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Feb 14, 2020
Pet (Anime) add (All reviews)
Intriguing story with lots of potential but... terribly executed.

First of let's start with the Terminology that is essential to Pet.

Valley: The bad memories from ones past.

Peak: As the name suggests, a thought/memory that embodies paradise.

Lock: Disguising your peak in order for it to not be crushed. There are "weaker" and "stronger" locks, the only difference being; that the latter seems to impair the speed at which you can jump realms.

Crushers: Beings that manipulate others peak, in order to alter their memories
and If wanted completely destroy the given individuals personality, or turn them into "babies".

Babies: Mindless pawns that have been crushed into doing anything you please.

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Jan 4, 2020
In "Bio Hunter" we embask on a Journey to find the cure to a virus called "Retro"; following two molecular biologists by the name of Koshigaya and Komada. The Virus seems to bond with the genome of a given species which tries to manifests itself in a grotesque form physically; hunger and a state of frenzy may be attributed to it. The genesis of the virus is never mentioned and thus left to speculate, given that Komada's DNA was already altered from the very beginning, he may be the very reason for the epidemic. We've been given the narrative of the various ways people use read more