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Jan 17, 2017
I had never seen an anime centered around music and musicians before, so I wanted to see one that seemed to be popular here on MAL. Unfortunately, I won't be able to compare it to any of the others out there, so my review is just about how I feel about this story as a story, in general.

I'm no musician myself so I have no idea how realistically competitive the musical world is, but I felt this was really well portrayed in this anime. I felt bad for all these kids for pressuring themselves so much to be such incredible musicians already. It's probably how read more
Dec 22, 2015
This anime is so simple, yet so compelling. It's about as stripped-down in terms of world building and characters as you can get without going too far. At least what you do get is exactly what the storyteller wants you to receive, which is a lot of funny and cool stuff.

I don't feel like the story in One Punch-Man is necessarily amazing, but it works for what the message is meant to portray: Saitama, the protagonist, is so powerful, his superheroing is boring. He somehow got so overpowered, the joy of the fight, the struggle to survive and the "kill-or-be-killed" is utterly erased from his read more
Dec 9, 2015
Shirayuki, why are you so special and so loved by everyone you meet? This is the question I cannot help but ask with each episode I watch of this anime. The specialness of this very bland, boring, ordinary girl with a supposedly unusual hair color just goes way too far. If I'm not feeling it, then why are all of these idiots in her world?

Those who claim this anime sidesteps the usual shoujo anime tropes couldn't be more wrong. It falls awkwardly and unawares into most of them and sloshes around in the ditch water like a pig wallowing in its own filth. We have read more