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One Punch Man 2nd Season Specials
One Punch Man 2nd Season Specials
Sep 11, 9:18 AM
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One Punch Man: Road to Hero
One Punch Man: Road to Hero
Sep 11, 9:18 AM
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One Punch Man Specials
One Punch Man Specials
Sep 11, 9:18 AM
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Spirit Circle
Spirit Circle
Aug 10, 11:00 PM
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Donten ni Warau
Donten ni Warau
Aug 10, 10:59 PM
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Samurai Deeper Kyou
Samurai Deeper Kyou
Aug 10, 10:58 PM
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Yup Mar 17, 2018 4:25 PM
Mywifesson May 14, 2016 7:45 AM
Hey friend.

I see where the disconnect is now, your original point had to do with teaching levels and standardizing education based on an achievement basis rather than by race. I glanced over this as I was on my phone and there were 8+ pages at the time.

Though this is wrong, because the reason common core is instilled is to bridge the racial gap, the grouping has been done BY RACIAL achievement. The problem they are trying to address the aggregate intelligence gap between whites and blacks, not on an individual basis. Your posts made me realize something though, if I am to assert the dominance of whites to blacks in the IQ sector than I have to make concessions to the dominance of blacks in athletic ability. Rather than taking a we are superior approach I have to look for a middle ground, a moderate view point as a member of the alt right, otherwise I am being a hypocrite.
ReynTime May 2, 2016 4:47 PM
Hi, it seems my post on a few days ago about Fire Emblem is against popular line of thought. I'm not going to reply on the thread because I made my position clear and the replies that I've read are not doing anything to convince me to rethink, but rather make me glad that I'm enjoying my life and not being upset over something out of my control. I'm not even voicing my personal opinion on the matter (which is the same as the people crying and you'll read my real opinion below). I'll leave a comment here since you seem to be the type of person whose head doesn't explode when someone has a different opinion than yours and blows something out of proportion.

Nintendo is a business. They have a reputation for being family friendly. They're known for being conservative on showing mature content (only Geist (horrible game) that I can think of rated M). They also want to maximize profits (the goal of all businesses). The subject is censorship. Really, the subject isn't censorship, it's the people crying censorship down everyone's throats and completely ignoring who we're talking about. Nintendo chose to localize the game, but Nintendo wants to be family friendly and politically correct. Censorship is not 100% bad. I disagree with censorship, but I see why we have forms of it (viewer's discretion). It's Nintendo's decision to alter the sexually explicit content and I respect that because they're a business that it liable. They bring millions of smiles to the youth around the world. They have to be politically correct. They don't want to alienate their target market and they don't want to offend anyone. Nintendo plays safe (my opinion too safe). This is the same company that uses friendcodes to this day..... They have very conservative policies. They even removed swapnote because some a few bad cookies misusing it (child molestation in Japan I believe).

Censorship is bad for people over the age of 18 who want to access that content. However, I don't think censorship is always bad (there are instances where viewers discretion oven when you're over 18 should be advised). I think this is the case for sexual and violent content. Sexual content is not something Nintendo wants to associate themselves with. Notice the censorship in Smash 4 with the inability to see panties : ( or Xenoblade's boobslider. Nintendo has gone complete anti-sexual related content in the west.

In Nintendo's case, I think they're too conservative, but hey, they got people who are very smart and talented who determined that their decisions on localizations maximized profit (goal of all business). This isn't a fact that censorship is wrong, it's a matter that you're making Nintendo or Europe/ America something it's not.

In terms of two versions. That's just makes it obvious that there's something to hide and it adds another layer of SKUs and a whole mess. For Nintendo to make the game the same as the Japanese game, ESRB (in America) would likely rate the game M for mature. That's not what Nintendo wants.

Also, you can buy a Japanese 3DS, electrical adaptor, and a Japanese copy. There's always ways to access the real content. Youtube it or something. If you want it in English, you deal with NOA or NOE. That's how I see it. If it's that big of a deal, you'll need to pay a premium because the only way Nintendo would allow the game to even come here is by doing what it did. This is partly the reason why Nintendo does poorly with 3rd party support. Mature content doesn't sell because Nintendo kinda forces that sterotype of Nitnendo to be reality. NX won't change that. Nintendo is about mass family appeal. Doesn't rely on mature content and prohibits it. Dumb, but if you're a Nintendo person, you know what to expect and if Nintendo does otherwise, it would be welcome, but it would also damage their reputation for being family friendly.

Basically- I'm not a fan of censorship if you're over 18. However, I respect Nintendo for being mindful of the youth and I understand that I will lose sexual content (my boob slider), but that doesn't mean that my game is ruined. In fact, I don't feel that way at all. The sexualized content was nice eye candy, but it didn't take away the gameplay and the sexualized content was never a highlighted feature. I guess FE is all about the waifus, but that (the sexualization that gets allowed in Japan) in my opinion is a problem Nintendo is exploiting in Japan where Japanese youth have an obsession with 2D character models. Japan's culture wants the waifus and sexualized content so Japan delivers that. The cultural tolerance for sexual content is controversial in the west. (Heck, not just Nintendo. DOA was almost completely banned. Sexual content almost always creates controversy). That crazy game Love Plus for DS and 3DS.... yeah... that's not good for western society lol.

My legit issue is when Bravely Second lost the Native American for a Cow Boy. That's pure political correctness and I think is completely stupid and I don't know why they're so scared to take that risk, but they didn't. It is what it is. I think my original point was along the lines of "shows a bunch of idiots whining doesn't affect sales" and I stand behind that statement. The sexualized content is what it is. Eye candy. Nintendo says they don't need sexualized content to sell. With their reputation. They prove that they don't so they go political correct on all sexualized content. Do that to a game like Soul Calibur or DOA... yeah that won't fly and its a different demographic. All I'm saying is, you can disagree, but you gotta at least acknowledge that Nintendo is doing what's in the best interest of Nintendo.

I really hope that I can rest my case on this : / Hope you enjoyed reading the wall of text and I hope that this is the last one!
Ale1212 Jun 17, 2015 10:49 PM
In case you don't see it, I replied to your question here