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Mar 11, 2018
Was alright I guess. Could've been crammed into 4x45-60min OVAs though and cut the crap.

Half the story (synopsis) is explained during the first 2 eps while the climax starts at the end of episode 8 onwards. So you know when to drop it fast or when to expect things to actually pick up.

The story was a bit cliche too. Your typical moral story about life and death, what is human and what isn't. There's been a few of these over the years which I can't really remember nor name but you know you're out there!

Once Takehito Koyasu as the VO for the doctor pops up, read more
Jan 4, 2018
If Yuri Yuri had an onee-san than this would probably be it!

Although, it doesn't come without its flaws though as this older sister is far from perfect.

Taking plays in high school (although the mentality portrayed feels more like middle school), the setting is sweet and innocent as expected when yuri is the main theme. Not really sure why it's tagged (viewed?) as seinen, when I think it seems to be aimed at that the target demographic it plays out for or even slightly older (mature) middle schoolers. Although this show DOES go tongue deep in some instances so that could probably be it.

The story shifts read more
Jan 3, 2018
Well, what's there to say? A new attraction is in town called Augma which is an highly advanced form of AR. Fortunately it's not just your social media and every other perk it might bring into your daily life but also fully fledged boss battle events in this case taken straight from SAO.

The movie plays out itself pretty much, except it jumps into the action sooner rather than later if we compare the pace of the TV series. The climax is there I can assure you with a foretelling for the upcoming sequel if you decide to stay after the end credits.

The movie takes plays read more
Dec 23, 2017
Another slice of life that covers the daily lives of animal people, which seems to have become a trope of its own.

It's mostly "fan service" (in a sense) for those who have read the manga as it jumps straight into the story unlike say Demi-chan which does the job far better.

It should be noted that the later episodes draw somewhat away from the general theme (which is very sweet and happy go lucky) as it covers some bits of the manga which I won't mention here due to spoilers. This hurts some viewers who have no prior knowledge which can be a letdown for some.

Anyhow, read more
Dec 20, 2017
Heart-warming slice of life anime that follow the daily lives of a group of fox girls running an onsen ryokan with some insight of Japan's mythological world along the way.

Each girl has their own typical personality (falls heavily into the tropes you've come to love and hate) but otherwise well presented considering it's all crammed into 12 episodes, each with their own story and set piece.

There's a few tear-jerker moments here and there and the yuri is very obvious if you couldn't tell from just looking at the poster.

I don't like talking about spoilerish moments so I hope this'll do and if you read more