at the highest they can be, and the rivalry between McQueen and Teio is incredible.

lol I can be cute I guess

Brigadoon is a vibe-check in a half; more than what you bargain for. GD is bizarre in appearance, its part of the joke- like kinda wonky CG, but it makes up for it in the segments of the episodes, and there's usually an anime reference in the end title cards. It's part of the joke though, just like Tesagure it ends up bein charming looking

That does happen on occasionally, like B Gata H kei got bumped down a few points, but I still remember the title as bein a rec if someone is lookin for that genre. I think the two anime I've rewatched the most are Evangelion and School Days, and a recent rewatch of School Rumble was much better that second time around because after time I've grown to appreciate that era of school rom'com so it really hit the spot.

I know I have Gurren Lagann, Toradora, Spice and Wolf, and... I think there's one more high-profile classic, but its escaping me what it could be. Anyhow this Precure setting I'm currently watching has just taken off once again, and this is nearing 9/10 status especially after last night; if it triggers feels (which is totally possible) than that'll secure that score- holy shit this series
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