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Mayora-Hime Jan 13, 2022 11:23 PM
Mihiko-chan! You changed your name so I didn't know it was you! How have you been?? I took a decade long hiatus, I missed talking to you!
I see that you are living in Japan now, that's so cool! How long have you been there for?
I myself have moved to LA from FL so there are many cool anime conventions here :)
Did you watch Gintama The Final? I cried both times I went to see it at the theaters T_T
Vancratt Aug 7, 2020 8:24 PM
oliviasyl Jan 1, 2019 9:11 AM

A brand New Year to continue to write our own story. May you be the hero in the story.
One year ends, another begins, may it be filled with lots of wins. No matter what trials you face,
you will overcome them with grace. May you experience a wonderful new year, look forward
to each and every day. May your Mondays be as good as your Fridays. And when you look
back on this upcoming New Year may your memories be positive and filled with happy thoughts
in the brand new 2019. Happy New Year and may you be filled with happiness.
Love, Olivia
oliviasyl Dec 28, 2016 1:47 AM


Even though I'm late, but it's never too late to celebrate a joyous holiday!
Alyss_ Nov 27, 2016 4:50 AM
Yep, I heard about Final Fantasy. Some people recommended me the game and some the anime... But I couldn't get into any of them *runs*
I wanted to study japanese during uni too, because apparently there were some lectures...
but it was too damn expensive so I gave up
Well, I feel stupid because I was going to say that computer science was about computers =)) but the truth is that computer science has a lot of field: like you can study a lot of algorithms and find solutions to problems, but most of the time a computer science graduate is called 'a programmer' and I bet you know what a programmer does :) (writes code/makes programs)
Oww, luckily my otaku friends are from Romania, but I dunno when will get the chance to go into a vacation together since a lot of them are still in uni ;w; I think I'm the oldest out of my group of friends *cries*

Lately I've been into sports anime, I really recommend Haikyuu!! This anime has destroyed me ;v; it's full of likeable characters and has such a great action!
Well, here in Romania, books are a lot more affordable than manga ;v; I could always order my mangas from overseas but it takes a lot of time and I'm not that patient. T_T
Hahaha, you're the first person that uninstalled the game so fast xD Well, its time consuming and "eats" a lot of my phone's space, but I'm still going to keep it. Even though I finished all the routes (expect the girl's)...

Well since it's weekend, I have time to chat xD and it's a lot of fuuuun~ makes me remember about the old good times spent here on MAL ;v;
Alyss_ Nov 18, 2016 5:06 AM
Yeeep, you're never too old for anime/manga <3

Hmm, uni life was really nice, but time passed so quickly that I didn't get the chance to make too many friends.
I was majoring in Computer Science and I've spend 3 years there... in my first year, the schedule was so busy that I've even thought of giving up ; v ; But I'm glad I didn't give up! In my last year of uni I've got even a scholarship xD Eh, good times.
Ooooh! I understand o.o I'm actually planning in the near future to visit Japan... but I hope I get my other otaku friends to join me, 'cuz I'm so not going alone

Oh yeaah, I saw the new features that MAL added to their site, but I've been so focused on just updating my list that I forgot to add new people xD Thank you for reminding me!

Ow, I know... there new anime are really bad, overrated and boring D: Lately, I've been obsessing over Bungou Stray Dogs, because the characters are actually named after famous Japanese or foreign authors. And being the bookworm that I am, I started watching it and I'm currently searching for books written by there authors. Oh, and for fanservice, I watch Yuri!!! on Ice (and nope, it doesn't have any yuri pairings... Yuri is the name of the main character and he's a guy).

Nope, I couldn't get into these type of games... I only played dating sims... like Amnesia or Mystic Messenger *goes and hides under a rock*

Sorrry for the late reply, btw >.< It was such a hectic week that I couldn't answer... and I didn't want my reply to be rushed or something, so I took my time writing it ^-^
Alyss_ Nov 14, 2016 4:40 AM
Heeeey! Yep, long time no see, indeed xD
Nah, it's okay, I've left MAL for about an year too and I've kind of lost contact with all of my friends here ; v ;
So I only come around here to update my list and find new stuff to read or watch. *sigh* I've such a sad life ;(

Yeeep, I've finished uni and I'm currently looking for a job, but in the mean time I spend all of my time on the internet procrastinating. YAY!

How about you? What made you comeback here? >w<
oliviasyl Apr 27, 2016 2:34 AM
Yeah, I'm currently in Year 2, and having my finals exam in May. So I will be taking my final semester (aka final year) this coming September onwards. Time passes so quickly D:

Hahaha, oh well, I haven't really eaten much of hokkien prawn noodles nowadays. I feel like having a plate of it right now XD I think I revised mainly Sec 3 and 4 work for O levels. Since Sec 1 and 2 syllabus are basic, you already have the knowledge of them and sec 3 and 4 syllabus are just building up on your basic and foundations. Anyway, all the best for you O level! <3
oliviasyl Apr 5, 2016 2:41 AM
Hmm... I actually didn't work after my O levels, I only worked after my A levels and during uni breaks. Hahaha. Oh well, everyone is gonna get into the work force after graduating anyway. I will be graduating university next year. It's so fast ;_;

Tsk... still thinking about games ._. You should be focusing on your studies! Lol, why the random confession for hokkien prawn noodles? XD I love hokkien prawn noodles too :3
oliviasyl Apr 4, 2016 10:37 AM
Really? I wished I can study forever. Its like once you graduate and work, you will miss studying, like a lot. When I was working after my A levels, I really really really miss school a lot ;_; Life is so much better in school tbh. Hahah, yeah, I usually play with a group of friends, so even if we lose it doesn't really matter XD As long as we all have fun but I am still super competitive tho

Lol, hope you realised that it was MAL's April fool joke ._.
oliviasyl Mar 29, 2016 8:08 AM
Good :D Gaming isn't really the top priority for us right now. We should be focusing on our studies ;_; I think I've heard of Blade and Soul, but nah, I guess if I return back to gaming, Team Fortress 2 would be the game I would play. Hahaha. PVP is the best :3 I'm a pretty competitive person, so I like PVP XD Bahh, just ignore him already, pfft.
oliviasyl Mar 15, 2016 1:34 AM
Wow, you are still gaming so much :3 Well, actually it depends tho, I like playing both PVP and single-player games. But for PVP kind, I would definitely love to play with my friends, but I would prefer strategy-based type of games more than just hit-and-attack kind. Maybe like Dota, strategic-war campaign kind of games etc. But for single-player games, I would prefer to play shooting games. Hahah, but it has been a really long time since I last played game tho. Haven't got the chance to play any game this year yet D: But oh well, there are always weirdos everywhere, if he said to leave him alone, then let him be. LOL. Don't have to be bothered by it.

And I think you should be focusing more on your studies than gaming. It's not the time for be gaming so hard now >:(
oliviasyl Mar 11, 2016 7:25 AM
Hahah, I already told you about Tera. Its pretty fun in the beginning, but then it gets pretty boring later because you just keep training and doing quests to level up. It would be fun if you are playing with friends and going to dungeons together, but if you are playing alone, its pretty boring. I kinda gave up after playing for about 2-3 days, and it was like last year. So, I can't really remember much about the game, other than I was doing quests the entire time.

JRPG? :o To be honest, I don't game now. Don't have the time to play games ever since I start uni, so D: But oh well, different games have different kind of game settings and all. Just remember to keep going till you are 3/4 done, and then save it before you exit XD
Hool Mar 10, 2016 8:24 AM

Yes, but only do fried foods haha oh man I hate wash the dishes :<
50% Siamese 50% mutts she have this face

Hmmm you see Boku dake ga Inai Machi? I just loved this anime, you watched the movie butterfly effect?
It has a very similar story , we can compare with Steins Gate in a way xD

You stopped singing?
oliviasyl Mar 8, 2016 7:20 PM
Tera... I used to play it last year, but I kinda got bored of playing it since its super easy to level up. But the game size is freaking huge, took me quite a long time to download tho :/ And there are like too many skills and not enough keys, lol.
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