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Anime Stats
Days: 90.3
Mean Score: 7.42
  • Total Entries436
  • Rewatched18
  • Episodes5,603
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Kimetsu no Yaiba
Aug 24, 4:57 PM
Completed 26/26 · Scored 8
Majo no Tabitabi
Majo no Tabitabi
Jul 3, 4:07 PM
Plan to Watch · Scored -
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season
Apr 4, 11:50 AM
Completed 25/25 · Scored 7
Manga Stats
Days: 29.4
Mean Score: 7.26
  • Total Entries586
  • Reread0
  • Chapters4,967
  • Volumes587
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Sep 22, 3:59 PM
Reading 67/? · Scored -
Sep 4, 9:13 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Isekai Shikkaku
Isekai Shikkaku
Aug 22, 11:26 AM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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watergem Jul 26, 2019 5:39 PM
i couldn’t find you bc of the name change :>

how’ve you been bro? :)
BlackedTheAnime Aug 20, 2018 7:19 PM
can we b fr iends
NTAD Jul 29, 2017 8:33 PM
Damn it all....I'm trying to SAVE money.
watergem May 31, 2017 12:50 PM
Yeah, the hard work was worth it because now I'm a manager. That being said, I sometimes miss being able play Skyrim for days on end and getting to spend lots of time outdoors. My days off usually consist of either running a work errand or generally adulting so I can't recall the last time I just chilled out and did my own thing.

Wow, it looks brand new. They definitely are... The Tenshi I want most is at least $100 everywhere I've looked. Now that I'm working that isn't so bad, but I am trying to save up to move by this Fall. One day I hope to have a nice display of my favorite Touhou girls and some of my favorite anime and video game characters. :D

Been trying to save up for PS4/ESO/FFVII remake but life kept getting in the way lol. Gonna focus on that stuff again after da move. I've made two failed attempts at moving to the West Coast. First time around I missed home too much and flew back after two weeks (I was 19 I think), second time around the deposit got stolen. This time I'm shooting for Arizona. Rent is cheap, I can transfer to a store out there, and I won't be too far from visiting family in CA.
watergem May 30, 2017 8:32 PM
mostly working these days lol but i'm still finding time for anime and stuff :3 you?

ohmygosh!! she's brilliant and cool and badass...

Playcool Jan 20, 2017 4:28 AM
No, I prefer reading on the tablet, the anime is what I was refering to, on the PC vs tablet.

Usually at night your rhytim is slower, you feel more relaxed and at ease, so that is why.
Also seeing anime from the bed is good for marathooning the more boring anime.

I have been reading a couple of them, some finished recently so I wanted to get them over with (like Nisekoi which I have a long story with), others are adaptations from anime, where either I m reading to continue the story, or just because the series was so awesome that it doesnt bother me reading again, stuff I have just seen (Shougeki no Souma, recent personal fav of mine, like you can see due to my profile).
Havent read LN lately.

Birthright is the easiest of the modern ones, awakening is middle term and conquest is for those that are already familiarized with the series gameplay and want a challenge, conquest is better than birthright but for you, birthright first.

The problem with buying DVDs and BDs from the web is region lock, it is such a stupid feature, when we want to support them, the industry just push us to piracy!
pseudonymath Jan 9, 2017 3:17 PM
Oh, sweet!
That sounds great- I'm super happy for you
pseudonymath Jan 8, 2017 12:08 AM
What's the mgtow movement?
pseudonymath Jan 7, 2017 11:38 PM
I've been alone for too long though
Like I just spent 2 hours crying thinking about how pathetic I am
My eyes huuurrt

Does all your cash money make you immune to the forever alone blues?
pseudonymath Jan 7, 2017 11:26 PM
I'm lonelyyyy
pseudonymath Jan 7, 2017 10:32 PM
Aqua I'm unironically depressed as shit
Playcool Dec 29, 2016 3:30 AM
I usually dont need vacations to catch up with manga or LNs, since the format itself is excellent for consuming whenever you are travelling, which I do everyday on bus, so it is really easy to have it on check, now anime, really depends, but I usually prefer seeing on the PC, than using my tablet or smartphone.

I would imagine that completing such a huge pokedex once, will make other future attemps less meaningfull.
Agree, it gets dull, and for me pokemon is just not as appealing as it was before. Since I have many more options now available.

I dunno exactly, but the series has been around since at least the 90's, spamming many different console generations. Usually each game has its own story and time where it happens, and forcing yourself to play what came before is not needed, but there are pros in that, since there are references to stuff that happened on times long past.
I would advise to just go with fire emblem fates birthright for now, then awakenning, conquest, etc.

Never heard anyone refering to Steins Gate manga, towards the lack of hype, I m doubtfull it makes the series any justice.
pseudonymath Dec 28, 2016 12:27 AM
I-Idiot... of course...


How could you think that... After all this...

I know! I have to make it up to you. And I know just the way to do it
How would you... like to be listed as my waifu next time I update my profile? :DDD Eh??? EEeeeHH? *nudges*
That's prime real estate right there. Plenty of adoring fans would love to have the honor, honestly
I'll give you some time to think about it (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

Future pseud here to say that this reply got super long and since I feel kinda bad devouring your comment section like this so suddenly I've taken the liberty to split it up into sections:



Naruto/Anime Snobs

pseudonymath Dec 27, 2016 5:11 PM
Psssttttttt.... do you think this is real?

I wanna believe
pseudonymath Dec 27, 2016 1:01 AM
Update on anime mental breakdown
Just read this lovely comment on someone's profile

And I've decided that they're right.
I need to cut myself some slack and not worry so much on what is or isn't normal or in good taste or whatever
I need to just own it. There's no need to blow it up into a huge thing and make myself feel bad about it so I'm not going to anymore